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Welcome to the unit

Do you like DIY?

stands for Do It Yourself ?Stand for=代表,象征

What canrepair things,for we do like Boys can try to bikes, radios…… DIY?
Girls can try to make their T-shirts more beautiful……

DIY a T-shirt
如果你觉得自己的白T恤太过单调,可 以试着在上面画一片雪花。

About DIY: Some tools for DIY P43 A
brush glue

tape rope scissors

Millie and Suzy are talking about DIY. Listen to their
conversation and

What’s DIY? It stands for “do-it-yourself”. When you do DIY, you make, repair or decorate things yourself instead of paying someone to do it. What is Suzy going to do? She’s going to make some paper roses. What does Suzy need for her DIY? She needs some paper, glue and a pair of scissors.

Listen to the conversation between Eddie and Hobo. What should Hobo do?

Listen and answer
What should Hobo do?
1) Read the instructions. 2) Get some tools. 3) Put in(安装) his new house by himself.

Words & phrase review instruction had better tool brush glue rope scissors n. 指示 (=’d better) 最好 n. 工具 n. 刷子;画笔 n. 胶水 n. 绳索 n. [复]剪刀

Words & phrases review

tape DIY exactly stand for repair decorate instead of rose

n. 磁带;胶带 n. 自己动手做 adv. 确切地,精确地 代表;象征 vt. 修补 vt. 装饰 而不是,代替 n. 玫瑰(花)

1. You'd better get some tools. You'd better (not) do sth. 表示“你最 好(不要)做某事”。 It is pretty cold. You’d better put on my coat. 挺冷的,你最好穿上你的外套。 You'd better not play with the dog. 你最好不要和狗玩。

You'd better ______ there. It's dangerous. A. not go B. not to go C. not go to D. not to — Would you mind if I open the window? — ______, I got a cold. (2012黔西南) A. You’d better not. B. Never mind. C. Of course not. D. All right.

2. — What’s DIY exactly, Suzy? — It stands for “do-it-yourself”. When you do DIY, you make, repair or decorate things yourself instead of paying someone to do it. exactly adv. 确切地,精确地 Tell me exactly where she lives. 确切地告诉我她住哪儿。

stand for 代表;象征 X often stands for an unknown number. X常常代表未知数。 What does UFO stand for? UFO代表什么? or 属并列连词,表示选择关系,强调多 中选一。 "Tea or coffee?" John asked. “喝茶还是喝咖啡?” 约翰问。

instead of 而不是,代替 Shall we have fish instead of meat today? 我们今天吃鱼不吃肉,好吗? Give me the red box instead of the yellow one. 把那个红色的盒子给我,不是这个黄色 的。 We'll have tea in the garden instead of in the house. 我们将在花园里,而不在屋子里喝茶。

You can choose to watch TV at home ______ go shopping with me. (2012江苏徐州) A. and B. but

C. so

D. or

1. You'd better (not) do sth. 2. stand for 3. or并列连词,表示选择关系,多中 选一 4.

instead of 5. enjoy doing sth.

1. Write about your DIY stories. 2. To read the new words on Page 127。 3. To read the text on Page 44 and try to get a general idea。

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