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Unit1 Making New Friend

Topic1 Welcome to China


?n:morning afternoon , Chinathe USAthe UK, thanks,Mr. Miss Ms. , mom dad teacher ?adj:good nice fine OK

?v:am is are ,welcome thank meet see do ?




?adv:not too how here pron:I you this my interj:welcome thanks hello hi goodbyebye OK yes no oh conj:and

一、平时打招呼时的用语?1、(1)---Good morning!

---Good morning/Morning!

?(2)---Good afternoon!

---Good afternoon!



(4)---Goodbye!/Bye!/See you!

---Goodbye!/Bye!/See you!

?()Alice: Hello, Good morning!

Lucy: _____________

A. Hi, Morning. B. Hello, afternoon.

C. Hello, Good evening.

?()---Hello. ---_________.

A. Thanks you B. Hello C. Oh



I'm (Kangkang)/My name is (Kangkang).


---Are you Michal?

---Yes,I am./No,I'm not.


---Nice to meet you!

---Nice to meet you,too!

---How do you do?

---How do you do?

()______ you Tutu?

A. are B. Are C. Is

()Tom: _______________, Li Lei. LiLei: Nice to meet you, too.

A.How are you B. What’s your name C. Nice to meet you

4、T:向别人介绍你的朋友或家人时,我们常用This is my ××.如:

This is my teacher,Mr. Brown.


1、朋友之间遇到你很高兴用---Nice to see you.

---Nice to see you,too.

2、朋友之间相互问候:---How are you?

---I’m fine,thank you!

3、表示欢迎来到某个地方时常用Welcome to sp.如:

---Welcome to Beijing/Chongqing.---Thank you!


---Here you are

---Thank you!


?( )1. C—Nice to meet you.—A. Good morning. B. Hello! C. Nice to meet you, too.( )2. C—How are you?—_______, thank you.A. How are you B. Hello C. Fine( ) 3. .C—See you. —A. I'm fine. B. I'm OK. C. Bye.( )4. Welcome _______ China!BA. for B. to C. in( )5. .A—Good afternoon, Jane. —A. Good afternoon. B. How are you? C. I'm fine.A—Is she Maria? —( )6. .A. Yes, she is. B. No, she is. C. Yes, she isn't.( ) 7. .B—How do you do? —A. How are you? B. How do you do? C. Good morning?( )8. C—Sit down, please!A. Hello. B. You sit down. C. Thank you!

Topic2 Where are you from??掌握的词汇

n:name family,telephone number,Canada America Japan England Cuba

v:excuse look

pron:me her,he she they it,your her,who what,that adv:where very much

num:zero one two there four five six seven eight nine tenprep:from


very much


---What's your name?/What's your name,please?

---My name is Sally.

---What's her name?

---Her name is Sally.

()1. Alice: What’s your name,

please? Lucy: ________________

A.My name’s Lucy. B. I’m nine. C. I’m Meimei.


1、询问某人你来自于哪儿?---Where are you from?---I'm from Canada.

be form来自于

am I am

be Is he is(she、it、单数)are you (we 、they。复数)Where is he from?---He is from America.Where are they form?---They're form China.

2、T:你问别人你来自于哪个地方吗用:---Are you from Canada?---Yes,I am./No,I’m not.

(B)1 Where are youUSA. A. with B. from C.in

(A)from Canada.

A. are B. is C. am

(B)from ?

A.your B. they C. me

(A)4. are Jim and Cake from ? They are from England.

A. Where B. Who C . Which


Who are they?---They’re Maria and Jane.A()is she ? She is Maria. A. Who B. who C. Where

(B)2. Is she Maria ? No,she .

A is B. isn't C. are

(B)is Jim.

A. this B. This C . it

(C)4. is a teacher.

A. Her B. His C. He


What’s your telephone number?

---It’s 4088-0680.



---Thank you!/Thank you very much!/Thanks

---That’s OK.

(2)打扰某人一下时的用语:Excuse me.

(3)too 的用法:这里是也的意思,用,把句子隔开,再放

于句末,如I’m form China. I’m form China,too. Are you form China,too?

随?( )1.----Where is he from?D

?----He’s from ________ 堂?A. Japanese B. English 练?C. Chinese D. Japan 习?( )2. —Where______you from?B?—Lucy____from the U.S.A. and I____from China.

?A. are; is; is B. are; is; am ?C. are; are; am D. do; come; come ?( )3. —Is Kangkang from China? B

?A. Yes, he's B. Yes, he is ?C. Yes, he isn't D. No, he is

C?( ) 4. Where_______Wang Jun and Mr. Lee from?

?A. am B. is C. are D. do

D?( )5. —_______is he? —He is fine.

?A. Who B. What C. Where D. How

?( ) 6. Where_______Wang Jun and Mr. CLee from?

?A. am B. is C. are D. do

Topic 3 How old are you?掌握的词汇

n:year class school grade English,map pen pencil desk book ruler eraser box,apple orange egg,toy car bus friend help

v:spell try let help can

adj:old English orange same junior

adv:in again now high

num:eleven twelve thirteen-twenty

pron:there his conj:but prep:in



(1)年龄:I’m twelve years old./I’m twelve.

对年龄提问我们用How old

How old are you?

How old is he?

(2)班级:I’m in Class Four,Grade Seven.

Are you in Class Four,Grade Seven,too?

对班级、年级提问:What class/grade are you in?


I’m in New View Education School/junior high school.My telephone number is 4088-0680.

(B)1、What class are you in ?

A.I am from Jinxiu B.Class Two

C.I am OK

(C)2、How old are you ?

A.0772-6358889 B.Class Six


(C)3、Are you in Class 3?

A. Thanks B.That's all right

C.No,I'm not

二、this that these those的用法

1、T:这节课我们的重点知识也就是有关this that these those的用法。对人提问用:who。

Who’s this/that?---This/That is Nancy.

Who’s he/she?---He is Lilei./She is Lucy.


What’s this/that(in English)?

---It’s a map/an eraser.

?这里就有一个a/an 的用法:元音前用an,辅音前用a。这是单数。复数:this-these that-those is-are---What are these/those?

---They are English books.(oranges boxes...)




(3)以s x sh ch结尾的单词,要加es举例证明bus ruler apple class

2、一般疑问句的规律的一种情况把be提前It’s a map/an eraser. They are English books.变成一般疑问句

Is this a map/an eraser? Are they English books?

()1、?It is an orange. AA What B. How C. Where

(C)2、What's that in English ?

A.I am from England B. Yes , I am .C.It is a pen(A)3、Is it ?Yes,it is .

A. an B. a C. this

(B)4、What are ?They are apples .

A. this B.these C.that

(A)5、What are ?They are cars .

A.those B.that C.it

(C)6、Are those oranges ?Yes,are.

A. it B. you C. they


---How do you spell it?

---M-A-P ,map.

也可以说:Can you spell it?(please)Spell it,please!

()How________you spell your name ?

A.are B.do C.is

4、can let的用法

can let后接动词原形I can help you. Can you spell it?Let me help you.

动词后面接宾格:let me help her spell it。


不用谢的别一种表达:You’re welcome./It’s my pleasure./That’s OK.

( ) 1、Thank you very much !

A. All right B. No problem C. You are welcome .


?(A)A. a B. an C. the D. /

?(C)?A. we B. our C. us D. ours

?( )3. Look! There is ________ cat in the tree.A

?A. a B. anC. the D. /

C?( )4. Please send ________ best wishes to Mary.?A. IB. me C. myD. mine

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