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注意事项:1.本试卷共8页,满分100分。考试时间90分钟。 2012.11


一、听力 (共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)

第一部分 听对话回答问题 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


1. What is Simon good at?




2. What subject does the girl like?

A. B


3. What are they talking about?

A. B. C

4. How does David go to school every day?

A. B. C.

5. What’s Daniel’s hobby?

A. Dancing. B. Drawing. A. Playing basketball. B. Playing football. A. At 7:45. B. At 7:40. A. Chat with his friends. B. Visit the museums. 七年级英语 第1页 (共8页) C. Swimming. C. Playing volleyball. C. At 7: 10. C. Go on a picnic. 6. What’s John’s favorite sport? 7. What time does the boy start his lessons? 8. What does Tommy like to do at weekends?

9. What are they doing now? A. They’re playing basketball. B. They’re reading. C. They’re watching a match. 10. Where can the girl find Tom’s brother? A. In the playground. B. In the classroom. C. In the reading room. 第二部分 听对话和短文答题 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)



11. What match is there between Class 1 and Class 2 on Friday? A. A football match. B. A volleyball match. C. A basketball match. 12. What time does the match start? A. At 2:00 p.m. B. At 2:30 p.m. C. At 2:10 p.m.


C. singing. C. short C. Biology

13. A. swimming. B. dancing. 14. A. long B. black 15. A. PE B. computer 听第二篇短文,回答第16~20小题。 16. What do many students do at weekends? A. Watch TV. B. Visit their friends. 17. Who does Jim go on a picnic with at weekends? A. His classmates. B. His friends. 18. Why doesn’t Tom like Saturday? A. Because (因为) he is not free on Saturday. B. Because his parents are not at home. C. Because his friends don’t like to play with him.

19. How many hours can Tom play basketball with his friends? A. Two hours. B. Three hours. 20. How often does Tom play basketball with his friends? A. Once a month. B. Twice a week.

C. Read books. C. His parents.

C. Five hours. C. Once a week

二、语音 (共8小题;每小题0.5分,满分4分)

从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个划线部分发音与其它三个不同的选项。 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.

七年级英语 第2页 (共8页)

三、单项选择 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


29. The girl ______ from Nanjing, but where ______ her mother come from?

A. am; do B. is; is C. is; does

30. I love reading. I can learn _____ about the world

A. many B. a few C. a lot of

31. —Hi, Kitty. _____ my cousin Millie.

—Nice to meet you, Millie.

A. What’s B. This is C. How is

32. —We do morning exercises ____ 8:10 every morning.

—Good! Morning exercises are good ______ us.

A. at; for B. in; at C. on; in

33. —______ does he meet his friends? —______ a month.

A. What time; Two B. When; Two C. How often; Twice

34. My mother is very busy every day, so she ______ watches TV.

A. Always B. often C. usually

35. —It’s time _____ lunch. —OK. Let’s ______.

A. at; go B. for; go C. for; to go

36. —I have a story book here. Do you want to read _____?

—No, thank you. I go to borrow _____ from the library.

A. it; one B. one; it C. it; it

37. —Do you know the old man _____ a white shirt?

—Oh, he’s Mr Li. He lives _____ the ground floor.

A. with; in B. on; at C. in; on

38. —Please show ______ new picture book.

—OK. This way, please.

A. my your B. her you C. me your D. are; does D. a lot D. It’s D. at; at D. How long; Twice D. seldom D. to; going D. one; one D. by; at D. him you

四、完形填空 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


Dear Ruby,

I’m very glad to introduce (介绍) my school to you. My school is not very big it is beautiful. There are many tall trees in our school. We have a big in our school. There are many flowers in it. The are colorful. In the middle of the garden, there is a pool (水池). The fish are in it. They look happy and free.

Our school has classes—there are three grades, and there are six classes in each grade. There is also a music room, two computer rooms and an art room in the classroom building. We have a big . There are all kinds of books in the library, such as (例如) story books, cartoon books and magazines (杂志). You can them in a reading room after class.

The playground is the classroom buildings. We do morning exercises there every day. We also can running, playing basketball and football there after class.

Our school is really a good for us to study in. We all like our school very much. And can you tell me something about your school in your next letter?

七年级英语 第3页 (共8页)

39. A. and 40. A. garden 41. A. trees 42. A. walking 43. A. nine 44. A. library 45. A. look at 46. A. at 47. A. start 48. A. place B. so B. gate B. grass

B. swimming B. fourteen B. hall B. buy B. behind B. stop B. room C. if C. box C. flowers C. flying C. fifteen C. classroom C. read C. in C. like C. club D. but D. lake

D. buildings D. running D. eighteen D. museum D. take D. on

D. practice D. park




My dear friend,

My name is Song Haifeng. My English name is Jackson. I’m a Chinese boy. I’m fourteen years old. I’m from Zhengzhou, a city in the middle of China. But I live in Hangzhou now. I’m with my parents. They work in Hangzhou. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. They usually work long hours and are very busy.

Do you know Hangzhou? It’s famous (著名的) for its West Lake. I can see the West Lake every day, because our school is near it.

Our school is a very good one in Hangzhou but it’s not very big. There are about 900 students and 50 teachers in it. I’m in Class 4, Grade 1. There are 29 girls and 25 boys in my class. I’m not very tall, so I sit in Row 2. But I like basketball. We often play basketball with my friends after class. I like English and rock music (摇滚音乐), too. I want to find a pen pal (笔友) in your city. Please write to me. Hope to be friends!


Song Haifeng 49. Song Haifeng comes from _____________. A. Shanghai B. Zhengzhou C. England D. Hangzhou 50. What can we know about Song Haifeng’s parents? A. They are both doctors. B. They are both teachers. C. They work long hours and are very busy. D. They work in Zhengzhou. 51. How many students are there in Song Haifeng’s class? A. Fifty-four. B. Twenty-nine. C. Twenty-five. D. Nine hundred. 52. What does Song Haifeng often do after class? A. He often reads English. B. He often listens to rock music. C. He often goes to visit the West Lake. D. He often plays basketball with his friends. 53. Song Haifeng writes this e-mail because he _________. A. wants to tell his parents about his study B. wants to tell his friend about Hangzhou C. wants to find a pen pal D. wants to introduce (介绍) his classmates to his friends

七年级英语 第4页 (共8页)


Hi, I’m John. I’m 15 years old and I study in a middle school. My school is very big and beautiful. Every morning, I get up at half past six and have breakfast. And then I go to school at seven. Lessons begin at seven forty. We have four lessons in the morning and three lessons in the afternoon. English is my favorite subject because we often play games in class. We usually have 10 minutes’ I have lunch at school. The food is very delicious (可口的) and I always have rice with meat (肉) and vegetables. After lunch I often chat with my classmates.

In the afternoon, lessons start at one o’clock and finish at four o’clock. After school, I often play basketball with my friends and sometimes we play games in the playground. I go home at about five. We always have a good time at school.

In the evening, I do my homework. Sometimes I watch TV with my parents. At nine o’clock I go to bed. It’s really a busy day but I like it.

54. How is John’s school?

A. Interesting. B. Big and beautiful.

C. Big and busy. D. Small but beautiful.

55. What lesson does John like best?

A. Maths. B. Chinese. C. Geography. D. English.

56. What does the word “break” mean (意思是) in Chinese?

A. 玩耍 B. 交谈 C. 休息 D. 自由

57. From the story we can infer (推断出) that __________.

A. John likes school lunch very much B. John has no friend at school

C. John’s favorite subject is Maths D. John often plays football after school

58. The story tells us about __________.

A. John’s hobby B. John’s day C. John’s school D. John’s friends

六、阅读与表达 (共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

I’m Jack. There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and I.

My father is short but he is strong. My father is a driver. He goes to work at 8 o’clock. He doesn’t eat lunch at home. In the afternoon he goes back home at 5:30. My father can swim well. He goes to swim every day in summer. So he often teaches me how to swim.

My mother is an English teacher. She works at No. 1 Middle School. She likes her students very much. She always teaches me English. My mother likes reading books and cooking. But she doesn’t cook very well.

I’m a student. I am fourteen years old. I study at No. 1 Middle School, too. So I go to school with my mother every day. We have lunch together (一起) at school. I love sports and I can swim, play table tennis.

At the weekend, I often go to the park with my parents. We always have a good time in the park. I love my family very much.


59. John’s father isn’t very _________ but he is strong.

60. John’s father is good at ____________________.

61. John’s mother _________ English at No. 1 Middle School.

62. John eats lunch with her ________________ at school.

63. John and his parents always have _________ in the park at the weekend.

七年级英语 第5页 (共8页)










59. 60. 61. 62. 63.

七年级英语 第6页 (共8页)

七、根据句意及音标写出相应的单词 (共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)

64. He often says that his father is his /'h??r??/.

65. How do you like your school /la?f/?

66. If you can’t remember my number, write it in your /'da??ri/.

67. Our teacher /'w???z/ all of us a happy weekend.

68. What /els/ do you want to do on Sunday?



69. I have some new friends at school. I like to chat with (they) after class.

70. Who is your favourite football (play)?

71. Mr Wang is our (China) teacher.

72. There are two (read) rooms in our school library.

73. One of my (hobby) is playing table tennis.


74. My mother often (购物) on Saturday.

75. Which subject do you like (最)?

76. I like (散步) after supper with my parents.

77. There is a park near my home, so I go to the park many (次) a month.

78. (首先), we read English every morning when we get to school.


79. Simon sometimes (watch) ball games on TV at weekends.

80. Would you like (listen) to music with me?

81. I am a member of the Football Club. I practice (play) football after school with my


82. There (be) three classroom buildings and a library in our school.

83. She (not like) to go out at night. She likes to stay at home.


84. 我希望他梦想成真。

I hope .

85. 阅览室下午两点到五点开放。

The reading room in the afternoon. 七年级英语 第7页 (共8页)

86. 我们需要为野餐作好准备。

We need to the picnic.

87. 你每天要花一小时做家庭作业吗?

your homework every day?

88. 我们学校很优美,我来带你参观一下。

Our school is very beautiful. Let 89. 上午我们上课,下午我们进行各种各样的课外活动。

In the morning we after-school activities in the afternoon. 十一、书面表达(满分10分)



1. Millie,13岁,来自常州。现在7年级5班。

2. 她戴眼镜,留短黑头发。

3. 她学习努力。擅长英语。她喜欢阅读,想更多地了解世界。

4. 她爱好运动,喜欢打排球,她想成为你校的排球明星。她不喜欢踢足球,因为跑不快。

5. 她家离学校不远,每天步行上学。你们经常互相帮助。在学校里你们总是很快乐。 My Friend

Millie is 13 years old. She is from Changzhou. She is in Class 5, Grade 7.

10词) 20词) 30词) 40词) 50词) 60词) 70词) 80词) 90词) (100词) Millie is my good friend. I like her very much.

七年级英语 第8页 (共8页)

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