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New Year's Day

Valentine's Day
April Fools' Day

Tomb-sweeping Day
Christmas Day

do your own thing 做你自己的事

leave 离开
stadium 体育馆 zone 区

about 大约,关于
team 组,队 bored 厌倦的

obvious 明显的

athletics 田径

championship 锦标赛
dream 梦想 photograph 照片

tomorrow 明天

start 开始



obvious bored zone






tomorrow do your own thing





做你自 己的事

梦想 照片

Let‘s listen to the CD and answer the question
What is Claire going to do at the National Stadium?

Let's learn Paul:It's going to be a very early
start on Sunday morning,Claire. We're going to leave home at about 5.30. leave /li:v/ 离开

Let's learn want to+V原形 想要做.... is early! Claire: 5.30! That wants to+V原形 I want to buy some apples. Paul:wants to learn you want to do? He So what do English. Do you want to come with us, or not?

Let's answer
on 1.It's going to be____Sunday moning. 2.We're going to leave at home______about 5.30

Let's answer
want to 1.What do you______(想要)do?
with 2.Do you want to come_____us?

Let's learn
Claire: I'm not sure,Paul. What do you want me to do? want sb to +V原形 想让某人做某事 My mother wants me to do my homework.

Let's answer
Clair isn't sure,is she? No,she isn't.

Let's learn

I want you to do your own thing. You can come to the National Stadium with team. But what are you going to do there?

sta diu m /'stei di? m/ 体育馆 na tional /'n? ??n?l/ 国家的 the National Stadium 国家体育馆

Let's answer
to 1.I want you____do your own thing. come tothe National 2.You can______ with Stadium_____the team.

Let's learn
Paul:You can't come with us into the Red Zone. And I don't want you to get bored,on your own all day.

zone /z?un/ 区

bored /b?:d/ 厌倦的
be/get bored 感到厌倦, 感到厌烦

Let's answer
with can't 1.Claire______come_____us into ____the Red Zone. want 2.Paul don't_____Claire to get bored ________.

Claire:But it's obvious,Paul! The National Athletics Championship are a photographer's dream! What am I going to do? I'm going to take hundreds of photographers,of course!

Let's learn

ob viou s /'?b vi? s/明显的

a th le tics /?θ'le tiks/田径
a th lete /'?θ li:t/运动员

ch a m pion ship /'t? ? m pj?n ?ip/锦标赛 dream /dri:m/梦想 ph o to graph /'f ?u t? gra:f/照片 photographer摄影师

Let's answer
The National Athletics Championships 1.____ _____ _____ _____

are a photographer's dream.
going to 2.I'm_________take hundreds of ________ photographs,of course.

? /sp/
spoon sport spring speak

? /st/
stay study stop street

slow slim
small smell

? /sl/ sled sleep ? /sm/
smart smile

?/sn/ snow snake snack snail ? /sw/
sweet swim swan

the doctor’s 诊所

post office 邮局

邮票 the dentist’s牙医诊所

bookshop 书店

the butcher’s 开始

the chemist’s 药店

haircut 理发
Shampoo洗发 the hairdresser’s理发店



Pattern practice

?A: What do you want to do? ?B: I want to see the doctor.

Pattern practice

?A: Where do you want to go? ?B: I want to go to the

Pattern practice

?A: Do you want to see the doctor today? ?B: No, not today. I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow.

Have a try
he me to buy stamps some wants she them to see wants a dentist we him to have a haircut want want they you to go to the doctor's

Pattern practice

?A: What do you want me to do? ?B:I want you to see the doctor.

Pattern practice

?A: Where do you want him/her to go? ?B:I want him /her to go to the post office. ?A: Why?

Pattern practice

?A: Why do you want him/her to go to the post office? ?B: Because I want him /her to to buy some stamps.

See you !

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