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unit4 period3

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Unit4 Where is my schoolbag?

Section B (1a-2c)

I. 课前练一练

1. It is on the table. 2. The baseball is under the sofa

一般疑问句: _____________________ 一般疑问句: ____________________ 肯定回答:_______________ 肯定回答: _______________

否定回答:_______________ 否定回答: _______________

3. They are on the chair. 4. Is it under the desk? (改为复数形式句子) 一般疑问句: ____________________ ________________________________________ 肯定回答:______________________



10.________________ three people in my family.

III. 选择句子补全对话(每题2分,共10分)

A: Hey, Susan!

A: Is my computer game on the table?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase.

. They’re on the chair.

A: Oh. So, where is my pencil case?

A: And where’s my backpack?

B: It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair.

A: Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys?


This is a 46 of my bedroom. It’s a nice 47 . The door is 48 . And a ball is it. desk is near the window. You can see a books and chair. ( )46.A.picture B.book C.map D.family

( )47.A.classroom B.room C.toilet D.home

( )48.A.there over B.here C.this D.that

( )49.A.in B.on C.under D.behind

( )50.A.Me B.I C.My D.Mine

( )51.A.window B.door C.clock D.chair

( )52.A.see B.can see C.must see D.look at

( )53.A.from B.on C.at D.of

( )54.A.put B.colour C.find D.put on

( )55.A.a B.the C.an D.of

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