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What do they do? They’re students

If you are a student , you must study hard. Yes or no?

If you are a student , you must finish you homeworker on time. Yes or no?


must, can, could, may, might.

情态动词+动词的原形 Eg: We must do our homework.

Unit 5
It must belong to Carla.

Section A

Guessing games

What does she do?
She could/might be a/an______ \nurse. teacher

She must be a teacher.

What does he do?

He could/might be a ______ worker\famer \doctor
He must be a doctor. He is a doctor.

Grammar Focus
表示推测的情态动词 在英语中,表示对某件事物的确定程 度,即表示推测的时候,我们通常会用到 以下情态动词.(情态动词+动词的原形)

must, can, could, may, might.(肯定) can’t, couldn’t. (否定) must 一定,肯定(100%的可能性)

might, could 有可能,也许(20%~80%的可能性)

can’t 不可能,不会


could might

100% probably true 20%-80% possibly true 0 almost not true


Whose football is it?

It might\could beJim’s.He loves playing football.


Whose backpack is it?

It must be Ann’s. It has her name on it.

= It must belong to Ann

be sb.’s 是某人的 =belong to (sb.) 属于某人

Whose violin is it?

It could/might beZhang Fan’s. she plays the violin.

No, it isn’t. It ( can’t be ) John’s. It’s too small for him.


Is this T-shirt John’s?

Look and guess.


can’t在此表示猜测, 译为“不可能”,后接 Who is she? 动词原形。 might/could在此表示猜 She can’t be Guo Jingjing. 测,译为“也许,可能”, 后接动词原形。 be She might/could Wang Nan. must在此表示猜测, 译为“肯定,极可能”, She must be Zhang Yining. 后接动词原形。

Oh, yes. She is Zhang Yining.

Whose notebook is this?
肖勇 It must belong to Xiao Yong. = It must be XiaoYong’s.

Why? Because his name is on the book.

Whose skirt is this?

It can’t belong to Mike.

It must belong to Jane.


Because she is the only woman here.

Whose skirt is this?

It could be Jane’s. Miss Yang’s.

It can’t be Mike’s.
belong to Mike. It might belong to Jane.


Miss Yang.

Miss Yang Miss Yang

Whose … is this ?
It must be sb’s. belong to sb. It could /might be sb’s.

belong to sb.
It can’t be sb’s. belong to sb.

-Whose book is this ? -It______ be Mary’s. must (=It must belong to Mary) Hemingway

Because Hemingway is her favorite author :[‘?:θ?]作家,作者

John Tony


John Tony

-Whose football is this ? -It could\might be( could\might blong to ) John and Tony’ s. They like playing football.


-Whose bike is this ? -It could\might blong be Jim. He rides his bike every morning.

1a: look at the picture and fill in the chart
Clothing hat Tshirt Fun things Kitchen things

volleyball plate Toy car


jacket magazine CD book

picnic :['piknik]

食物的) 郊游野餐


Listen and match each person with a thing and a reason.

Person Jane’s little brother Mary Carla Deng Wen Grace

Thing Volleyball

Hemingway is her favorite author.
She loves volleyball. He was the only little kid at the picnic.

Toy car
Magazine Book CD

She always listens to classical music.
He loves cats.

1. – Who is the man over there? Is it Mr Li? -- NO, it ___ be him. Mr Li is much taller. C
A.mustn’t B. have to C.can’t 2. Mary ____ be in Paris. I saw her in town only a few C minutes ago. A. mustn’t B. should C. can’t 3. Peter ____ come with us tonight, but he isn’t very C sure yet. A. must B can. C. might 4.I thought you ____ like something to read, so I C have brought you some books. A. can’t B. couldn’t C. must

1 The red bicycle________ be Hu’s.She has a blue bicycle. A can’t B must he C might D could 2 She ____ be very tired because she worked all the night. A can B must C need D mustn’t 3 –Whose is this watch? Is it Kate’s? - I’m not sure. It ____ be hers. A may B can’t C must D should

4 – Where is your English teacher - She ____ in her office. A must be B might be C can’t be D might 5 This pair of shoes ____ be Lily’s It’s too big for him. A can’t B could C might D must

Fill in the blanks with must, can’t, could or might.


must/might be Ming’s. 1.The notebook It was on her desk. 2.The homework can’t be Carol’s. She wasn’t at school today. 3.The soccer ball might be John’ s or Tony’s. They both play soccer,don’t they? 4.The French book must be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French.

5.I can’t find my backpack. It might/couldbe still at school. 6.The photo must be Lu’s. Those are his parents. 7.The red bicycle can’t be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle. might/could be my aunt’s or 8.This ticket uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.

1.Words: belong, belong to, author, hair band 2.Sentence: --- Whose book is this?

--- It must /could/might/can’t be Mary’s. It must /could/might/can’t belong to Mary.

3. 情态动词must, might, could, can’t 后接动词原形,

must表示非常肯定的猜测. 100%的可能性
might /could 表示有可能的猜测. 20%~80%的可能性 can’t 表示肯定不可能. 可能性几乎为零

Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.
Section B

T: How are the pictures? Ss: They are scaring/scary. T: Are you scared of them? Ss: Yes / No.

alien s

Unit 5 It must belong to Carla.
Section B

T: How are the pictures? Ss: They are scaring/scary. T: Are you scared of them? Ss: Yes / No.

alien s


The UFO is landing. It is coming down from the sky!

The terrible, ugly alien is chasing the man.

The frightened man is running and looking back at the alien.

1. Look at the pictures. Then use the words from the box to write a sentences about each picture.
land man UFO run


a. The UFO is landing. b. The alien is chas

ing the man. c. The man is running.

2a. Listen and number the pictures 1-3 above. Then write two or three sentences to finish the story.



Why do you think the man is running? He could be running for exercise. But he’s wearing a suit.

Examples to end the story:

1. At last, the alien caught the man and took him to the UFO, and flew away. 2.The man ran as fast as he could. Suddenly “Might I make friends with you?” The alien stopped just in front of the man, with a big smile and both its arms opened to him…

2b. Listen again. Complete the sentences.
They see… The man says… The woman Says…

1. a man running. He could be He might be running for exercise late for work ______________ __________ 2. something in It could be It must be a helicopter a UFO the sky. __________ ____________ 3. a strange It must be I must be dreaming creature. ___________ an alien ____________ 4. a woman with She could be They must be from the TV news making a movie a camera. __________ ____________

2c. Role play the conversation between the man and woman.
Why do you think the man is running? He could be running for exercise. No, he’s wearing a suit. He might be

running to catch a bus.

Sample dialogue 2: A: Why do you think the girl is crying? B: She could be crying for the failing of the exam. A: No, her cat died. She might be crying for her dead cat.

Language points
表示推测的情态动词的进行时:can/may /might /could/must+be doing 1 他一定正在睡觉。He _____ ______ ______.

2 他们或许在吃早饭。They ________ _______ _______ breakfast. 3 玛丽可能在看电视。Mary ________ _________ ________ TV.

Who stole the money from the safe?


One day, when Conan was playing football he

got a phone call from
super-rich Bill.

Half an hour ago, someone knocked (打昏)

me out while I was
looking inside my safe
(保险柜)! Then the

attacker(袭击者) took all
the money in it!

Are you alone here?

There's just Fred the gardener, Molly

the cook and Joe the driver.

I was watering the plants in the garden. I didn't see or hear anything!

I was washing the car in the garage. I don't know what happened!

I was always here to cook this roast (烤肉)

for the master! I
don't know what's going on!

Conan looked around without a word. He found the meat is still hard and all these three persons' shoes are wet.Then he went back

to the safe and saw some
water near it.

Suddenly he pointed to one of the three persons. "It's you!" he shouted.

who stole all the money from the safe?
It can't be... because... It may/could/migtht be... because... Oh, it must be... because...

Answer the two questions:
1. What can you see in the picture?

There is a woman looking out of the window. 2. What can we know about the woman?

She is a little frightened and confused.

3. Where is the article from? It’s a newspaper article. 4. What is the passage about? The passage is about strange events in Bell Tower neighborhood.

5. What is the strange thing? What
do the people think of it?

A local school teacher called Zhou Gu heard strange noises outside his window every night. His wife thinks that it could be an animal. His friends and he think it must be teenagers having fun. The police think it might be the wind. His neighbor thinks it might be a dog.

3a. Reading the newspaper article and underline what people think could be causing the strange things that are happening in Bell Tower. Strange events in Bell Tower neighborhood
Our neighborhood used to be very quiet. However, these days, strange things are happening in our neighborhood and everyone is unhappy. Zhou Gu, the local school teacher, is extremely worried. When he was Interviewed by the local newspaper, he said, “Every night we hear strange noises

outside our window. My wife thinks that it could be an animal,
But my friends and I think it must be teenagers having fun. My

parents called the police, but they can’t find anything strange.
They think it might be the wind. I don’t think so!” Zhou Gu’s next door neighbor Qi Hui is unhappy too. “At first, I thought it might be a dog, but I can’t see a dog, but I can’t see a dog and I still hear the noises outside.” Everyone in our neighborhood is worried, and everyone has his Or her own ideas.

There must be something visiting the homes in our neighborhood,
but what is it?

Language points
1.There must be something visiting the homes in our neighborhood.

There be+主语+v.ing,表示“有……在进行”, ing形式用作定语,修饰前面的主语,相当于一 个定语从句。
e.g. There is a man waiting for you outside the door. =There is a man who is waiting for you outside the door.
注:must 可用在there be 句型中表推测或判断,意为“一定 有”。

2. escaped from 意为 “从… …逃走” e.g. He escaped from the prison.

3.We now know what was happening in Bell Tower neighborhood.

happen 是不及物动词,意为“发生”,不可用于 被动语态
e.g.The accident happened outside my house.

【拓展】happen常用于sth happened to sb.意 为“某事发生在某人身上。常指一些不好的事。
e.g.What happened to him?

【注】happen与take place,二者都为不及物动 词,不可用于被动语态,happen一般指偶然发 生,take place常指经过安排或计划发生的事。
If anything happens to the machine,let me know.
When did this take place

3b Write another paragraph about Bell Tower using these notes.
Chu family — late-night footsteps in the hallway — might be the neighbors Lao Zheng — something trying to get in the window Xiao Ning — finds garbage in front of her house — might be cats

“Late last night, we heard footsteps in the hallway. We thought that they might be the neighbors,” says one of the Chu family. “We thought it might be the wind. It can’t be someone trying to get in the window.” “You are all mistaken. This early morning

I found garbage in front of my house, so it might be the cats making trouble and causing the strange things happening in our Bell

3c Look at this headline and finish the article about the strange events in Bell Tower.
No more mystery in Bell Tower neighborhood

We now know what was happening in Bell Tower neighborhood. The director of the local zoo says that three monkeys escaped from …

Think of a dream you had recently and tell your classmates about it. Your classmates guess what the dream might mean.

A: In my dream, I was swimming in an

ocean of paper.
B: Maybe it means you’re afraid of too much homework! C: It might mean …

Speaking (4: P38) I had a dream. In my A: Last night
dream, I was chased by a group of people. I was very frightened. B: Maybe it means you feel nervous under the pressure of study, you are afraid of falling behind others.

Thank you !

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