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冀教版英语九年级上册Lesson 37

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7. John is standing _______ Gina and Jim .

A. at B. during C. between D. in

8. –Is Jack in the library ?

-Maybe . I saw him ______ out with some books just now .

A. going B. go C. to go D. went

9. We waited for a taxi for a long time . We gave up ______ and walked home . \

A. at the beginning B. in the end C. at first D. at least

10.I hate people ______ don’t help others when they are in trouble .

A. who B. which C. whose D. where

11. The girl can’t see anything . She is b_________ in both eyes .

12. He didn’t have the c_______ to tell his friend the truth .

13. I always faint at the s______ of blood .

14. She reads a lot of books every day . Now her reading has improved g______ .

15. –What do you often do _____ classes to relax ?

-listen to music or walk around the school .

A. over B. through C. between

16. We can do a lot to stay healthy . _______ , we should eat a balanced diet .

A. At a time B. In fact C. First of all D. All together

17. Jane is one of the students in the class _______ have ever been to China .

A. who B. whose C. which D. whom

18. It’s our duty to help b_______ people because they aren’t able to see .

19. Ma Lin is a well-known pingpong player in the world .

A. tall B. famous C. good D. strong

20. When the school building began to shake , the teachers run downstairs ________ The students . The teachers are real heroes .

A. after B. with C. before

21. Something is wrong with his ears . He can’t ____ anything .

A. hear B. see C. watch D. touch

22. I like writers _______ write short stories .

A. which B. what C. whom D. who

at first sight 乍一看,初看时 short-sighted 近视的 ,long-sighted 远视的

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