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一. 名词 ()

二. 形容词 ()

三. 代词 ()

四. 数词 ()

五. 冠词 ()

六. 动词


七. 副词八. 介词

九. 连词

十. 比较级和最高级

十一. 定语从句 十二. 主谓一致 十三. 状语从句 十四. 虚拟语气 十五. 倒装句 十六. 独立主格 十七. 其他重点语法

() () () () () () () () () () () () () 2




( ) 1 She was very happy. Shein the maths test.

A. makes a few mistake B. made a few mistakes

C. made few mistakes D. makes few mistake

( ) 2 We need some more____. Can you go and get some, please?

A. potato B. potatos C. potatoes D. potatoe

( ) 3 _____are____for cutting things.

A. Knife/used B. Knives/used C. Knife/using D. Knives/using

( ) 4 What big____ the tiger has!

A. tooth B. teeth C. tooths D. toothes

( ) 5 Please remember to give the horse some tree___.

A. leafs B. leaves C. leaf D. leave

( ) 6 -Can we have some ___?

-Yes, please.

A. banana B. oranges C.apple D. pear

( ) 7 On the table there are five____.

A. tomatos B. piece of tomatoes C. tomatoes D. tomato


( ) 1 They got much ___ from those new books.

A. ideas B. photos C. information D. stories

( ) 2 He gave us____ on how to keep fit.

A. some advices B. some advice C. an advice D. a advice

( ) 3 When we saw his face, we knew___ was bad.

A. some news B. a news C. the news P. news

( ) 4 What___ lovely weather it is!

A. / B. the C. an D. a


( ) 1 -Would you like___tea?

-No, thanks. I have drunk two____.

A. any, bottles of orange B. some, bottles of orange

C. many, bottles of oranges D. few, bottle of oranges

( ) 2 He is hungry. Give him ___ to eat.

A. two breads B. two piece of bread

C. two pieces of bread D. two pieces of breads

( ) 3 It really took him:___ to draw the nice horse.

A. sometimes B. hour C. long time D. some time

( ) 4 I would like to have___.

A. two glasses of milk B. two glass of milk I

C. two glasses of milks D. two glass of milks

( ) 5 Can you give me ____?

A. a tea B. some cup of tea C. a cup tea D. a cup of tea

( ) 6 Please give me ___ paper. A. one B. a piece C. a D. a piece of

( ) 7 John bought___for himself yesterday.

A. two pairs of shoes B. two pair of shoe C. two pair of shoes D. two pairs shoes 4

( ) 1 -How many ____ have you got on your farm?

-I've got five.



A. sheeps B. sheep C. pig D. chicken

( ) 2 Some ___ came to our school for a visit that day.

A. Germans B. Germen C. Germany D. Germanies

( ) 3 In the picture there are many____ and two.

A. sheep; foxes C. sheeps; foxes

B. sheeps; fox D. sheep;foxs

( ) 4 A group of______ will visit the museum tomorrow.

A. Hungarian B. Australian C. JapaneseD. American


( ) 1 This table is made of___.

A. many glass B. glasses C. some glasses D. glass

( ) 2 -What would you like to have for lunch, sir?

-I'd like____. !

A. chicken B. a chicken C. chickens D. the chicken

( ) 3 Children should make____ for old people in a bus.

A. room B. a room C. rooms D. the room


( ) 1 Tables are made of___.

A. wood B. some woods C. wooden D. woods

( ) 2 I wonder why ______ are so interested in action (武打片) films.

A. people B. peoples C. the people D. the peoples

( ) 3I have read____ of the young writer.

A. works B. work C. this works D. the works


( ) 1 Let's meet at 7: 30 outside the gate of___?

A. the People's Park B. the Peoples' Park

C. the People Park D. People's Park

( ) 2 ___ Chinese people are ___ hard working people.

A. /; a B. We; the C. The; the D. The; a

( ) 3 How many were there in the street when the accident happened?

A. policeman B. polices C. police D. peoples


( ) 1 If these trousers are too big, buy a smaller____.

A. set B. one C. piece D. pair

( ) 2 Last week I bought a TV____.

A. pair . B. set C. piece D. block

( ) 3 There is a of wood left on the ground.

A. cup B. piece , C. box D. pair


( ) 1 There are sixty-seven___ in our school.

A. women's teacher B. women teachers C. woman teachers D. women teacher

( ) 2 There are five___in our factory.

A. woman driver B, women driver C. woman drivers D. women drivers

( ) 3 These ____ were sent to the villages to help the farmers.

A. women doctor B. women doctors C. woman doctors D. woman doctor


( ) 1 They write most of their___ in English.

A. business letter B. business letters C. businesses D. businesses letters

( ) 2 We came to a ___ at last .and went in.



A. watch shop B. watches shop ,'C. watching shop D. watchs shop

( ) 3 This shop sells apples, bananas and things like these. It's a___.

A. food shop B. book shop C. fruit shop D. vegetable shop

( ) 4 She broke a___while she was washing up.

A. glass of wine B. glass for wine C. glass wine D. wine glass

( ) 5 I've forgotten both of the____.

A. room numbers . B. rooms number C. rooms numbers D. room number


1. September 10th is____in China.

A. Teacher's Day B. Teachers'Day C. Teacher Day D. Teachers Day

( ) 2 -Is the broom under ____ desk? -No, it's under____.

A. the teacher's; my B. teacher's; mine C. teacher's; me D. the teacher's; mine

( ) 3 Excuse me, where is the___?

A. men's room B. mens' room C. men's rooms D. men rooms


( ) 1 The football under the bed is____.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily's and Lucy's C. Lily's and Lucy D. Lily and Lucy's

( ) 2 This is my____dictionary.

A. sister Mary B. sister's C. sister, Mary's D. sister's Mary's

( ) 3 He went to ___ shop to buy a shirt.

A. a tailor B. the tailor C. a tailors D. the tailors'

( ) 4 Joan is____.

A. Mary's and Jack sister B. Mary and Jack's sister

C. Mary and Jack sister D. Mary's and Jack's sister


( ) 1 In a few____ time, those mountains will be covered with trees.

A. year B. years' C. year's D. years

( ) 2 It's about ___ walk from my house.

A. ten minute B. ten minutes' C. ten minute's D. ten minutes

( ) 3 The post office is a bit far from here. It's about_____.

A. thirty minutes's walk B. thirty minute's walk

C. thirty minutes' walk D. thirty minutes walk

( ) 4 Half___ telephone calls are made in English.

A. the world B. world C. the world's D. world's


( ) 1 ____ face to the south.

A. Windows of the room B. The windows of the room

C. The room's windows D. The windows in room

( ) 2 Please take two___.

A. picture of the park B. pictures of the park

C. the pictures of a park D. picture of a park

( ) 3 The workers are repairing____.

A. the roof of the house B. a roof of the house

C. roof of the house D. this roof of house


( ) 1 Miss Smith is a friend of____.

A. Mary's mother's B. Mary's mother C. mother's of Mary D. Mary mothers

( ) 2 This is a book of ___.

A. Tom B. Tom's C. her D. him


英语语法专项练习 ( ) 3 The post card is sent by ____.

A. a friend of my father B. a friend of my father's

C. my father friend D. my father friend's


( ) 1 Sydney is a city of___.

A. America B. Germany C. Australia D. Japan

( ) 2 My father likes buying us ___.

A. cars B. flowers C. peasants D. presents

( ) 3 In England, the last name is the ___.

A. full name B. family name C. middle name D. given name

( ) 4 Mr Gao is a teacher. He works in a new____.

A. shop B. school C. factory D. hospital


( ) 1 My father is a____. He works in a hospital.

A. teacher B. doctor C. farmer D. soldier

( ) 2 -Which animal lives only in China?


A. tiger B. monkey C. panda D. elephant

( ) 3 April come before___and after___.

A. March; May B. May; March

C. June; May D. March; February

( ) 4 Which of the following is right?

A. China has a large population. B. China has much population.

C. China has many populations. D. China has a great deal of population.

( ) 5 Please do like this. Fold the paper____ and cut along the fold.

A. into pieces B. in half C. on halves D. to half

( ) 6 You played the violin wonderfully. Will you please play another____?

A. one B. game C. programme D. piece


一 选择正确的答案

1.Which does Jimmy like _______, Chinese or art?

A. well B. best C. better D. much

2. The Changjiang River is one of ______ in the world.

A. the longest river B. The more C. the longest rivers D. longer river

3. ______ of the two women is Mrs Brown.

A. The beautiful B. The more beautiful C. More beautiful D. The most beautiful

4. My mooncake is nicer _______ his.

A. like B. with C. for D. than

5. You are fatter than _______.

A. he B. his C. him D. he is tall

6. He jumps _______ of the three.

A. far B. futher C. farthest D. furthest

7. My hair is longer than _______.

A. my sister B. Kate C. my brother’s D.Lucys’

8. There is ______ paper here. Please bring some.

A. little B. less C. fewer D. a little

9. The pen is ______ than that one.

A. more cheap B. cheap C. much cheaper D. quite cheaper



10. Tom speaks Chinese _______ better than Jimmy.

A. more B. very C. a lot D. much

11. There are _______ girls in Class 2 than in Class 4.

A. more B. nicest C. most D. best

12. It’s too ______ for you to do that.

A. easy B. more dangerous C. harder D. the easist

13. Who has ______ apples now, Jim, Lily or Lucy?

A. much B. biggest C. better D. the most

14. You have more rulers than me. But ______ are nicer than _______.

A. mine, yours B. mine, your C. my, yours D. my, your

15. Tingting is ______ than Meimei,but Meimei is ______ than Tingting.

A. tall, stronger B. taller, strongest C. tallest, strong D. taller, stronger

16. Mother is _______ in my family.

A. busy B. busier C. the busiest D. more busy

17. There are _______ in the park on Sundays.

A. more children B. a lot of people C. much men and women D. many peoples

18. The dumplings are _______ than the noodles, I think.

A. more nicer B. much delicious C. very nice D. much more delicious

19. She is _______ than me at drawing.

A. better B. best C. good D. harder

20. This blue sweater is too big for me. Will you please show me a ______ one?

A. small B. smaller C. the smallest D. smallest


1. Your classroom is _______ (wide) and _______ (bright) than ours.

2. There are _______ hours of sunlight a day in winter than in summer. (few)

3. Which do you like _______, maths or chemistry?(well)

4. This is the ______ film I have ever seen. (good)

5. Africa is the second _______ continent. (large)

6. What he said made his mother much ______. (angry)

7. I’m not as _______ as he. (careful)

8. We’ve got as _______ books as we need.(many)

9. They have done _______ (much) work with ______ (little) money.

10. Practice as ______ as you can. (much)

11. You’re the ______ person I’ve ever seen. (kind)

12. He is _____ than his two sisters. (young)

13. The ______ (old) I get, the ______ (strong) I seem to feel.

14. The weather is getting ______ (warm) and ______ (warm).

15. You are far ______ than you were. (polite)

16. The patient is no ______ than people. (well)

17. Summer is ______ season of the year. (hot)

18. I can do it well with even ______ money. (little)


1. The air in Beijing is getting much ______ now than a few years ago. (2005年北京)

A. clean B. cleaner C. cleanest D. the cleanest

2. My cousin has changed a lot. She used to be ______ but now she is tall.

A. short B. thin C. pretty D.heavy

3. Mobile phones are very popular now and they are ______ than before. (2005北京海淀)

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

4. —We spent all our money because we stayed at the most expensive hotel in town. 7


—Why didn’t you stay at _____ one?

A. a cheap B. a cheaper C. the cheap D. the cheaper

5. —Do you like western food?

— No. The food of our country is ______ that of western countries. (2005年广州)

A. rather good than B. much better than C. more better than D. not so good as

6. This is _____ that all of us believe it’s very important. (2005年广州)

A. such useful information B. so useful an information C. so useful information

D. such a useful information

7. — Mum, could I have an MP3

— Certainly, we can buy _____ one, but as good as this. (2005年沈阳)

A. a cheap B. a cheapest C. a cheaper D. the cheapest

8. The harder we work, the ______ result we will get.(2005年大连)

A. faster B. fewer C. better D. the cheapest

9. We should keep our eyes ______ while doing eye exercises. (2005年吉林)

A. close B. closed C. open D. opened

10. Look at the man in the right picture. He is ______. (2005年吉林)

A. right-handed B. left-handed C. no hand D. a hand

11. — Tom is good at drawing. How about Mike?

— Mike is ______, I think. He has got more prizes than Tom.(2005年河南)

A. well B. OK C. good D. better

12. — Have you bought that digital camera?

— No, I can’t afford it. The price is a bit ______. (2005年河南)

A. now B. high C. cheap expensive

13. Now more and more Chinese people are ______ enough to buy cars.

A. rich B. weak C. poor D. strong

14. Kate is really ______. She’s never angry with others. (2005年安徽)

A. tall B. friendly C. lucky D. clever

15. —Which is ______ river in China? (2005年武汉)

— The Changjiang River.

A. longer B. the longest C. longest D. the longer


一.1. C 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. C

6. C 三个人或三人以上比较时,用形容词最高级,表示“最远”用farthest, 而further, furthest多表示抽象意思,“更进一步”等

7. C

8. A little, a little修饰不可数名词,little表示否定含义,意为“没多少” a little表示肯定含义,意为“有一点儿”

9. C 10. D

11-15AADAD 16-20 CBDAB

二.1. wider, brighter 2. fewer 3. better 4. best 5. largest 6. angrier 7. careful 8. many

9. more, less 10. much 11. kindest 12. younger 13. older, stronger 14. warmer,

warmer 15. politer 16. better 17. the hottest 18. less

三.1-5 BABBB 6-10 ACCBB 11-15 DBABB


单项填空: 人称代词、 物主代词、 反身代词、 指示代词和疑问代词

1. ____ is she? She's a nurse.

A. Who B. Where C. Which D. What



2. ____ is Tom like? Oh, he's short.

A. Which B. Who C. What D. Whom

3. ____ cap is that?

A. Who's B. Who C. Whose D. Where

4. ____ is no use telling him about that.

A. This B. That C. These D. It

5. The three men, Bob, Joe and ____ met at the station.

A. I B. me C. her D. you

6. ____ have been to Paris.

A. I, you and he B. He, you and I

C. You, he and I D. You, he and me

7. My brother is so young that he can't take care of ____ .

A. him B. herself C. himself D. his

8. The young teacher teaches ____ politics.

A. us B. our C. ours D. ourself

9. Our work is not so good as ____ .

A. him B. he C. his D. he's

10. Has Jack got the money? Yes, I gave ____ yesterday.

A .to him them B. to him if C. him them D. it to him

11. How hard ____ works!

A. we B .him C. he D. his

12. Won't you let ____ help you?

A. I and my friend B. my friend and I

C. my friend and me D. my friend and I to

13. He asked the three men, Bob, Joe and ____ to be ready.

A. I B. himself C. me D. herself

14. All my classmates are going to the Summer Palace except ____ .

A. he and I B. he and me C. him and I D. him and me

15. Go ____ to ____!

A. here, us B. there, they

C. there, them D. here, we

16. The moon is shining brightly tonight .____ is like a round plate.

A. Its B. He C. She D. They

17. He is as tall as ____ .

A. she B. her C. him D. himself

18. If I were ____ , I would take the advice.

A. she B. her C. he D. his

19. Open the door. please? It's ____ .

A. I B. my C. mine D. me

20. She hasn't brought ____ book with her. Will you lend her ____?

A. hers, your B. her, your

C. hers, yours D. her, yours

21. That's not ____ ; it is ____. I made it ____.

A. yours, mine, myself B.your, mine, myself

C. yours, her, myself D. yours, my, myself

22. John's book is more interesting than ____ .

A. your book B. your one

C. yourself D. yours

23. Either Mary or her parents will let me use ____ car.



A. her B. their C. mine D. him

24. The bird builds ____ nest in the tree.

A. her B. it's C. its D. her's

25. The sun makes ____ day and night.

A. its B. we C. our D. ours.

26. ─I've forgotten my bread.

─Never mind, you can have ____ .

A. some of us B. us some

C. some of ours D. some of our

27. Two sisters of ____ help us with our English.

A. him B. his C. he D. he's

28. Are they friends ____ ?

A.of you B.to you C. to yours D.of yours

29. Lily and Bill want to see it ____ .

A. theirselves B. themselves

C. himself D. themself

30. We had better ask the secretary ____ .

A. his B. him C. himself D. themselves

31. We met his grandma ____ .

A. himself B. hers

C. herself D. her

32. The girl dresses ____ when she gets up.

A. her B. she C. herself D. himself

33. Please help ____ to some tea.

A. me B. him C. yourself D. yours

34. Tom is not quite ____ today.

A. hisself B. him C. his D. himself

35. I'll bring ____ dictionary with me.

A. myself B. ourselves C. my own D. own

36. ____ magazine is over there.

A. These B. Those C. This D. That

37. ____ a good idea.

A. This is B. That's

38. He was ill. ____ is why he didn't attend the meeting.

A. This B. It

C. There D. That

39. What I want to tell you is ____ : The meeting is put off till Friday.

A. it B. this C. that D. its

40. She went to swim and I'll do ____ .

A. such B. same C. the same as D. the same

41. Our feeling was ____ .

A. the same as they B. same as theirs

C. same as they D. the same as theirs

42. They left for Shanghai on ____ day.

A. the same B. such

43. You can do it now or leave it till later, it is ____ to me.

A. the same B. all the same

44. Who is that boy ? ____ .

A. He is a student B. He is a worker



C. He is my brother D. He is tall

45. It was ____ warm day that they went swimming.

A. such B. such a C. so D. so a

46. It was ____ a long time ago.

A. such B. very

47. ____ is he? He is a bus driver.

A. Who B. Which C. That D. What

48. How is your brother ? ____ .

A. That's he B. That's him

C. He's very good D. He's very well

49. ____ these girls do you know?

A. Which of B. Who are

C. What D. How many

50. ____ paper do you read? I read " China Daily ".

A. Which B. How C. How many D. What

51. ____ is the quickest way from here to the Bank?

A. What B. Which C. What way D. Which the way

52. What' s his name ? ____.

A. It John B. John it's the name

C. It's John D. Its John

53. What colour are your new shoes ? ____ .

A. They are brown colour B. It's brown

C. They are brown D. They are colour brown

54. ____ hat is that?

A. Who's B. Whose

C. Who D. Whom

55. The TV sets made in Shanghai are much better than ____ made in Beijing.

A. that B. these

C. those D. it

单项填空: 不定代词(70分, 70分钟)

1. If you need money, I'll lend you ____ .

A. one B. some C. any D. those

2. The pen I'm writing with is different from ____ .

A. that ones B. that one C. that one's D. those one

3. I remember ____ word he said that day.

A. all B. none C. both D. every

4. " Does he study physics or chemistry ?" " He studies ____ ."

A. either B. neither C. none D .all

5. "Does he study English or Russian ?" "He studies ____ ."

A. both B. all C. either D. none

6. There are several windows in the room. The ____ face south.

A. both B. all C. every D. either

7. Do you have ____ to say at the meeting?

A. something important B. anything important

C. important something D. important anything

8. I've had enough bread, would you like ____ ?

A. one more B. some more C. any much D. another more

9. ____ wore what she liked best.

A. Each of the women B. Each of the woman



C. Each of women D. Each the women

10. I don't know ____ .

A. anyone of them B. any one of children

C. no one D. any one of the children

11. She has four daughters. One is a doctor, but ____ are workers.

A. another B. other C. the others D. the other

12. I asked her if she know ____ .

A. all them B. them all C. them of all D. every them

13. ____ can always try to do a little better than ____ best.

A. One, you B. One, one C. One, his D. One, one's

14. One of the students hasn't prepared ____ lessons very well.

A. one's B. ones C. their D. his

15. Everyone should be careful of ____ pronunciation.

A. their B. ones C. our D. his

16. Have you any books on cooking? I'd like to borrow ____ .

A. it B. that C. this D. one

17. Have you got any apples? Yes, I've got ____ .

A. a small B. some small C. two small ones D. two small

18. Is this your coat? No, mine is ____.

A. one blue B. a blue one

19. If you need money,I'll lend you ____ .

A. one B. it C. those D. some.

20. "Have you found the pen you lost yesterday ?"

A. one B. the one C. one's D. it

21. I've got ____ interesting books.

A. some B. any

22. Put ____ bread on the table; we need ____ more.

A. any, some B. some, any C. some, some D. any, any

23. There isn't ____ work for us to do.

A. some B. any

24. He remembers having read about it in ____ .

A. any storybook B. some storybook

25. I have ____ important to tell you.

A. something B. anything

26. Is there ____ wrong with your TV set?

A. something B. anything

27. If there are ____ good apples in the shop, buy me two pounds.

A. some B. any

28. Both of these are interesting books. You can borrow ____ of them.

A. any B. either

29. All these are interesting books. You can borrow ____ of them.

A. any B. both

30. Come ____ you like.

A. some day B. any day.

31. ____ can answer the question. It's quite easy.

A. Somebody B. Anybody

32. Why don't you get ____ to read during the winter vacation (寒假) ?

A. anything B. something

33. Would you like ____ beer?



A. any B. some

34. ____ of the students was given a book.

A. Each B. Every

35. ____ student should respect (尊敬) the teacher.

A. Each B. Every

36. Two boys came and I gave an apple to ____ .

A. each B. every

37. The soldiers lined on ____ side of the road.

A. each B. every

38. Everyone must do ____ best to help others.

A. one's B. his

39. Here are two dictionaries. You may use ____ of them.

A. either B. each C. every D. all

40. There are flowers on ____ side of the door.

A. either B. both

41. On ____ banks of the river there are trees and flowers.

A. either B. both

42. He lent me two books, but ____ of them is easy to read.

A. both B. neither

43. He lent me a few books, but ____ of them are easy to read.

A. neither B. none

44. His parents are ____ English teachers.

A. all B. both

45. ____ like music.

A. the both girls B. Both this girls

C. Both of them D. Both they

46. ____ are very good.

A. Both they B. The both boys

C. Both those boys D. Both of they

47. There are two windows in the room. They ____ face south.

A. all B. both C. every D. either

48. Does he speak English or Russian? He doesn't speak ____ .

A. either B. neither C. none D. all

49. The teacher wanted to invite them ____ to the musical evening.

A. everybody B. all

50. I've read ____ of the books.

A. no one B. none

51. " How many elephants did you see ?" "____."

A. None B. No one

C. Not many ones D. No many

52. My sister gave me two pictures.One is the Great Wall, ____ is

the Ming Tombs (明十三陵) .

A. another B. the other

53. Some like physics, ____ like chemistry.

A. the others B. others

54. He has four brothers. One is in Beijing, but ____ are in Nanjing.

A. another B. other C. the other D. the others

55. I have five colour pencils. One is red, another is blue and ____ green.

A. other B. the other C. others D. the others



56. I don't think this is a good idea. Has he any ____ suggestion (建议) ?

A. one B. another C. other D. the other

57. These cups are ours. Those are ____ .

A. others B. others' C. other's D. others's

58. The coat is too big. Please show me ____ .

A. other B. another

59. Have ____ , please!

A. the other cup of tea B. another cup of tea

60. They are talking ____.

A. each other B. one another

C. one to another D. to each other

61. Joan dances better than ____ in the school.

A. any girl B. any other girl

C. some girl D. some other girl

62. We have only ____ tickets left.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

63. Not all workers go home on Saturday; ____ still stay in the factory.

A. a few B. few C. none D. a little

64. A lot of people have tried, but ____ have succeeded (成功).

A. the few B. few C. some D. a few

65. He says ____ but does much.

A. few B. a little C. little D. a few

66. Hurry up! We have only ____ time left.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

67. Fred eats ____ bread.

A .too many B. so much C. fewer D. so many

68. How ____ is that fish?

A. many B. much C. more D. most

69. Try to make as ____ mistakes as possible in your homework.

A. less B. little C. few D. fewer

70. Quite ____ people came to the party though it was raining hard.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

1.D 2. C 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. C 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. D

11. C 12. C 13. C 14. D 15. C 16. C 17. A 18. B 19. D 20. D

21. A 22. D 23. B 24. C 25. C 26. C 27. B 28. D 29. B 30.C

31. C 32. C 33. C 34. D 35. C 36. D 37. B 38. D 39. B 40.D

41. D 42. A 43. B 44. C 45. B 46. A 47. D 48. D 49. A 50.D

51. B 52. C 53. C 54. B 55. C

1. 1-7 C C B B B B C

2. 1-4 C B C A

3. 1-7 B C D A D D A

4. 1-4 B A A C

5. 1-3 D A A

6. 1-3 A A D

7. 1-3 A D C

8. 1-3 D B B

9. 1-3 B D B

10. 1-5 B A C D A

11. 1-3 B D A



12. 1-4 D C C B

13. 1-4 B B C C

14. 1-3 B B A

15. 1-3 A B B

16. 1-4 C D B B

17. 1-6 B C B A B D


1. 1). There are ___ days in a year.

A. three hundreds sixty-five B. three hundreds and sixty-five C. three hundred and sixty-five D. three hundred and sixty five

2). There are____ students in this school.

A. eight hundreds and forty-six B. eight hundred and forty six C. eight hundred and forty-six D. eight hundred forty-six

2. 1).______people visit this museum every day.

A. Hundred B. Hundreds C. Hundred of D. Hundreds of

2).There are two___ people in the meeting room.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred of

3). Every year ___ watch NBA on TV.

A. million people B. millions of people

C. millions people D. million of people

4). ____ trees have been planted in our school in the past 10 years.

A. Thousands of B. Two thousands C. Thousand of D. Two thousand of

5). Look! There are ___ in the sky.

A. thousand stars B. thousand of stars C. thousands of stars D. thousands of star

3. 1). My brother is in____.

A. Three Class, One Grade B. Class Three, Grade One C. Grade One, Class Three D. class three, grade one

2.) We are going to learn___ this term.

A. book six B. six book C. the book six D. Book Six

3). Please turn to___. Let\'s read the text aloud.

A. Page Two . B. the page two C. second page D. page second

4. 1). We can say the number 78, 645 in English like this____. A. seventy-eight thousand and six hundred and forty-five B. seventy-eight thousand six hundred and forty five C.seventy-eight thousand six hundred and forty-five D. seventy eight thousand six hundred and forty-five

2). "The year 1999" should be read "The year____". A. nineteen and ninety-nine B. nineteen ninety-nine

C. one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine D. nineteen hundred and ninety-nine

5. 1). He will come here ____ tomorrow morning.

A. at fifth B. at ten C. on two D. till tenth

2). Every day he begins to do his homework ___.

A. at ten past seven B. at seven pass ten

C. on ten past seventh D. until ten

3). He was doing some washing ____.

A. at eight yesterday morning B. yesterday morning eight

C. yesterday morning at eight D. by eight yesterday morning

6. 1).He began to work there____.

A. on his fifty B. at age of fifty C. when he fifty D. in his fifties

2). They moved to Beijing _

A. in 1980s B. in the 1980 \' C. in the 1980s D. on the 1980\'s

3). We all like the boy.

A. of ten years old B. ten-year-old C. at ten old D. of age of ten



4).She was ___ her early twenties when she went abroad.

A. at B. on C. of D: in

7.1). There are____ months in a year. December is the ____month of the year.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelve; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelveth

2). During____ century, the world population has already reached 6 billion.

A. twenty B. the twentieth C. twentieth / D. the twenty

3). Sunday is the____ day of the week.

A. seventh B. first C. second D. third

4). Autumn is season in a year.

A. the fourth B. the third C. a third D. the threeth

5). Tom was to get to school and I was ______.

A. first; ninth C. the first; the ninth

B. a first; a ninth D. the second; the nineth

8.1) -What\'s the date today?


A. Friday B. time to go C. cloudy D. June 4th

2). Jenny was born

A. on July 10, 1987 B. in July 10, 1987 C. in 1987, July 10 D. on 1987, July 10

3). Monday is the second day, and_______.

A. Tuesday is the fourth B. Thursday is the fifth

C. the second is Tuesday D. the second is Thursday

9. 1). About____ of the books in our school library are written in Chinese.

A. four-fifth B. four-fifths C. fourth-fifths D. fourths-fifth

2). ___ of the students are girls in our class.

A. Two three B. Two threes C. Two thirds D. Second three

3). ___ of the world's books and newspapers are written in English.

A. Three quarters B. Three quarter C. Thirds four D. Threes fourth

10.1). Tom is____ in the row.

A. a second B. the second C. two D. second

2). The girl wanted to sing____ song in English.

A. the others B. a second C. other D. the second

3). Now let me have____.

A. the third try B. a third try C. third try D. this third try


1 . 1-2 c c 6. 1-4 d c a d

2. 1-5 d a b a c 7. 1-5 b b b b c

3. 1-3 b d a 8. 1-3 d a b

4. 1- 2 c b 9 .1-3 b c a

5. 1-3 b a a10. 1-3 b b b



1.He is now living in ______ European country.

A. a B. an C. / D. any

2. China is ______ old country with ______ long history.

A. an, a B. a, a C. an, the D. an, an

3. My parents usually go out for ______ walk in ______ evening.

A. the, a B. a, the C. /, the D. a, an

4. Her ______ second thing is to do her homework.



A. a B. an C. the D./

5. The word “flower” begins with ______ “f” and the end with ______ “r”.

A. a, a B. an, an C. an, a D. an,a

6. June 1st is ______ Children’s Day.

A. a B. an C. the D./

7. ______ Huanghe River is _______ second largest river in China.

A. The, the B. A, a C. The, a D. A, the

8. Paris is one of ______ most beautiful cities in ______ world.

A. /, the B. /,/ C. the, the D. the, /

9. Last Sunday he went to ______ Great Wall at ______ noon.

A. the, the B. /,/ C. the, the D. the, /

10. We always have ______ rice for ______ lunch.

A. /,/ B. the, / C. /,a D. the, the

11. There is no room for ______.

A. us two B. we two C. two us D. two of we

12. ______ of the work has been done.

A. Two third B. Two three C. Two thirds D. Two third

13. There are about two ______ students in our school.

A. thousand B. thousands C. thousands of D. thousands of

14. It’s ______ now, let’s hurry.

A. half passed six B. thirty passed six C. half past six D. half to seven

15. September is _______ month of a year.

A. the nine B. the ninth C. the nineth D. nine

16. —What’s the date today?

—It is _____.

A. the June fourth B. the fourth of June C. of June the fourth D. fourth June

17. Next week we’re going to learn ______.

A. unit 5 B. the unit 5 C. Unit 5 D. 5 Unit

18. — Do you have much work to do this weekend?

— Yes, I have to write a ______ paper.

A. two-thousand-word B. two-thousand C. two-thousands-words

D. two-thousands-words


1. I go to school by a bike every day.

2. We study the maths this term.

3. They’re having a supper now.

4. A sun is bigger than the moon.

5. He was first to come to the meeting.

6. Three hundreds of students went to the park last Sunday.

7. He is ill. So he is in the bed.

8. The student and the Young Pioneer is going to help the old man.

9. Please give me a rice.

10. Wang Mei plays a piano very well.

11. Open window, please.

12. There is a dog in the room. A dog is hers.

13. There is a “m” in the word “may”.

14. It’s the April now.

15. The boy is in his twenty.




1. My dear! Have you had _______ apple?

2. Black Horse is _______ interesting book for _______ children.

3. She is _______ useful member of _______ volleyball team.

4. _______doctor told him to take _______ medicine three times _______ day.

5. Look at _______ sun! It’s _______ fine day for _______ walk today.

6. Japan is to _______ east of _______ China.

7. What would you like for _______ supper, ________ Mr Green?

8. Playing _______ football is _______ best sport in _______ spring.


1. We saw ______ elephant in the zoo. _______ elephant was from India.

A. a; The B. the; An C. an; The D. the; 2. — How do you get home from _______? By Bus? —No, I walk. _______ isn’t very far.

A. school; The school B. the school; The school

C. the school; School D. school; School

3. There’s ______ dictionary on _______ desk near the window.

A. a; the B. a; a C. the; a D. the; the

4. —How far is it from our school to _______ seaside?

—It is _______ eight-kilometre walk from here.

A. the; an B. /; an C. the; a D./; a

5. — Where is _______ maths teacher?

— He’s talking with Sam’s father.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

6. The scientists from _______ United States live in _______ Ninth Street.

A. the; the B. /; the C. /;/ D. the; /

7. _______ sun is bigger than _______ earth.

A. A; the B. A; an C. The; an D. The; the

8. _______ earth we live on is bigger than _______ moon.

A. The; a B. The; the C. An; a D. An; the

9. I liver on _______ floor of the hotel so I have to take a lift.

A. twenty-seventh B. twenty-seven C. the twenty-seven D. the twenty-seventh

10. The farmers were busy _______ ready for the next year in _______ winter of 1999.

A. getting; / B. to get; the C. to get; / D. getting ; the

11. — Hi, Jack. Do you have ______ pen?

— Sorry, I don’t have one.

A. aB. an C. the D./

12. — Have you seen ______ pen? I left it here this morning.

— Is it ______ black one? I think I saw it somewhere.

A. a; an B. a; a C. the; the D. /; an

13. I am reading _______ novel. It is _______ interesting story.

A. a; an B. a;a C. the; the D./; an

14. If you don’t mind, pass me _______ apple, please.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

15. There’s _______ “h” in the word hour.

A. a B. the C. an D. /

16. No hurry. There’s _______ time left.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

17. ______ India and China are of _______ same continent.

A. /; the B. The; the C. /;/ D. /; a

18. I think study is _______ important work.



A. a B. an C. / D. the

19. It takes us nearly _______ hour to go to Korla by _______ air.

A. an; a B. a; an C. an; / D. a; the

20. The text is very easy for you. There are _______ new words in it.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little


一.1-5 AABDB 6-10 DACCA 11-15 ACACB 16-18 SCA

二. 1. 去掉a 2. 去掉 the 3. 去掉a 4. A-The 5. first 前加the 6. hundreds of ?C hundred 7. 去掉 the 8. is ?Care 9. a- some 10. a ?Csome 11. windows 前加the 12. A- The 13. a-an 14. 去掉 the 15. twenty-twenties 三.1. an 2. an,/ 3. a, the 4. The, the, a 5. the, a, a 6. the, / 7. /, / 8. /,the, /

四.1-5 CAAAC 6-10 DDBDD 11-15 ABABC 16-20 CACCC

初中英语语法专项练习六——动词(语态时态) 1.I will tell him as soon as he _____ back A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

2. Mary _____ on shoes when she ____ them. A. tries…buys B. tries… buies C. trys… buys D. trys… buies

3. The girl often ______ cold when she ______.

A. cathcs…dances B. catches… dances C. catchs…dancees D. catches… dancee

4. _____ he ____ himself there? No, I don't think so. A. Do…enjoy B. Does… enjoies C. Does… enjoys

D. Does…enjoy

5. _____ your teacher ____ from them very often? Certainly. A. Do…hear B. Does…hear C. Do… receive D. receive

6. _____ your mother _____ some cleaning on Sundays? A. Does…does B. Do…does C. Does…do D. Do… do 7. _____ Tom _____to work hard to help his family ? Yes, he _____. A. Has… x…does B. Has…x…does C. Does…has…has D. Does… have…does

8. Which teacher _____ lessons to you every day ? A. does …gives B. does… give C. do… give D. gives

9. Smith does not go fishing on weekdays, ____? _____ , he does. A. does he…No B. does he…Yes C. doesn't he…No D. doesn't he…Yes

10.Mr Black often _____ fishing on Sundays, _____ he ? A. goes…doesn't B. goes…isn't C. doesn't go…does

D. doesn't go…is

11.He usually _____ TV on Sunday evening. A. watch B. watches C. watching D. is watching

12. We'll go to play with snow if it ______ tomorrow. A. snow B. snows C. will snow D. snowed

13. Neither I nor he ______ French. A. speak B. doesn't speak C. speaks D. doesn't speak

14. Nobody ______ how to run this machines. A . know B. have known C. knows D. is knowing

15. The Young Pioneer _____ water for the old man every day. A. carry B. bring C. takes D. carries

16. Some are ______ in the river and some are ______ games. A. swimming… playing B. swimming…plaiing

C. swimming… I playing D. swimming…plaing

17. Look ! The boy students are _____ football while the girls are _____ . A. playing… dance B. playing… dancing C. play… dancing D. play… dance

18. He _____ to do his lessons at eight every evening. A. is beginning B. is beginning C. begin D. begins 19


19. _____ he _____ on well with his friends this term ? A. Does…gets B. Does…get C. Is…getting D. Is…geting

20. Mr Smith _____ short stories, but he ____ a TV play these days. A. is writing…is writing B. is writing… writes C. writes… is writing D. writes… writes

参考答案:1—5 BABDB 6—10 CDDBA 11—15 BBCCD 16—20 CBDCC

21. I _____ to the cinema. I ______ there every Sunday. A. go…go B. am going… go C. go… am going D. am going…am going

22. Look, they______ a good time, ____ they ? A. have…do B. have…don't C. are having…are D. are having… aren't

23. You ______ about the future now, ______ you ? A. don't think…don't B. aren't thinking… aren't C. don't think… do D. aren't thinking… are

24. She always ______ something whenever she ______. A .studied…played B. studied…plaied C.. studied…plaied D. studied… played

25. He often _____ late in the forest. It _____ me very much., A. stayed…worried B. staied… worried C. stayed…worryed D. staied… worried

26. I ______that the boy _____ with no tears in his eyes. A. noticed… cryed B. noticed… cried C. noticed…cried D. noticed… cryed

27. We _____the floor and _____ all the windows. A. mopped… cleanned B. moped… cleaned C. mopped…cleaned

D. moped… cleaned

28. When I _____ the Children's Palace, the children _____ with joy. A. visited… jumpped B. visited… jumped C. visited… jumped D. visited… jumpped

29. ______ a sports meet last Sunday ? Yes , they ______. A. Did they have… did B. Did they have… had C. Had they… had D. Had they… did

30. ____ you _____out for a walk after supper ? Yes, I ______. A. Did…went…went B. Did… go… went C. Did… went… did D. Did… go… did

31. _____ Jack _____ on with his work or ______ to have a rest? A. Did… went… stopped B. Did… go… stop C. Did… went… stop D. Did… go… stopped

32. You gave them a talk two days ago, _____you ? Yes, I ______. A. did… did B. did… gave C. didn't… did D. didn't… gave

33. ____ your brother _____ a letter to ? My father. A. Who… wrote B. What…wrote C. Who did…write D. What did… write

34. They _____ about the TV news then in the sitting-room. They often ____ such talks A. talked…had B. talk…have C. were talking…had D. are talking…have

35. He ______ some cooking at that time, so _____ me. A. did… heard B. did… didn't hear C. was doing… heard D. was doing… didn't hear

36. " _____ you angry then?" "They_ too much noise.” A. Are…were making B. Were…were making C. Are…made

D. Were… made



37. This time yesterday Jack _____ his, bike. He _____ TV. A. repaired… didn't watch B. was repairing… watched C. repaired… watched D. was repairing… wasn't watching

38. We _____ for Tom at ten last Sunday. He often kept us ______. A. were waiting… waiting B. were waiting… wait C. waited… waiting D. waited… wait

39. When you _____ at the door, I _____ some washing. A. knocked… did B. was knocking… did C. knocked… was doing D. knock… am doing

40. The boy_____ English on the radio when I _____ his door. A. learned… was opening B. was learning… opened C. learned… opened D. is learning… open

21-25 BDDDA 26—30 BCBAD 31—35 BCCCD 36—40 BDACB

41. When they______ through the forest, a bear _____ at them. A. walked… was coming B. were walking… came C. were talking… comes D. walk… is coming

42. A young man _____ her while she _____ her work . A. watched… was finishing B. was watching… finished C. watched… finished D. was watching… was finishing

43. While mother _____ some washing, I ______ a kite for Kack. A. did… made B. was doing… made C. was doing… was making D. did… was making

44. I _____ myself French from 7 to 9 yesterday morning. I _____ to work. A. was teaching… didn't go B. taught… didn't go C. was teaching… went D. taught… went

45. He _____ a model plane when I came to see him. A. makes B. is making C. was making D. made

46. I ______ a letter at nine last night. A. is writing B. was writing C. wrote D. is writing

47. The teacher_____ (give) us a history lesson when Tom walked into the classroom. A. gave B. is giving

C. was given D. was giving

48. There will be a football match in two days, that is _______. A. last Sunday B. next Sunday C. every Sunday D. this Sunday

49. We ______ class meeting this November. A. had B. have C. will have D. are having

50. He ______ in his garden every morning next year. A. will work B. works C. worked D. is working

51. Be careful. The train ______. A. will come B. C. comes D. is coming

52. Look at those clouds. It _____ soon, I'm afraid. A. is going to rain B. is raining C. will rain D. won't rain

53. The radio says it ______ the day after tomorrow. A. is going to snow B. is snowing C. will snow D. snows

54. _____ he _____ some shopping tomorrow afternoon ? A. Will…does B. is going to do C. is…doing D. Shall… do

55. What day _____ it ______ tomorrow ? Wednesday. A. is… going to be B. will…be C. shall…be D. does…be 56. The boy _______ sixteen years old next year. A. is going to be B. is growing to be C. will be D. is 21


57. _____ you ____ me up at six, please ? A. Are…going to wake B. Are…waking C. Will…wake D. Do…wake

58. If he ______ to college, he _____ a lot more. A. will go…will learn B. will go…is going to learn

C. is going… is going to learn D. goes… will learn

59. When she _____ next time ,l ______ her everything. A. is going to come…shall tell B. will come…shall tell C. comes…will tell D. come…will tell

60. What day ____ it ____ tomorrow ? It ____Tuesday. A. is…going to be… is B. will…be…will C. is…going to be…is going D. will be…will be

参考答案:41-45 BDCAC 46—50 BDDCA 51—55 DACBB 56—60 CCDCD

61. She _____that she _____ her best to help them the next term. A. says…will do B. said…will do C. said… would do D. says…would do

62. People _____ that the Smiths _____ for a holiday next week. A. say… will go B. said… will go C. said… would go D. say…would go

63. Nobody _____ us that he _____ even stricter with us A. tell…will be B. tells…would be C. told…will be D. told…would be

64. Please _____ him that we _____ able to help him. A. tell…will be B. tells… would be C. told…will be D. told… would be

65. Jack _____ that they _____ surprised to see it this Friday. A. know… would be B. knows… will be C. knew… would be D. knew… will be

66. I _____to know if Mary_____ by train that afternoon. A. want… would go B. want… will go C. wanted… would go D. wanted… will go

67. _____ he _____ that they _____ home tomorrow? A. Does… learn… would go B. Does… learn… will go

C. Did… learn… would go D. Did… learn… will go

68. We _____ that they _____ a sports meet tomorrow. A. learn… would have B. have learned… would have

C. learn… will have D. have learned… will have

69. ____ you _____ that he _____ his lost son one day ? A. Do…think…will find B. Do…thought…would find

C. Did…think…will find D. Did…thought…would find

70. I _____ that you _____ good care of her that day. A. thought…will take B. thought…would take C. think… will take B. think… would take

71. The visitors _____ where they _____ a short test. A. ask… would take B. ask… will take C. asked… would take D. asked… can take

72. John ____ sure that he ____ good at chemistry soon. A. be… will be B. is, would be C. was… will be

D. was… would be

73. She ____ ill so she ____ able to go skating the next day. A. is… won't be B. is… wouldn't be C. was… won' be D. was… wouldn't be

74. He _____ the thief to the police when he _____ the man again. A. would take… would meet B. would take…met C. will take… will meet D. will take… meet



75. Mother ____ me a new coat yesterday, I _____ it on. It fits me well. A. has made…have tried B. made…have tried C. has made…tried D. made…tried

76. " He ____ to draw horses already ."" When ____he ?”. " Last year. " A. learned…has B. learned…did

C. has learned…has D. has learned…did

77. Tom ____ up into the tree. Look, he _____ high up there ! A. has got… is B. has climbed… was C. got… was D. climbed… is

78. _____you _____ the text yet ? Yes, we _____ it two hours ago. A. Did…copy…did B. Have… copied…have

C. Have… copied… did D. Did …copy…had

79. "Why she angry?" "Because he _____ at he just now. A. did… get, shouted B. has…got…shouted C. did… get… has shouted D. has…got…has shouted

80. _____ you ______ the film before ? Where ____ you _____ it ? A. Have… seen… did… see B. Did…see…die…watch C. Have…seen… have… seen D. Did…see…have…seen

参考答案:61-65 CADAB 66—70 CBDAB 71—75 CDDBB 76—80 DACBA

81. You _____ me waiting for two hours. I _____ for you since five. A. Kept…waited B. have kept…waited

C. kept…have waited D. have kept…have waited

82. Where _____John _____? To the library. He _____ there for an hour. A. has… been … has gone B. has…gone…has been C. did… go… went D. did…be…went

83. _____ the baby still _____ ? No, it ______ crying. A. Has… cried… has stopped B. Is…crying…stopped

C. Did… cry… stopped D. Is…crying…has stopped

84. I _____ the way. I ______ here for quite many years. A. knew… have lived B. knew… live C. know… have lived D. know… live

85. _____ you ever _____America ? Yes, I have. A. Have… gone to B. Have… gone in C. Have… been to D. Have… been in

86. My brother _______ college for over three years. A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has been for 87. He _____ the Army by the end of 1992. He ____ in the army since then. A. joined…is B. has joined…has been C. had joined…is D. has joined… has been

88. By the time I _____ back they ____ up ten metres. A. came…have climbed B. came…had climbed C. come…have climbed D. had come…climbed

89. Jack ____ over five lessons by seven o'clock. Then he____ a test. A. went…took B. went…had taken C. had gone…took D. had gone…had taken

90. We _____ out by that time that he ____ a thief for a long time. A. had found…had been B. had found…was

C. found…had been D. found…was

91. Before the new _____ him, he ____ to know about it. A. reaches… has got B. reached…had got C. reached… got D. had reached…got

92. I _____ him a second letter before I _____ from him. A. wrote… heard B. wrote… had heard C. had written… heard D. have written… hear



93. We _____ in a good harvest because we ______ enough rain. A. didn't get… had had B. got… had had

C. had got… had bad D. got… hadn't had

94. They ____for five hours when they ____ in New York. A. flew…arrived B. had flown…had arrived C. flew…had arrived D. had flown…arrived

95. She ____ that ____ it for two days by that day. A. says…has rained B. says…had rained C. said… had rained D. said…rained

96. John _____ there since the year before, so he ____ them. A. had worked…knew B. had worked….had known C. worked…knew D. worked…had known'

97. He _____ angry because he _____ for a long time. A. had got…had waited B. got…waited C. had got…waited

D. got…had waited

98. Paper _____ first invented in China. A. is B. are C. was D. were

99. The Greens _____ China for five years. A. has been in B. have been in C. went to D. has gone to 100.There _____ an eraser under the desk. Is it yours ? A. is B. has C. was D. had 参考答案:81-85 DBDCC 86—90 DDBCA 91—95 BCBDC 96-100 ADCBA


1. This company was the first ____ portable radios as well as cassette tape recorders in the world.>>

A. producingB. to produceC. having producedD. produced >>

2. The purpose of new technology is to make life easier, ____it more difficult.>>

A .not makingB. not make C .not to make D. nor to make >>

3. Helen had to shout ______above the sound of the music .>>

A .making herself hearB. to make herself hear>>

C. making herself heardD .to make herself heard >>

4. I don’t know whether you happen_______ ,but I am going to study in the U.S.A this September.>>

A .to be heard. B. to be bearingC .to hearD .to have heard >>

5. The news reporters hurried to the airport, only ______the film stars had left.>>

A .to tellB .to be toldC .tellingD .told >>

6. You were silly not _______your car.>>

A. to lockB. to have locked C. locking D. having locked >>

7. The teacher asked us ______so much noise.>>

A .don’t make B. not make C. not making D .not to make>>

8. An army spokesman stressed that all the soldiers had been ordered _____clear warnings before firing any shots.>>

A .to issue B. being issuedC. to have issued D. to be issued>>

9. I’d rather have a room of my own, however small it is, than_______ a room with someone else.>>

A. to shareB. to have shared C. share D. sharing>>

10. The bank is reported in the local newspaper_________ in broad daylight yesterday.>>

A. robbed B. to have been robbed>>



C. being robbedD. having been robbed>>

11. A number of paintings in the castle are believed ________in a fire.>>

A. being destroyed B. having been destroyed

C. to be destroyed D. to have been destroyed

12. The meeting _______ next week is sure to be a great success.>>

A. to take place B. to be taken place >>

C. to have taken place D. being taken place>>

13. As a result of my laziness, I failed ________ my work in time.>>

A. and finished B. to finishC. and finishing D. to finished>>

14. I am sorry ______ written you a letter at the time.>>

A. to have not B. to not have C. not to have D. not having >>

15. Will you lend him a magazine _________?>>

A. to be readB. for readingC. to readD. he read>>

16. He could do nothing but _______for the bus _________.>>

A. wait, to come B. wait; come C. waiting; coming D. waited; came>>

17 .It is a problem that doesn't need ________ right now.>>

A. to solve B. solving C. being solved D. to be solving>>

18. There’s a man at the reception desk who seems very angry and I think he means _______ trouble.>>

A. makingB. to makeC. to have madeD. having made>>

19. I remember _______him _______the bike needed __________.>>

A. hearing, saying, to repairB. to hear, say, to repair>>

C. hearing, say, repairing D. to hear, saying, to be repaired>>

20. --- You should have thanked her before you left.>>

--- I meant _________, but when I was leaving I couldn’t find her anywhere.>>

A. to doB. toC. doing D. doing so>>

21. Robert is said to __________ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in.>>

A. to have studiedB. to studyB. to be studying D. to have been studying>>

22. I’m gong to lace w:st="on">Xi’anlace> next week. Have you anything __________ to your parents?>>

A. to takeB. to be takenC. to be bought toD. to buy>>

23. when are they __________ in their plan?>>

A. handB. handed C. to hand D. give>>

24. In such dry weather, the flowers will have to be watered if they _____________.>>

A. have survived B. are to survive C. would survived D. will survive>>

25. When we hurried to the station, there happened ________ no bus at that time.>>

A. to have B. to be C. having D. being >>

26. I lost my way in complete darkness and, _________ matters worse, it began to rain.>>

A. made B. having made C. making D. to make>>

27. At ________ time does the salesgirl get up late in the morning, though she is always too busy _________ a good rest.>>



A. no, to take B. no, taking C. any, to take D. one, taking>>

28. --Are you a student?>>

--No, but I used _________.>>

A. to be B. to was C. to do D. to be a>>

29. I stopped to listen, and my son seemed _________ himself _________ in the living room.>>

A. to enjoy, to shut B. to be enjoying, shutting >>

C. to be enjoying, shut D. to have enjoyed, having shut>>

30. With a lot of difficult problems _________, the newly-elected president is having a hard time.>>

A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled>>

31. We’re leaving at six o’clock, and hope _________ most of the journey by lunch time.>>

A. to do B. to have done C. to make D. to have made>>

32. The study of the wild world may help to make the world easier _________.>>

A. understood B. to be understood C. to understand D. understand>>

33. Who will you get __________ the project for us?>>

A. design B. to design C. designed D. designing>>

34. It is said in lace w:st="on">Australialace> there is more land than the government know __________.>>

A. it what to do with B. what to do it with>>

C. what to do with it D. to do what with it>>

35. We are not allowed __________ outdoors with some other children.>>

A. playing B. to be playing C. to play D. be playing>>

36. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was _________ to carry all the way home.>>

A. much too heavy B. too much heavy >>

C. heavy too much D. too heavy much>>

37. She feels so strongly that each of us should have a role __________in making the earth a better place to live in.>>

A. to have played B. to play C. to be played D. to be playing>>

38. When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person _________.>>

A. to send B. for sending it C. to send it to D. for sending it to>>

39. Do let your mother know all the truth, she appears _________ everything.>>

A. to tell B. to be told C. to be telling D. to have been told>>

40. There are five pairs ___________, but I’m at a loss which to buy.>>

A. to be chosen B. to choose from C. to choose D. for choosing>>

41. The problem is _________ difficult for us __________.>>

A. so; work out B. very too; to be worked out >>

C. rather too, to work out D. quite too, to work it out>>

42. ---Where should I _________ my application?>>

---The personnel office is the place __________.>>

A. send; to send it B. send for; to send it to >>

C. send for; for sending it D. send; to send it to>>



43. I’ve worked with children before, so I know what ___________ in my new job.>>

A. expected B. to expect C. expects D. to be expecting>>

44. I feel it is your husband who ___________ for the spoiled child.>>

A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame>>

45. Can you imagine the questions I had __________ our teacher?>>

A. asked B. to ask C. asking D. ask>>

46. Who did you _________ the wall yesterday?>>

A. have painted B. have paint C. have to paint D. have painting>>

47. ---What’s the matter with John?>>

---He didn’t pass the test but he still ___________.>>

A. hopes so B. hopes to C. hope it D. hope that>>

48. Much attention should be paid ____________ people’s living conditions.>>

A. in improving B. to improve C. improving D. to improving>>

49. ___________ that evening was due to his ill health.>>

A. He failed to come B. That he failed to coming >>

C. His failure to come D. His failure in coming>>

50. I would love _______ to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a report.>>

A. to go B. to have gone C. going D. having gone>>

51. My family considers ________ a computer, which is considered ________ a great help in our work and study.>>

A. to buy; to be B. buying; being C. to buy; being D. buying; to be>>

52. With the plane _________ in ten minutes, all the passengers on board were asked to turn off their mobile phones.>>

A. taken off B. taking off C. to take off D. would take off>>

53. Thank you for all the trouble you’ve taken _________ me.>>

A. to help B. with to help C. in helping D. of helping>>

54. He is believed ________ the college exam, for he is now studying very hard now.>>

A. to pass B. to have passed C. pass D. that he can pass>>

55.--- Will you have anybody _________ the flowers?>>

---- Yes, I’ll have the flowers _________.>>

A. plant, planted B. to plant, planted >>

C. plant; to be planted D. to plant , plant>>

56. They are looking forward with hope________ from you soon.>>

A. to hearing B. of hearing C. hearing D. to hear>>

57. Busy translating a book, he couldn’t help _________ the article.>>

A. write B. writing C. wrote D. written>>

58. Zhou Lan doesn’t have to be made__________. She always studies very hard.>>

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned>>

59. ________this cake, you’ll need 2 eggs, 175 g sugar, and 175 g flour.>>



A. Having made, B, Make C. To make D. Making>>

60. I feel it an honour _________ to speak here.>>

A. to be asked B. to ask C. having asked D. asked>> 1---10 BCDDB BDACB 11---20 DABCC ABBCB 21---30 ABCBB DAACC 31-40 BCBCC ABCDB 41—50CDBAB BBDCB 51—60 DCAAA AABCA



( ) 1 He speaks English___his aunt.

A. as good as B. as well as C. as better as D. as best as

( ) 2. Which do you like_____, skating, swimming or fishing?

A. more B. most C. better D. best

( ) 3 Who sings___, Rose or Kate?

A. well B. good C. better D. best

( ) 4 She writes____than I.

A. more careful B. much careful

C. much more carefully D. much carefully

( ) 5 The night was very ___, so he had to take off his shoes ___.

A. quiet; quietly B. quite; quickly C. late; quick D. quite; quietly

( ) 6 How ___ the girls are playing!

A. happy B. happier C. happy ly D. happily


( ) 1 ____ he drops in ___ his friends after supper.

A. Some times; for B. Sometimes; on C. Often; for D. Seldom; on

( ) 2 In Britain tea ___ with milk or sugar in it.

A. usually drinks B. is usually drunk

C. usually is drunk D. drank usually

( ) 3 He____ to school to clean his classroom.

A. always comes early B. comes always early

C. always early comes D. come always earlier


( ) 1 Better___than never.

A. late B. the later C. later D. the late

( ) 2 We have been to the China Folk Culture Villages ____.

A. lately B. late C. latest D. last

( ) 3 I got up____today.

A. later B. more lately C. lately D. late


( ) 1 Today Tom goes to school earlier than___.

A. as usual B. usual C. usually D. ago

( ) 2 Today we do our homework at home ___.

A. than usual B. often C. usually D. as usual

( ) 3 Alice___goes to school at seven.

A. usual B. usually C. hard D. a little


( ) 1 It was___ bad weather that we all had to stay inside.

A. very B. so C. rather D. such

( ) 2 He is___ kind an old man that all the children like him.

A. very B. so C. rather D. such

( ) 3 He, our headmaster was___ pleased with our work.

A. fairly B. even C. much D. great

( ) 4 There was a heavy snow last night. This morning is____ outside.

A. too rather cold B. rather too cold C. such cold D. fairly cold 6



( ) 1 We won't go to the cinema next Saturday. They won't____.

A. too B. also C. neither D. either

( ) 2 She likes reading and___.

A. so I do B. I do so C. I like so D. so do I

( ) 3 -I won't go to the Great Wall tomorrow.

-I won't, ___.

A. neither B. either C. too D. also

( ) 4 He likes to do some reading in the morning, I like it, ___.

A. too B. either C. neither D. also

( ) 5 He didn't know her address, ____ did I.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither


( ) 1 I have never seen ___ big pears.

A. such B. very C. so D. rather

( ) 2 He is ___ tired that he can't go any farther.

A. so B. such -C. very D. too

( ) 3 That maths problem is ___ difficult ___ nobody can work it out.

A. too; to B. very; that C. so; that D. very; but

( ) 4 He is , teacher that all of us like him.

A. such good a B. a so good C. so good a D. a such good

( ) 5 Jack doesn't work ____ Tom.

A. as so good B. so good as C. so hard as D. so harder as


( ) 1 I did my homework hours _____.

A. before B. later C. ago D. late

( ) 2 I saw the film two days ___.

A. ago B. before C. after D. late

( )3 I seem to have met you___.

A. before B. ago C. yet D. some time


( )1 He got back____at four.

A. to home B. at home C. his home D. home

( ) 2 Come____ quickly. I have something interesting to tell you.

A. to here B. up to here C. here D. into here

( ) 3 These two young men stood ___ watching the train moving away.

A. by there B. from there C. there D. to there


( ) 1 Mother said, "Tom, you're seventeen, ____a child. "

A. no again B. not longer C. not more D. no longer

( ) 2 "Don't do that___. " the teacher said to Tom.

A. no more B. no longer C. any more D. some more

( ) 3 I don't want to talk with you____.

A. yesterday B. no longer C. any longer D. some longer

( ) 4 They have moved away from Beijing. They don't live there____.

A. any longer B. once more C. either D. again


( ) 1 My aunt will come back from Beijing ____.

A. before long B. long before C. after long D. long after

( ) 2 She read the book___. And I'll read it___.

A. long before; long before B. before long; before long

C. before long; long before D. long before; before long


( ) 1 When you do eye-exercise, you must keep your eyes____.

A. close B. closes C. closing D. closed

( ) 2 It's a windy day. You'd better____ the windows.

A. close B. closed C. closing D. to close



( ) 3 Bruce often ___ his left hand ___.

A. keep; close B. keeps; closed

C. keep; closed D. keeps; close

( ) 4 It is very hot. Please keep the door .

A. open B. opening C. opens D. opened


( ) 1 The boat is left ___ by the bank of the river.

A. along B. alone C. long D. lonely

( ) 2 He has a rest___ at home, watching TV.

A. alone B. one C. along D. lonely

( ) 3 They went out for a walk___ the lake.

A. alone B. along C. lonely D. at

( ) 4 The wall is two metres____.

A. highly B. widely C. long D. along

( ) 5 There is a___ island. On it there are many wild beautiful flowers.

A. lonely B. along C. / D. alone


( ) 1 The city is___ than the town away from the river.

A. far B. farther C. so far D. much far

( ) 2 Do you need ___ explanation to the question?

A. more far B. any further C. farther D. any far

( ) 3 I am so tired that I can't walk____.

A. much far B. any farther C. even far D. very further

1. 1-6 B D C C A D

2. 1-3 B B A

3. 1-3 A A D

4. 1-3 B D B

5. 1-4 D B A B

6. 1-5 D D B A D

7. 1-5 A A C C C

8. 1-3 C A A

9. 1-3 D C C

10. 1-4 D C C A

11. 1-2 A D

12. 1-4 D A B A

13. 1-5 B A B C A

14. 1-3 B B B



1.Mrs. Brown came to China ____ 1996.

A.from B.of C.to D.in

2.The room was full ____ smoke after the big fire.

A.of B.with C.in D.for

3.Here are some presents ____ you ____ our best wishes.

A.to; with B.for; with C.of; about D.for; for

4.Both Mr Green and Mrs Green were born ____ June, 1956.

A.in B.at C.on D.for

5.The little boy is always interested ____ science.

A.with B.by C.in D.at

6.Li Lei often gets up ____ seven o'clock on Sundays.

A.on B.in C.at D.for

7.They arrived early ____ a Tuesday morning.

A.on B.at C.in D.of

8.Macao(澳门)will return to our motherland ____ December 20th, 1999.

A.on B.at C.in D.for



9.----When were you born? ----I was born ____ August 25, 1983.

A.on B.in C.at D.to

10.Let me show you the place ____ the map.

A.with B.on C.in

11.John knows ____ a computer.

A.how to use B.how use C.how uses

12.The visitors ____ Japan arrived ____ Beijing Station last Tuesday morning.

A.from; at B.of; to C.from; to D.of; on

13.The teacher will be back ____ an hour.

A.in B.after C.on

14.This programme was sent to the USA ____ China ____ satellite.

A.in; of B.of; in C.from; by D.by; from

15.It's cold outside. Please your warm clothes.

A. put in B. take off C. put on D. put up

16.He got many gifts his birthday his friends.

A. on, from B. in, of C. at, to D. from, for

17.The classroom is quite different that one.

A. of B. from C. with D. like

18.Look, you'll see a bridge the river.

A. on B. above C. over D. in

19.–Your coat looks nice, Is It cotton? -Yes. It's Shanghai.

A. made of, made by B. made of, made in

C. made for, made in D. made from made by

20.Tow may fall the others because he has missed so many lessons.

A. after B. behind C. later D. out of


1.What's wrong ____ your watch?

2.One ____ the students is in the classroom.

3.I think the shop is closed ____ this time of day.

4.My father teaches English ____ a school.

5.We have lunch ____ the middle of the day.

6.You can buy some school things ____ your way home.

7.I was born ____ July 1, 1982.

8.May I borrow a pencil ____ you?

9.Don't sleep ____ the open air.

10.I often help my mother ____ _ the housework.

11.It's time ____ school.

12.I have quite a lot ____ homework to do.

13.What's the time? It's half ____ seven.

14.Ducks are good ____ swimming.

15.What are you talking ____ ?

16.He is sitting ____ the front of the car.

17.The eraser was passed ____ one student ____ another.

18.Did you live ____ Beijing in 1997?

19.When did you arrive ____ the village?

20.I think Mary is ____ duty today.

21.Eating too much isn't good ____ your health.

22.I'm afraid he is ____ the cinema ____ the moment.

23.Thanks ____ asking me to your party.

24.My watch is very different ____ yours.

25.What's the weather ____ today?

26.The student is asking his teacher ____ the sports meeting.

27.The farmers are all getting ready ____ the next year.

28.The radio says the wind will stop later ____ the day.

29.Let's go out ____ a walk, shall we?

30.Tom, your mother is waiting ____ you.



31.We have noodles for lunch for lunch ____ times.

32.Harerbin is ____ the north of China.

33.The day ____ tomorrow will be windy.

34.Don't worry ____ your test.

35.I don't know which is the way ____ the park.

36.An old woman is ____ the side of the road.

37.____ the end of the road you'll see the hospital

38.He left Tokyo ____ a visit ____ Beijing.

39.Don't laugh ____ other people's mistakes.

40.He did this instead ____ me.

41.The people here are very friendly ____ us.

42.Does he learn English ____ himself?

43.I felt a little afraid ____ my teacher.

44.I'm afraid he'll fall ____ the bike.

45.Help yourselves ____ some fish, Lily and Lucy.

46.____ these words he left the classroom.

47.It was a pleasure ____ me.

48.I'm sorry I'm late ____ the meeting.

49.Study hard, or you won't catch up ____ your classmates.

50.Not far ____ him was Lin Tao.Lin Tao ran fast, too.

51.Mr Wu is going to tell us the result ____ once.

52.He goes to school early ____ usual.

53.It's another way ____ saying fast.

54.I'm sorry he doesn't agree ____ me.

55.He prefers playing football ____ playing basketball.

56.What do you mean ____ baozhi?

57.Don't play ____ fire.It's dangerous.

58.He didn't go ____ bed until twelve o'clock.

59.My teacher was angry ____ me.

60.Someone is knocking ____ the door.

61.Have you heard ____ Jim yet?

62.If you break the window, you'll have to pay ____ it.

63.I'm sorry.I won't talk to others in class ____ now on.

64.What have you done ____ the milk?

65.The students walked ____ the gates with Uncle Wang.

66.Are you ____ trouble, Jim?

67.My mother is ill.I have to send ____ the doctor.

68.The doctor operated ____ my mother at once.

69.The glass is full ____ milk.

70.I saw him ____ the crowd.

71.There are a group of sheep ____ the foot of the hill.

72.We are twins.People often mistake us ____ each other.

73.The knife is made ____ metal and wood.

74.Ships can travel ____ the world.

75.He watched me ____ surprise.

76.Choose my subject.Something about English, ____ example.

77.Tie the horse ____ the tree.

78.Nothing can stop us ____ studying hard.

79.____ Mr Wang's help, I have passed the exam.

80.Please cut the metal ____ some pieces.

81.I feel ____ going for a walk.

82.We can finish the work ____ a week.

83.Are you interested ____ the film Titanic?

84.Hundreds ____ years ago, there was a village here.

85.What ____ earth can you see?

86.When did you join us ____ the game?






2.A.full of是一个短语,意为“充满??”



5.C.be/get/become interested in 对??感兴趣





10.B.注意:on the map,on the paper,in the newspaper,in the book,这些短语中用不同的介词




14.C.from表示“从??”,by satellite通过卫星

15.从句意理解,意为穿上暖和的衣服,应选 C

16.具体某一天用介词 on,从朋友处得到礼物用from,故应选A

17.be different from为固定搭配,应选B


19.衣服看出原料用 be made of,在哪里制造用be made in,故应选B

20.意为他可能落后于其他人,落后为 fall behind,应选B

1.with.What’s wrong with sb./sth.?某人/某物怎么啦?

2.of.one of? ??之一此句的主语是one,of短语作定语

3.at.at this time of day 在一天当中的这个时候

4.at.at a(the)school在学校;at school在校读书

5.in.in the middle of 在??(时间、地点的)中间

6.on.on one's way(home)在某人(回家)的路上,way后面常接“to+名词短语”,表示??在去??的路上,因此句中的home是副词,故其前不加to


8.from.borrow?from从(某人或某处)借(入)某物比较 lend sth.to sb.把某物借(出)给某人

9.in.in the open air“在野外/露天”,也可说成 in the open

10.with.help sb.with.sth.帮助某人做某事

11.for.注意 time的两种句型:It’s time for?(名词) It’stime to do sth.两个短语的意思都是:“该做某事了”或“做某事的时间到了”

12.of.a lot of “许多”该短语既可修饰可数名词,也可修饰不可数名词此短语也可说成 lost of(多用于书面语)


14.at.be good at擅长??

15.about.talk about 谈论,talk to 和??交谈

16.in.in the front of??(物体内部)的前面比较 in front of 在??(物体外部)的前面

17.from;to.from one to another从一个到另一个



20.on.on duty值班、值日

21.for,be good/bad for表示客观事物对某人如何,所以其它主语多为something或动名词be good/kind/friendly/bad to 多指某人对某人如何,其主语多为somebody

22.at; at.at the cinema 在电影院,at the moment 此刻、现在

23.for.Thanks(Thank you)for(doing)sth.谢谢你(做某事)

24.from.different from?与?不同


26.to.ask sb.to sth.邀请某人参加某项活动

27.for.get ready for为??准备



28.in.in the day在白天,也中说成 in the daytime

29.for.go out for a walk出去散步

30.for.wait for等待

31.at.at times有时,间或

32.in.in the north of 在??(内部的)北部

33.after.the day after tomorrow后天

34.about.worry about为??担心

35.to.50.at 51.Atat the end在??的末端,末尾

36.for;to.for a visit中的for表目的;a visit to?表“参观

37.at.laugh at嘲笑

38.of.instead of代替

39.to.56.by oneself由自己

40.of.feel afraid of感到害怕??,be afraid of害怕??

41.off.fall off从??上摔下来

42.to.help oneself to sth.随便吃/用/拿某物

43.With.With these words说完这些话


45.for.be late for(做某事)迟到了

46.with.catch up with 赶上

47.behind.表示Lin Tao在he的后面此处用behind强调前后位置far后面还可接介词from,表示“远离”

48.at.at once立即

49.as.as usual象往常一样

50.of.way of doing sth.做某事的方法way后面还可接to不定式做定语

51.with.agree with同意某人的看法


53.by.What do you mean by??你(那么)说是什么意思?

54.with.play with 玩弄??


56.with.be angry with 生某人的气

57.at.knock at(on)敲

58.from.hear from收到某人的来信

59.for.pay for付??的钱此处作“赔偿”讲

60.from.from now on从今往后

61.with.do with处理、对付


63.in.in trouble陷入困境

64.for.send for派人去请

65.on.operate on给??做手术


67.among.among the crowd在人群中

68.at.at the foot of在??脚下


70.of.be made of由??制成(看得见原材料)比较 be madefrom 由??制成(看不见原材料)

71.around.around the world全世界


73.for.for example“例如”可置于句首、句中或句尾,只举出一个例子


75.from.stop sb.from doing sth.阻止某人做某事

76.With.with one’s help在??的帮助下



77.into.cut?into pieces把??切成碎片

78.like.feel like(doing)sth.想要(做)某物(事)



81.of.hundreds of数以百计的

82.on.此处意为“到底、究竟”,用在疑问词后on earth还可指“在世界上、在人世间”

83.in.join sb.in sth.参加某人的活动


1. He can speak English_______ Chinese.

A. but B. also C. so D. and

2. Physics is not so easy, _______I like it very much.

A. but B. or C. since D. because

3. Will Tom wait for her at home ______ at the library?

A. or B. as C. so that D. both

4. She has a son _______ a daughter.

A. but B. and C. so D. or

5. I'll give her the gift ______ she arrives.

A. so B. before C. as soon as D. since

6. Tom was ____ill that we had to send for a doctor.

A. so B. very C. and D. too

7. The woman was____ angry_____ she couldn't speak anything.

A. neither?nor B. either?or C. both?and D. so?that

8. ______we got home it was very late.

A. When B. While C. Because D. As

9. We heard clearly_____ she said.

A. what B. which C. before D. because

10. I can't sleep well at night, ______I often feel very tired in the day.

A. so B. because C. and D. or

11. When you're learning a foreign language, use it, ______ you will lose it.

A. but B. or C. then D. and

12. --- Can you play football?

--- Yes, I can, ______ I can't play it very well.

A. or B. and C. but D. so

13. Study hard, ______ you will fall behind.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

14. My favorite is action movie ______ I think it's exciting.

A. and B. because C. but D. so

15. The boy is very smart, ______ many of his classmates like him.

A. but B. so C. or D. for

16. He has never heard______ seen such a thing before.

A. nor B. and C. or D. since

17. _________ John _______I are policemen.

A. Neither ... nor B. Either ... or C. Both ... and D. Not only... but also

18. Mr Smith teaches ______well ______ his lessons are not easily forgotten.

A. very ... that B. quite ... but C. so ... as D. so ... that

19. He didn't go to sleep ______he finished his homework.

A. till B. before C. after D. until



20. I didn't buy the dictionary yesterday ________ my aunt would give me one.

A. until B. because C. if D. before

21. The runner fell _______ he quickly got up and went on running.

A. or B. and C. but D. down

22. Wait for me in the room _______ I come back.

A. until B. and C. so D. or

23. I'll return the books to the library ______ soon as possible.

A. as B. so C. just D. but

24. Go along the road, _______ you'll find the market at the end of it.

A. when B. and C. or D. though

25. You'll be late ______ you don't get up early tomorrow morning.

A. if B. when C. before D. until

26. It was late. She washed her face ______ went to bed.

A. or B. and C. so D. but

答案:1-5 DAABC 6-10 ADAAA 11—15 BCDBB

16-20 CADDB21-26 CAABAB


口诀:一者比较用原级,比较级限二者比,三者三者往上比,最高级的用法起;若甲乙程度相同,as?as结构体;若甲某方面不及乙, not so/as?as来担起;中间形、副连接要切记!

1、--our English is very good.

——But my brother learns it much______than I do.(’97山东)

A. good B.well C. better D. best

【析】在英语中,a little,a lot,much,even等词可以用来修饰形容词或副词的比较级,故本题的正确答案是C项

2.Don‘t worry. Your granny will get_______ (’98昆明)

A.well and well B.better and better

C.well and better D.good and well

【析】表示"越来越??"可以采用"比较级+比较级"或"more and


3.China is one of________ in the world.(‘98山西)

A.the oldest country B.the oldest countries

C.much older country D.much older countries

【析】在英语中,要表示"其中最??的之一",应使用"one of+形容词的最高级形式+名词的复数形式"根据题意,本题应选B项

4.The girl doesn’t run________ the boy.(‘98广州)

A. much faster as B. as faster as

C. more fast than D. so fast as



5.LiLei writes ______ of all the students in our class.

A. more carefully B. the most careful C. more careful D. most carefully

【析】在这道题中,有的学生选B,只想到了用最高级形式,而忽略了write是实义动词应用副词,也有的学生认为D的前边应该加the ,这就属于对知识的掌握不够熟练或忘了副词的最高级前边的the可加可省,所以做题一定要考虑周全,避免会的题失分答案为D.




1. Don’t talk about such things of _______ you are not sure.

A. which B. what C. as D. those

2. Is this the factory __________ you visited the other day?

A. that B. where C. in which D. the one

3. Is this factory __________ some foreign friends visited last Friday?

A. that B. where C. which D. the one

4. Is this the factory __________ he worked ten years ago?

A. that B. where C. which D. the one

5. The wolves hid themselves in the places __________ couldn’t be found.

A. that B. where C. in which D. in that

6. The freezing point is the temperature __________ water changes into ice.

A. at which B. on that C. in which D. of what

7. This book will show you __________ can be used in other contexts..

A. how you have observed B. what you have observed

C. that you have observed D. how that you have observed

8. The reason is __________ he is unable to operate the machine.

A. because B. why C. that D. whether

9. I’ll tell you __________ he told me last week.

A. all which B. that C. all that D. which

10. That tree, __________ branches are almost bare, is very old.

A. whose B. of which C. in which D. on which

11. I have bought the same dress __________ she is wearing.

A. as B. that C. which D. what

12. He failed in the examination, __________ made his father very angry.

A. which B. it C. that D. what

13. We’re talking about the piano and the pianist _______ were in the concert we attended last night.

A. which B. whom C. who D. that

14. The girl ________ an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister.

A. who is singing B. is singing C. sang D. was singing

15. Those _______ not only from books but also through practice will succeed.

A. learn B. who C. that learns D. who learn

16. Anyone ________ this opinion may speak out.

A. that against B. that against C. who is against D. who are against

17. Didn’t you see the man ________?

A. I nodded just now B. whom I nodded just now

C. I nodded to him just now D. I nodded to just now

18. Can you lend me the novel ______ the other day?

A. that you talked B. you talked about it

C. which you talked with D. you talked about

19. Is there anything _______ to you?

A. that is belonged B. that belongs

C. that belong D. which belongs

20. ---- “How do you like the book?”

---- “It’s quite different from _______ I read last month.”

A. that B. which C. the one D. the one what

21. Mr. Zhang gave the textbook to all the pupils except _______ who had already taken them.

A. the ones B. ones C. some D. the others

22. The train _______ she was travelling was late.

A. which B. where C. on which D. in that



23. He has lost the key to the drawer _______ the papers are kept.

A. where B. in which C. under which D. which

24. Antarctic _______ we know very little is covered with thick ice all the year round.

A. which B. where C. that D. about which

25. It’s the third time _______ late this month.

A. that you arrived B. when you arrived

C. that you’ve arrived D. when you’ve arrived

26. It was in 1969 _______ the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon.

A. that B. which C. when D. in which

27. May the fourth is the day ______ we Chinese people will never forget.

A. which B. when C. on which D. about which

28. We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou, _______ live my grandparents and some relatives.

A. which B. that C. who D. where

29. The hotel _______ during our holidays stands by the seaside.

A. we stayed at B. where we stayed at

C. we stayed D. in that we stayed

30. Is it in that factory _______ “Red Flag” cars are produced?

A. in which B. where C. which D. that

31. It is the Suez Canal _______ separates Asia ______ Africa.

A. which, to B. where, from

C. that, from D. that, with

32. Under the bridge, however, almost directly below, _______ was a small canoe, with a boy in it.

A. there B. where C. it D. which

33. He is not ______ a fool _______.

A. such, as he is looked B. such, as he looks

C. as, as he is looked D. so, as he looks

34. Is that the reason _______ you are in favour of the proposal?

A. which B. what C. why D. for that

35. He must be from Africa, _______ can be seen from his skin.

A. that B. as C. who D. what

36. He has two sons, _______ work as chemists.

A. two of whom B. both of whom

C. both of which D. all of whom

37. I, _______ your good friend, will try my best to help you out.

A. who is B. who am C. that is D. what is

38. He is a man of great experience, _______ much can be learned.

A. who B. that C. from which D. from whom

39. ---- Do you know the town at all?

--- No, this is the first time I ________ here.

A. was B. have been C. came D. am coming

40. I don’t like _______ you speak to her.

A. the way B. the way in that

C. the way which D. the way of which

41. The two things _______ they felt very proud are Jim’s gold watch and Della’s hair.

A. about which B. of which

C. in which D. for which

42. The dinner was the most expensive meal we ______.

A. would have B. have had

C. had never had D. had ever had



43. Do you know which hotel _______?

A. she is staying B. she is staying in

C. is she staying D. is she staying in

44. There is only one thing _______ I can do.

A. what B. that C . all D. which

45. Who can think of a situation ________ this idiom can be used?

A. which B. that C. where D. in that

46. I have many books, some of _______ are on chemistry.

A. them B. that C. whic D. those

47. They were interested _______ you told them.

A. in which B. in that

C. all that D. in everything

48. The astronaut did many experiments in the spaceship, ________ much help for knowing space.

A. which we think it is B. which we think are of

C. of which we think is D. I think which is of

49. The great day we looked forward to _______ at last.

A. come B. came C. coming D. comes

50. I like the second football match _______ was held last week.

A. which B. who C. that D. /


1—5 AADBA 6—10 ABCCA 11—15 AADAD 16—20 CDDBC 21—25 ACBDC 26—30 AADAD 31—35 CABCB 36—40 BBDBA 41—45 BDBBC 46—50 CDBBC


1. Either Jane or Steven _____ watching TV now.

A. were B. is C. was D. are

2. Two days _______enough for me to finish the work, I need a third day.

A. isn’t B. is C. are’t D. are

3. —How many lessons do you usually haver a day?

—Six lessons a day. And each of then _____45 minutes.

A. last B. lasts C. have D. are

4. Neither Liping nor I _______a basketball player.

A. am B. is C. be D. are

5. There ______ many new words in lesson one,It is very easy.

A. is B. aren’t C. isn’t D. are

6. The number of the students in our school ____1200.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

7. Maths _______ my favourite subject.

A. be B. is C. am D. are

8. The boy with the two dogs _____ when the earthquake rocked the city.

A. were sleeping B. is sleeping

C. was sleeping D. are asle

9. Every one except Tom and John _____there when the meeting began.

A. are B. is C. were D. was

10. That place is not interesting at all, ____of us wants to go there.

A. Neither B. Both C. All D. Some

11. Nobody but Jane _____ the secret.

A. know B. knows C. have know D. is



12. —What’s on the plate? some eggs and cakes on it?

—There _____some eggs and cakes on it.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

13. This pair of glasses ______mine.

A. are B. be C. is D. will be

14. Both Lily and Lucy ______ to the party yesterday.

A. invited B. was invited

C. had invited D. were invirted

15. —Two months ______quite a long time.

—Yes, I’m afraid that he will miss lots of his lessons.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

16. In the city the old _______.

A. take good care of B. are taken good care of

C. is taken good care of D. are been taken good care of

17. His family _____all very kind and friendly, His family ______a happy one.

A. are,is B. is,is C. are,are D. is,are

18. The singer and the dancer _____come to Beijing.

A. has B. have C. are D. is

19. The children in this class each _____new school bag.

A. have B. has C. has got D. are having

20. All but one _____ here just now.

A. is B. was C. has been D. were

21. If Bob's wife won't agree to go on holiday in winter, .

A.neither he will B. neither won't he

C. neither will he D. he won't neither

22. I haven't finished my homeworked yet.

A. so has he B. Neither he has C. He has too D. He hasn't either

23. “I'm going to visit the Lu Gou Bridge tomorrow.” “ .”

A. I am so B. So am I C. So go I D. So I go

24. You as well as he to blame(责备) for the accident(交通事故).

A. are B. is C. have D. has

25. Neither my wife nor I myself able to teach my daughter to sing English songs.

A. has been B. is C. are D. am


(1).B (2). A (3). B (4). A(5).B(6).A(7).B (8). C

(9). D (10). A(11).B (12).B(13).C (14). D(15).A

(16).B(17).A(18).B(19).A(20) D (21).C (22). D

(23). B (24). A(25). D



1. They are happy _______ they deserved their happiness.

2. Hurry _______ you will miss the plane.

3. I like chocolate, _______ it is bad for teeth.

4 I wanted to know the answer, _______ I went to ask him.

5. He had a drink, _______ went to bed.



Ⅱ. 选择填空:

( )1. Be careful, _________ you will fall off the bike.

A. but B. and C. so D. or

( )2. Edison said, “Never give up, _________ you'll make it.”

A. yet B. or C. and D. but

( )3. Lucy and Lily are twins. Lucy likes playing table tennis, _________ Lily doesn't.

A. or B. but C. and D. yet

( )4. Mr. Green knows little German, _________ he can't understand the instructions on the bottle of the pills.

A. but B. so C. for D. or

( )5. My aunt doesn't have much money, _________ she always enjoys himself.

A. but B. and C. or D. so

( )6. Which is nearer to us, the sun _______ the moon?

A.but B. and C. or D. so

( )7. I can’t understand this passage _______ there are no new words in it.

A. if B. because C. though D. an

( )8. The computer cost me too much, _______ it’s really useful.

A. so B. but C. and D. or

( )9. There is air _______ water on the moon.

A. and B. or C. so D. yet

( )10. It’s getting dark, _______they’re still working.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

( )11. The street was wet, _______ it rained last night.

A. because B. as C. for D. since

( )12. Rose is an English girl, ______ she doesn’t like English food.

A. yet B. so C. for D. and

( )13. That was our first lesson, _______ she didn’t know all our names.

A. for B. but C. so D. or

( )14. _______ did she go to see her father, ______ did she want her father to come.

A. Either,or B. Not , only C. No sooner, than D. Neither, nor

( )15. She didn’t go to school yesterday, ______ he had hurt her legs while climbing the mountain.

A. but B. however C. or D. for

( )16. You can study _____Chinese _____ English.

A. not only, but B. either,or C. both , or D. only, and

( ) 17. Tom works very hard, _____ his family is still very poor.

A. yet B. for C. so D. and

( )18. Some are reading newspaper, _____ others are playing basketball.

A. or B. for C. so D. while

( )19. Maybe he has gone home, ______ he is in his office.

A. or B. but C. nor /D. yet

( )20. I help him _____ he helps me. We help each other.

A. but, B. and C. or D. for

( ) 21. The shop is new, _____ it has been open only for three days.

A. for B. and C. but D. so

( ) 22. You needn’t sweep the floor, ______ it’s very clean.

A. and B but C. or D. for

( ) 23. Tom works hard, ______ he still failed in the exam.

A. yet B. so C. and D. or

( ) 24. I felt tired after the work, _____ I too a long rest.



A. so B but C. for D. or

( )25. I hate smoking, _____ I don’t like drinking, either.

A. though B. but C. and D. for

( )26. ______ Saturday ______ Sunday is OK. I’ll be free in these two days.

A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. One; the other

( ) 27. In spring it is_____hot _____ cold here.

A. both, and B. either, or C. neither, nor D. not only, but

( ) 28. Jim was very hungry ______ he ate all the cakes.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

( )29. Lilei passed his father this cup _____ asked for some more tea.

A. but B. and C.or D. if

( ) 30. Go along the street, turn to the left at the end of the street and _____ you’ll find the post


A. then B. so C. but D. yet



1. The man can’t get on the bus because there ________ no room on it.

A. was B. is C. are D. were

2. I was listening to the music ________ there was a knock at the door.

A. while B. when C. because D. until

3. You may leave the classroom when you ________ writing.

A. will finish B. are finishing C. have finished D. had finished

4. I don’t know if he ________ tomorrow, if he _________ ,I’ll meet him.

A. will come, comes B. comes, comes

C. will come, will come D. come, will come

5. ________ I read, the more I understand.

A. The more B. So much C. How much D. For all

6. Would you give Johnny this letter if you ________ to see him this week.

A. will happen B. happen C. are happened D. happened

7. She was busy, ________ she couldn’t go to your birthday party last night.

A. and B. so C. or D. but

8. English is ________ a useful language ________ it is spoken in many countries of the world.

A. so?that B. such?that C. so?because D. such?because

9. You will not succeeded if you ________ harder.

A. will work B. won’t work C. work D. don’t work

10.Write clearly ________ your teacher can understand you correctly.

A. since B. for C. because D. so that

11.________ he failed , he went on doing the experiment.

A. Even B. Yet C. Although D. in spite of

12.The light went out while we ________ supper.

A. had B. had had C. were having D. would have

13.His brother has worked there ________ he left school.

A. when B. after C. since D. until

14.The boy didn’t stop talking ________ the second bell rang.

A. when B. until C. after D. because

15. ________ I came into the office, the teacher were having a meeting.

A While B. When C. Once D. Since

16.I was about to leave my house ________ the telephone rang.

A. while B. as C. when D. since



17.It is at least ten years ________ these trees were planted.

A. when B. before C. since D. as soon as

18.He will come to call on you the moment he ________ his painting.

A. finished B. will finished C. has finished D. had finished

19.The teacher understands that ________ Maths had always been easy for him, it is not easy for the students.

A. since B. unless C. although D. when

20.He ran as fast as possible ________ he could reach school on time.

A. in order to B. so as to C. when D. so that


1. It ________ (be) nearly two years since we went to the party last.

2. He is hungry, because he ________ (not have ) his breakfast yet.

3. When Tom’s mother came home, little Tom _______ (cry) loudly.

4. I ________ (not know) it until you ________ (tell) me.

5. They started as soon as they ______ (receive)my telephone.

6. He ________ (leave) as soon as he ________ (drink) his coffee.

7. Edison placed a big mirror behind the lamps so that the doctor ________ (operate).

8. He ________(be) better today than he ________ (be) yesterday.

9. I hope you ________ (be) happy while you ________ (be)here.

10.Whatever ________ (happen) , I ________ (be) on your side.


1. He didn’t come. He was ill. (because)

2. He is too young to join the army. (so??that)

3. He studies English hard. He is over seventy. (though)

4. We will stay at home. It rains. (if)

5. He was doing his homework. Someone knocked at the door. (when)

6. I waited. He came back. (not??until)

7. He is tall. I am tall. (as??as)

8. My mother was cooking. I was listening to the news. (while)

9. It was a hot day. We couldn’t sleep well. (such??that)

10. He came into the warm room. He took off his cap and sat down. (as soon as)


1. He didn’t see the film yesterday ________________________________ (因为他忙于复习功课).

2. She has done a lot of good deeds _______________________________ (自从她入团以来).

3. The little girl stopped crying __________________________ (一看见她母亲).

4. The film is interesting _______________________ (以致每个人都想再看一遍).

5. When I came into the room, _________________________ (我父亲正在看书).

6. I will go out for a walk, ________________________ (如果明天不下雨).

7. Don’t ask me to repeat ________________________ (除非你真的不理解).

8.We will try to finish the work in time _____________________________ (尽管我们缺钱).

9. The quicker you work, __________________________ (这项任务就会完成得越早).

10. We left in such a hurry __________________________ (以致于忘了关灯).



Ⅰ. 1.and 2.or 3.but 4.so 5.then

Ⅱ.1—5 D C B B A 6—10 C C B A B 11—15 C A C D D 16—20 B A D A B

21—25 A D A A C 26—30 A C C B A





1.B 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.D

11.C 12.C 13.C 14.B 15.B 16.C 17.C 18.C 19.C 20.D


1.is 2.has not had

3.was crying 4.didn’t know, had told

5.received 6.left, drank

7.would operate 8.is, was

9.will be, are 10.happens, will be


1. He didn’t come because he was ill.

2. He is so young that he can’t join the army.

3. Though he is over seventy, he studies English hard.

4. We will stay at home if it rains.

5. He was doing his homework when someone knocked at the door.

6. I didn’t leave until he came back.

7. He is as tall as I (am)

8 My mother was cooking while I was listening to the news.

9. It was such a hot day that we couldn’t sleep well.

10. He took off his cap and sat down as soon as he came into the warm room.


1. because he was busy going over his lessons.

2. since he joined the league.

3. as soon as she saw her mother.

4. so that everyone wants to see it again.

5. my father was reading a book.

6. if it doesn’t rain.

7. unless you really don’t understand.

8. although we are short of money.

9. the sooner we’ll finish the task.

10. that we forgot to turn off the light.


1. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it _______.

A.breaks B.has broken C.were broken D.had been broken

解析:答案为C。本题考查的是as if 引导的让步状语从句中的语气问题,as if引导的状语从句如果与事实一致,不用虚拟语气,如果与事实相反,应用虚拟语气。题中“当铅笔的一部分浸在水中,铅笔看上去好像断了”。而实际上铅笔并未断,与事实相反,前半部分陈述是一般现在时,因而本句是对一般现在时的虚拟,用were broken。

2. I didn't see your sister at the meeting. If she ___________, she would have met my brother.

A.has come B.did come C.came D.had come


3. —If he ___________, he ________that food.

—Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately.

A.was warned; would not take

B.had been warned; would not have taken

C.would be warned; had not taken

D.would have been warned; had not taken




4. If there were no subjunctive, English ______ much easier.

A.will be B.would have been C.could have been D.would be


5. The guard at the gate insisted that everybody ______ the rules.

A.obeys B.obey C.will obey D.would obey

解析:根据insist后的宾语从句谓语要用(should) do形式规律,可定正确答案是B。

6. I wish I _____ you yesterday.

A.seen B.did see C.had seen D.were to see


7. —— If he _____ , he _____ that food.

—— Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately.

A.was warned;would not take B.had been warned;would not have taken

C.wuld be warned;had not taken D.would have been warned;had not taken


8. Without electricity human life _____ quite different today.

A.is B.will be C.would have been D.would be


9. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it look as if it _____.

A.breaks B.has broken C.were broken D.had been broken

解析:放入水中的铅笔看上去是断的,但实际上并非如此,因此是与现在的事实相反,这时as if从句谓语要用一般过去时,故答案为C。

10. I didn he _____ , he would have said hello to me.

A.would come B.had come C.came D.did come

解析:观察题目上下文,特别是第二句的主句谓语为 would have said,可知if从句表述的是与过去事实相反的愿望,因此答案为B。

11. _____ it _____ for your help, I couldn have made any progress.

A.Had;not been B.Should;not be C.Did;not be D.Not;be

解析:根据主句谓语形式,可知从句要用had done形式,故应选A,Had it not been for your help=If it had not been for your help.(要不是你帮忙的话)

12. Mr Smith was badly ill, or he _____ our dinner party.

A.should come to B.would have attended

C.would come to D.should have attended

解析:or可引导含蓄条件句,表达虚拟语气。根据此题内容,可知是与过去事实相反的假设,故答案为B。 练习:

一. 用所给动词的适当形式填空:

1.The boy isn’t hungry. If he ______ (be) hungry, he ______ (eat) the cake.

2.He’s been away since last Sunday. If he ______ (be) here yesterday, he ______ (attend) the concert.

3.I couldn’t keep away after twelve. If I ______ (work) all night, I ______ (finish) it in time.

4.We didn’t know her address. If we ______ (know) it, we ______ (send) a note to her.

5.You’re late. If you ______ (come) a few minutes earlier, you ______ (meet) the famous woman scientist.

6.He was careless. If he ______ (put) the gold watch in a safe place, he ______ (not

lose) it.

7.He isn’t here. If he ______ (be) here, he ______ (help) his sister learn to use the abacus.

8.She _______ (be) busy now. If she _______ (be) free, she _______ (go) with you.

9.The manager _______ (be) in his office now. If he ________ (be) here, everything _______ (be) settled in a minute.

10.If I ________ (be) you, I _______ (not be) discouraged at all.




1.If I ________ your book, I’ll give it to you.

A. will find B. have found C. find D. finds

2. If I found your book, I ______ give it to you.

A. will B. had C. / D. would

3. If he _______ the exam, he would fail it.

A. would take B. took C. will take D. takes

4. What would you do if you ______ your passport in a foreign country.

A. will lose B. lost C. losses D. would lose

5. If I invited Bill to the party, I _____ invite Linda too.

A. would have to B. would C. will have to D. will must

6. If we _______ go to the party next week, they would be very angry.

A. don’t B can’t C. have to D. dinn’t

7. ---Sahll I open all the windows?

---Yes, please, if you _______.

A. shall B. would C. can D. have to

8. I don’t know _______, if he _______, I’ll tell you.

A. if he comes, will come

B. if he will come, comes

C. whether she comes, comes

D. whether she will come, comes

9. I wish I ______ younger.

A. were B. are C. am D. /

10. Do you ever wish you ________?

A. can fly B. have flown C. could fly D. would fly


一.1. were, could/ would 2. had been, would have attended 3. had worked, would have finished 4. had known, would have sent 5. had come, would have met 6. had put, wouldn’t have lost 7. were, would help 8. is, were, would be 9. is, were, would be 10. were, should not be

二.C D B B A D B B A C


1). , the most interesting to Tom is collecting antique coins(古币)。

A.All the hobbies B.The hobbies

C. Of all the hobbies D. It is the hobbies

2). “You got to know her here, didn't you?”

“No, It was I came to know her.”

A. in the university B. in the university that

C. in the university where D. the university where

3). “Did all the students in the class pass the exam?” “No, only the top five students who did.”

A. there is B. it were C. there was D. it was

4). It wasn't unitil Lao Wang criticized him .

A. where he became aware of his mistake B. when his mistake became obvious

C. that did he realize his mistake D. that he became aware of his mistake

5). you want me to do?

A. What is this B. What is it C. Is it that D. Is this that

6). It was we decided to return home earlier than planned.

A. because cheap accommodation was hard to get

B. because cheap accommodation was hard to get which

C. cheap accommodation was hard to get so



D. cheap accommodation was hard to get that

7). is how we're going to pay for all this.

A. That worries me B. Which worries me

C. It worries me D. What worries me

8). Money, , has been the least of our worries.

A. important though it is B. so important it is

C. important if it is C. it is important though

9). do such a thing.

A. Under no circumstances(环境、情况) I will B. Under all circumstances I will

B. Under no circumstances will I C. Under all circumstances will I

10). Not until everyone is seated .

A. the lesson will begin B.when the lesson will begin

C. that the lesson will begin D. will the lesson begin

11). Not only what to do, but he also lent me the money.

A. he advised me B. did he advise me

C. does he advise me C. he advises me

12). Hardly his mother when he ran to her.

A. had the child seen B. the child had seen

C. the child saw D. did the child see

13). So badly did he write the letter .

A. when I couldn't read it B. as I couldn't read it

C. so I couldn't read it D. that I couldn't read it

14). Only by traveling extensively(广泛地) your horizons(视野).

A. can you broaden B. you can broaden

C. therefore you can broaden D. you will broaden

15). Nowhere else in the world more primitive mammals(原始的哺乳动物) than in Australia.

A. you can find B. has been found

C. can you find D. you have found

16). Look!

A. Here the bus comes B. Here comes the bus

C. Comes here the bus D. The bus comes here

17).Not a sound while the general was speaking.

A. the soldiers utter(发出声音) B. the soldiers uttered

C. did the soldiers uttered D. did the soldiers utter

18). No sooner was she back at home she realized her mistake.

A. that B. as C. when D. than

19). Many a time given me good advice.

A. has Lao Li B. Lao Li has C. will Lao Li D. would Lao Li

20). Not for one minute that I have any hope of getting the job, but I might as well try.

A. I think B. I am thinking C. do I think D. have I thought


(1) C (2) B (3) D (4) D (5) C (6) D (7) D (8) A (9) C (10) D (11) B

(12) A (13) D (14) A (15) C (16) B (17) D (18) D (19) A (20) C


1.Ford tried dividing the labor,each worker _________ a separate task.

A.assigning B.assigned C.was assigned D.would be assigned

2.The lecture_________,he left his seat so quietly that no one complained that his leaving disturbed the speaker.



A.began B.beginning C.having begun D.being beginning

3.Such _________ the case ,there are no grounds to justify your complaints.

A.being B.is C.was D.to be

4.Darkness _________ in,the young people lingered on merrymaking.

A.set B.setting C.has set D.was set

5.With all factors_________,we think this program may excel all the others in achieving the goal.

A.being considered B.considering C.considered D.are considered

6.A new technique_________,the yields as a whole increased by 20 percent.

A.to have been worked out B.having worked out C.working out D.having been worked out

7.On the top was the clear outline of a great wolf sitting still,ears_________,alert,listening.

A.pointed B.pointing C.are pointed D.are pointing

8.Walter offered us a lift when he was leaving the office ,but our work _________,we declined the offer.

A.not being finished B.not having finished C.had not been finished D.was not finished

9.There are various kinds of metals ,each _________ its own properties.

A.has B.had C.to have D.having

10.The article opens and closes with descriptions of two news reports,each _________ one major point in contrast with the other.

A.makes B.made C.is to make D.making

Key:1—5 BCABC 6—10 DAADD



leave --- be away, borrow --- keep, buy --- have,begin/start --- be on,die --- be dead, finish --- be over,join --- be in+组织机构, be a member of+组织机构,open sth --- keep sth open,fall ill ---be ill,get up---be up,catch a cold --- have a cold, come here --- be here, go there --- be there,become --- be,come back --- be back,fall asleep --- be asleep,get to/ arrive/reach --- be (in),leave --- be away from,get to know --- know, go (get) out →be out,put on→ wear;catch a cold →have a cold等例:The old man died 4 years ago.----The old man has been dead for 4 years. ---- It is 4 years since the old man died.----Four years has passed since the old man died. He joined the Party 2 years ago. -----He has been in the Party for 2 years. I bought the book 5 days ago. ---- I have had the book for 5 days. 练习:

1. When he arrived at the bus stop, the bus ________ for 20 minutes.

A. has left B. had left C. has been away D. had been away

2. I ______ the League for 5 years so far.

A. joined B. have joined C. have been in

3. The factory ________ since the February of 1988.

A . has been openB. has openedC. was open D. opened

4. Mary and Rose _______friends since they met in 2000.

A. have made B. have been C. made D. have become

5.You mustn't ________ until he comes back.

A. be awayB. leave C. be left

6.The meeting_______ for a week now.

A. has finishedB. has endedC. has been over

7.Miss Gao ______ this school for nearly 5 years.

A. has been in B. has come toC. has taught

8.Ben ______ a teacher for 4 years .

A. has been B. has become C. was D. became



9. I ______ home for a week.

A. have returned B. have been back C. returned

10. How long _______ he ________ ?

A. died B. has, died C. has, been dead

11. He ______ at eight yesterday afternoon.

A. slept B. was sleeping C. has sleep D. had slept

12.He ________ the car for a week.

A. bought B. has bought C. has had

13.-----How long _____ you _____ ill ? -----Two weeks.

A. did fall B. have, fell C. have, been

14.Since 2000, he _____ his hometown.

A. has left B. has moved away C. has been away from

15.I'll lend you the book , but you can only _____ it for 2 days.

A. borrow B. keep C. take

16.The bus ______ on the road for 2 hours so far.

A. has stopped B. stopped C. has been

17.Are you _____ the jacket these days?

A. wearing B. putting on C. dressing D. on

18.He ________ foe 2 hours.

A. got up B. has got up C. has been up

19. Tom is ill in hospital. He _______ a cold for several days.

A. is B. catches C. has caught D. has had

20.----- How long can I ______ the book? ------ Two weeks.

A. borrow B. lend C. get D. keep


1---5 D C A B B;6---10 C A A B C; 11---15 B C C C B; 16---20 C A C D D


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