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一、单项选择:(20分) ( )1.- do you improve your listening? -I improve it listening to tapes.

A. How; with B: What; with C: How; by D. What; by ( ) 2.It is easy me understand my teacher.

A. for, to B. of , to C. at ,in D. to ,for

( ) 3. I don’t know _____ it next. A. what to do B. how to do C. what can I do D. how can I do ( ) 4.I think English is hard well. I want to give it up.

A. so, to learn B. too, learning C. too, to learn D. too, not to learn ( )5. All of us were at the news.

A. frustrating, frustrating B. frustrating, frustrated

C. frustrated, frustrating D. frustrated, frustrated ( )6. Jack likes playing soccer, but he doesn’t like playing piano.

A. /, / B. the. / C. the, the D. /, the ( )7. When we practice speaking English, we often end up in Chinese.

A. to speak B. speaking C. spoken D. speak ( )8. It is impolite to those persons in trouble. A. laugh to B. laugh with C. laugh of D. laugh at

( )9. If you don’t know how to spell a new word, you’d better .

A. look up a dictionary B. look up an dictionary

C. look it up in a dictionary D. look it up in an dictionary ( )10. Jane is so shy that she is afraid of in front of a group.

A. speak B. speaks C. spoke D. speaking

( )11. She used to late. But now she is used to


A. sleep, sleeping B. sleeping, sleep C. sleeps, sleeping D sleeping, sleeps ( ) 12. You used to be shy, ?

A. don’t you B. aren’t you C. weren’t you D. didn’t you ( ) 13. I went to visit him, but , he left a minute ago.

A. in my surprise B. to my surprised C.I was surprised D. to my surprise ( )14. I had a little trouble English grammar.

A. learn B. learned C. learning D. to learn ( ) 15. The car me 20,000 yuan..

A. spends B. costs . takes D. pays

( )16. It’s very difficult to learn English well, but you can’t _____.

A. put it up B. take it up C. look it up D. give it up

( )17. They enjoyed _____ piano.

A. play B. playing C. playing the D. to play a

( )18. I will eat ice, meat _____ noodles.


A. instead of B. stead of C. instead for D. instead by

( )19. I don’t think he will come, and I don’t think he will phone us, _____. A. also B. neither C. either D. too

( )20. I saw many students to a foreigner just now.

A. talks B. talking C. to talk D. talked

二、完形填空:( 15分) My parents took me to Japan when I was little. I lived there for five years. 21 I came back, my Japanese was very good. “Can I do something useful with my Japanese?” I asked myself. Then, one day last spring, I got a good opportunity(机会). Everyone was afraid of SARS, so I stayed at home with 22 to do. My father brought me a Japanese book. “Why don’t you translate it into Chinese? It will be better than 23 computer games all day.” I promised(许诺) to do 2,000 words each day. But 24 I found it was hard to keep the promise. One day in May, the weather was beautiful. But I couldn’t go out. Those 2,000 words were still 25 me. After translating only three pages, I already lost interest in the book. I looked at it for a long time. But I couldn’t make myself turn the pages. How wished I could just go outside and 26 football with my friends! I counted the words again and again. I just wanted to give up. I felt as if two people were fighting 27 my mind. One said, “Don’t give up! Keep working hard and you’ll do well!” But then the other one said, “Go and play! It will be more 28 than translating. Do your work tomorrow.” I stood up and would 29 the computer. But then I remember 30 my parents had told me: “Whatever you do, don’t stop halfway.” So I sat down and went on with it.

( ) 21. A. Because B. Until C. Since D. When

( ) 22. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything

( ) 23. A. be played B. playing C. played D. plays

( ) 24. A. just then B. right now C. soon D. suddenly

( ) 25. A. talking to B. looking at C. smiling at D. waiting for ( ) 26. A. play B. give C. buy D. watch

( ) 27. A. in B. with C. about D. for

( ) 28. A. fun B. important C. useful D. dangerous

( ) 29. A. turn on B. turn off C. open D. close

( ) 30. A. how B. where C. which D. what



( )31. _____ is the youngest of the following players.

A. Pele B. Yao Ming C. Steffi Graf D. Martina Navratilova

( )32. _____ comes from South America. A. Yao Ming B. Steffi Graf C. Pele D. No one

( )33. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. Yao Ming is a table tennis player.

B. Yao Ming is on the Houston Rockets now.

C. Yao Ming is playing for the Chinese Football Team.

D. Neither of Yao Ming’s parents is a basketball player.

( )34. Which of the following is WRONG?

A. Pele was a great football player.

B. Pele was born in a poor family.

C. Pele played football in the street all his life.

D. Pele became famous soon after he was picked to play for Santos.

( )35. From the passage, we know that _______ .

A. Martina Navratilova was also a tennis player

B. Steffi Graf was born in Wimbledon in 1985

C. Steffi Graf won the tennis final when she was only 16 D. Steffi Graf has won few of the main matches since 1985


Who would guess that those blue green waves hide a world of wonder and danger far below?

Sunlight cannot reach there, so plants cannot grow. Yet 10 million kinds of sea animals live under the waves. There you will find some of the earth’s most



The sea covers more than 70 percent of the earth. About 97 percent of the space for living things is there, too. At its deepest, It goes more than 11,000 metres (6.9 3

miles) down.

Why has less than 5 percent of this amazing world been explored?

Because it takes more than courage to explore the oceans. It also takes money. Only with very expensive tools can we deal with the danger of the sea. But now several countries are exploring the oceans more than ever before.

( ) 36. Which of the following is true? ______________.

A. People want to know about the deep ocean

B. Many plants are growing in the deep ocean

C. The pressure in the deep oceans is not very big.

D. Men have more exploration of deep oceans than that of the moon

( ) 37. How mangy kinds of animals live under the waves? ___________________.

A. More than 10 000 000 B. 10 000 000

C. Less than 10 000 000 D. 11 000

( ) 38. How much of the world of deep oceans has been explored so far?________________

A. 5% B. 10% C. Less than 5% D. More than 5%

( ) 39. What’s the correct meaning for the phrase “under the waves”?_______________.

A. 波浪下的 B. 摇晃中的 C. 海底的 D. 波涛中的 ( )40. What’s the meaning of the word ” creature” ?

A. 生物 B.鱼 C. 植物 D. 景象


A. Use computers in right ways.

B. How to sleep in space

C. The importance of exercise

D. Signs and messages

E. Eating and drinking in space

( ) 41. As we know, we put food on a plate and water in a glass on earth. Gravity(地心引力) holds the food down and keeps the water in the glass. But in space, there is almost no gravity. So food can float away, and astronauts must eat and drink carefully.

( )42. In space, sleeping is very different. Some astronauts like to float in the air, but most astronauts like to be in a sleeping bag. They tie the bag to a wall so that they can’t float at night.

( )43. Exercise is very important in space. On earth, your legs carry your body, but in space, astronauts float, so they do not use their legs. This is bad for their legs, so they exercise for thirty minutes every day. They often use an exercise bike for this.

( )44. Many people can use computers, but few of them know how to look after 4

them. Remember the following when you use computers: Keep your computer in a cool, dry room, do not put water or food near your computer, and keep your screen clean and not too bright.

( )45. Some things can carry messages. For example, a sign at the bus stop helps you to know which bus to take. Signs on the door tell you where to go in or out. Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of signs around you and that you receive messages from them all the time?


Last Tuesday, Mrs. Smith took her two little daughters to town 46_________ her car. It began to rain 47________. So she decided to 48__________ the children in the car. She told the girls she would be back soon. Then she 49__________ all the doors and walked quickly into the shop.

She returned to the car in less than a quarter, but there were not any girls in the car. She could50__________ believe her eyes. The car doors and windows were 51__________ well. 52________ terrible she felt! She rushed up to an old man nearby and asked 53__________ he had seen two small girls, but he said “No”. Suddenly she heard a laugh from the back of the car. She ran to the car and opened the trunk. Oh, dear! Her daughters were 54__________. With tears in her 55___________, she took them out.



Education is very important in the development of China. As we know, China has the largest population in the world and most of them live in the countryside. Because of the undeveloped economic conditions, many families are rather poor, especially in the far areas; they cannot afford their children’s education. Many children have to drop from school. Project Hope which started on October 30, 1989 aims to solve this problem so that every child of school age can receive regular education. Project Hope mainly depends on the contributions of the urban people and overseas Chinese who care about the development of China’s education. The contributed money will be used to help the children who cannot afford the education. By now, only a small part of the children benefit(受益) from it.

Project Hope is a good way to promote the education in the rural areas, but 5

it isn’t enough. 100 Yuan will help such a child finish his primary (小学的)education. So I suggest that all the people pay more attention to the problem and do much more to help raise the educational level of the country.


请按照下面的提示,写一篇题为 “Changes in learning English” 的英语短文。 内容包括:

1.过去英语成绩很差,谈谈学习英语时遇到的困难。(used to,)















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