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Module 8 choosing present unit 1 I always like birthday parties .课件

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Module 8

choosing present

Unit 1 I always like birthday parties

unit task
Would you like to come to my birthday party? Birthday present 生日礼 物 频度副
always、usually、 often、sometimes、never

Would you like to come to my birthday party?

listening listen and
number the words as you hear them
Card 卡片 Birthday 生日 Cake 蛋糕 Party 聚会 Present 礼物 Noodles 面条

Daming:Hi,would you like to come to my party ?

Betty :Yes ,I ’d love to. When is it ?
Daming :This Saturday ,at my home .

Tony : OK ! I always like birthday parties .
Lingling :Great !

Betty :What do you usually do at a Chinese birthday party ? Daming :At the birthday party ,we eat noodles .And we eat birthday cake too .But my mother never makes a birthday cake .She usually buys a special one and I cut it at the party . Lingling :And we sometimes give birthday cards . Tony :Do you usually sing happy birthday ?

Daming :Yes ,we always sing happy birthday .

Tony :Do you usually sing it in Chinese or in English . Daming :We sing it in Chinese and English .
Betty :Do you get birthday present in china ?

Lingling :Sometimes .Daming always gets birthday present ! Tony :So what would you like for your birthday ,Daming ?
Daming :It’s a secret .Ha ha ……

句中用的是Would you like to do ……?的句型,意为“你愿意 干……吗”是一种非常客气的说法。肯定大于可用Yes,I’d love to 或者that is a good idea 等。否定答语用sorry,I’m afraid I can’t (或加原因)。 For example :would you like to play football with me this Saturday . 考点:1、固定搭配:would like sth./would like to do sth /would like sb .to do sth.。2、考查would 为情态动词的用法。

I’d like you ——for a picnic. A、go B、to go C、 going D、went 答案:B

Always :副词;一直,总是,常常 考点:1、考查always的含义用法及频度 副词的用法区别。 真题链接:
Miss zhou is popular with the student.
Yes.her classes are ___lively and interesting .

A、always B、sometimes C、hardly



the close according the text.

Always 总是 never 从不 sometimes 有时 usually 通常
1、Tony _____like birthday parties. 2、We _____eat noodles at the birthday dinner .

3、Daming’s mother ____makes a birthday cake.
4、Lingling ____gives birthday card .


1、always 2、usually 3、never 4、sometimes

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