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I. 根据所给中文意思拼写单词或词组,使句子完整、正确、通顺

1. Parents always miss their children__________(无论在哪里)they are.

2. Luckily, nobody was_________(严重地)hurt.

3. To be here at Christmas time is a dream that has come________(真实).

4. Every year Tianmu Lake attracts large_________(数目)of tourists.

5. He has much money but_________(少)friends, so he is not happy at all.

6. Nantong is_________(著名)for its Haohe River with a lot of trees around.

7. When did Mr Smith and his friends_______(到达)in China?

8.-How many students are there in your school?

-Seven hundred and_________(八十).

9. The________(党)has done a lot to improve the life of the farmers in the past few years.

10. He made up his mind to do something_______(有用的)for the society in the future.

11. The newly-built Runyang Bridge is the_______(第三)biggest one in the world.

12. We are all moved by the__________(节目)of CCTV's People Who Moved China in 2004.

13. He does everything by himself________(虽然)he is only 15 years old.

14. Paper making is one of the greatest_________(发明)in world history.

15. Sam was the_________(第九)to come to school this morning.

16. It is________(幸运的)that Jim was not hurt in the car accident.

17. The house was_________(烧毁)down in the big fire.

18.________(无论何时)you have trouble, you can call the police for help.

19. Time was over. The students stopped_________(讨论)and rushed out of the classroom.

20. Please show me how to_________(搜索)the Internet.

21. Three years ago Ann_________(更喜欢)apples to bananas.

22. I won't say this________(除非)I am sure of the facts.

23. We are________(强烈地)against their pouring dirty water into the river.

24. Do you have any friends or_________(亲戚)there?

25.“_______(酷)”is another way of saying "wonderful".

26. In the shop window there are many cakes of different________(形状).

27. There is a________(少许)water in the glass, isn't there?

28. The airport was__________(关闭)because of the heavy snow.

29. Christmas is the most important festival in the________(西方的)world.

30. Today he went to school________(步行).

31. We hope you can_______(放弃)smoking. It's bad for your health.

32. Mike often________(踢足球)with his classmates after school.

33. Some boys like swimming_______(在夏天)while others like fishing.

34. This is the_______(第三封信)she has received this week.

35. The two football teams _______ (最后的) score was 4-2.

36. Bob told me the secret in a low _______ (声音)

37. My classmates are getting ________(准备 ) for the party.

38. We shouldn't spit in________ (公共)places.

39. We're going to Beijing ________(在……期) our holidays.

40. Ningbo is in the _______ (东部) of Zhejiang.

41. We are _______(自豪的) of being Chinese.

42. _______(记住) to bring your dictionary here tomorrow.

43. Zhongshan Road is the ______ (最繁忙 ) street in our city.

44. Edison and Einstein are both great _______ (科学家 ) .

45. While I was reading, I_______ (听到) a noise.

46. Look at the photo! The _______ (第二 ) man from the left is my grandpa.

47. I don't know _______ ( 是否 ) he is ready for the exam.

48. It's ________ (危险的) to play in the street.

49. A great party was held on his ________ (生日 ) .

50. -Could you tell me how to get to Nanjing Museum?

-Let me show you on this _______ (地图).

51. The teacher has explained the new word______ (两次 ) , but I don't understand.

52: If our school team wins the last two ______ (比赛 ) , we will be the top.

53. The children were all very_______(激动的) when they heard the good news.

54. My father often listens to light music to_______(放松) after work.


55. Look! There is a pet dog_______ (躺) on the ground. Let's go and play with it.

56. When the farmers were planting rice in the fields,_______ (突然 ) it began to rain.

57. Rose lost her history book borrowed from school library. She felt_______(着急的 ) .

58. After two _______(小时) walk, there was still no sign of the village.

59. Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan has_______(成功地) visited the mainland recently.

60. He wrote a lot about his ________(经历) as a country teacher.

61. A spark may_______(引起)great forest fires especially during. dry season.

62. Moon is our the nearest______(邻居)in universe.

63. When we talk about________(技术),we mean machines and also the way to do things.

64. Not many families can_______(付得起)to send their children to study abroad.

65. Which is________(险峻的),this mountain or that one?

66. We each should make a contribution to_______(保护)the environment.

67.The conductor kept coming to_______(提供)them hot water and sell them magazines.

68. What do you want to do after you_______(毕业)from school?

69. They played so well that they_______(应得)the prize.

70. They spent a lot of time________(拜访)their relatives and friends.

71. Thank you very much for sending me so many wonderful______(邮票)

72._______(天然的)food is good for our health.

73. Can you tell me how to_______(发音)this word?

74. Everyone understood what the policeman said________me.(除……以外)

75. Our room is on the eleventh floor,what about_______(你的)

76. Summer is the________(最热)season of the year.

77. What's the________(价格)of this English-Chinese dictionary?

78. With the help of many_________(专家), we soon found a way out.

79. Chinese is used more and more__________(广泛地)all over the world.

80. Are you________(激动)about going to high school?

81. Sometimes Americans___________(问候)each other with a hug.

82. Our teacher often________(讨论)problems with us in English.

83. A__________(喧闹的)environment is harmful to our health. .

84. The students are_________(告诉)the policemen-about. the accident now.

85. Jackie lives with us, but he_______(几乎不)knows any Chinese.

86. He didn't___________(出现)at the meeting until 9 o'clock.

87. Allice asked me_______(礼貌的)to put the things away.

88. We are_______(自豪)of our country.

89. Everyone in my class_______(担忧)about the coming exam.

90. Zhongshan Road is the______(繁忙的)street in our city.

91. After three______(月)study, the scientist worked out the physics problem.

92. We are all_______(感兴趣)in English `more and more.

93. New China was_________(成立)on October 1, 1949.

94. The strange cup was used for_______(喝)wine.

95. The young scientist has over twenty________(发明)

96. Except some birds, what_______(别的)can you see in the sky?

97. What was the population at end of the_______(二十)century in China?

98. One of the________(科学家)comes from South Africa.,.

99. I think I can do________(好)in English this year than last year.

100. Thousands of people lost their_______(生命)in the earthquake.


After the war, Nightingal opened the world’s first nursing school. She 9______(继续) serving the others through her work as a nurse.

In 1910, she died quietly in her sleep 10_______(在90岁时). In 1974, her birthday became International Nurses Day because of the great love and help she gave to people.

1. _______ 2. ________ 3. _________ 4. ________ 5. _________

6. _______ 7. ________ 8. _________ 9. ________ 10. _________



1.radio (复数) __________ 2.happy (副词) __________ 3.die (形容词) __________ 4.pull (反义词) __________ 5.wood (同音词)__________ 6.ill (名词) __________ 7.bring (过去 2

式)__________ 8.thin (比较级) __________ 9.nine (序数词) __________ 10.we (名词性物主代词)_______


1.Don't stop _______ (have) a rest before you finish _______ (do) your work.

2.A man was found _______ (lie) on the road and then he _______ (send) to the hospital at once.

3.We usually _______ (not, have) classes on Sundays.

4.Susan says she _______ (become) a teacher when she _______ (grow) up.

5.The woman with her four children _______ (return) from Japan already. They _______ (arrive) home early this morning.

6.- What can I do for you? - I _______ (look) for a white shirt.



Most _______ letters around the world are _______ _______ English.


You'd _______ go and see him now, _______ _______.


We should learn to _______ _______ ourselves and _______ _______.


Yesterday I _______ _______ an English-Chinese _______.


There are all _______ _______ flowers in the park.


Don't _______ _______ the people _______ _______.


We are _______ Hong Kong will be even _______ tomorrow.


Good idea! I _______ _______ you.

81. Louisa didn' t have a pencil, so I let her borrow_______(我的).

82. If everyone _____(遵守) the traffic rules, there will be fewer accidents.

83. I don't know what her interests are, because we talk____( 主要地) about work when we

84. If you want to improve your English, you should try to practice _____(说) English as much as possible in and out of class.

85. To our great_______(惊讶), Tom failed to pass the graduation exam.

86. _____(除了…….之外)Su Dongpo, Huanggang was home to ancient doctor Li Shizhen and printing inventor Bi Sheng

3.Tony sits_________(在……之间) Lucy and Lily.

4.You'd better speak_______(大声). I can't hear a word from the back.

5.Tom will hear from his parents this__________(星期二)。

6.My English teacher always________(鼓励) me to speak more English in class.

7.My daughter is looking forward to___________(收集) more stamp

. 71. 吃得太多对健康有害。 _________ too much is bad _________ your health.

72. 从你家到学校有多远? How far is it ________ your home ________ school?

73.我当名演员的梦想将会实现。 My dream of becoming an actor will ________ ________.

74. 如果你能自己做你的作业就好多了。 It is ________ better if you can do your homework by________

75.今年夏天我想去海南度假。 I _________ ________ to spend my vacation in Hainan this summe

66. 我叫醒了大明,让他早点起床。 I ______ _______ Daming and asked him to get up early.

67. 如果你想保持身体健康,就不要放弃锻炼。 Don’t ______ _______ exercise if you want to stay fit.

68. 我们究竟能为改善环境做些什么呢? What ______ _______ can we do to improve our environment?

69. 每年都有数以百万计的人观看莎士比亚的戏剧。 Shakespeare’s plays are seen by ______ _______ people every year.

70. 如果你对这个俱乐部感兴趣,请填写这张申请表。 If you are interested in this club, please ______ _______ this application from.


81.你的学习取决于你努力的程度。21世纪教育网 Your success______ _______ how hard you work at your lessons.

82. 他只是为教师而不是为艺术家。

He is only a teacher _____ _______ an artist.


It will______140 billion yuan to _____ Lan zhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway.

84. 我们每个人都感到自豪的是首届中国亚欧博览会将于2011年9月1日在乌鲁木齐举行。 Everyone of us is proud of ourselves because the first China Eurasia Expo will ______ in Urumqi on September 1st, 2011.


We______ that Xinjiang is developing better and faster than b1. 青少年认为他们应该被允许自己做决定。

Teenagers think they should ______ _________to make the decision for themselves


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