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上学期unit 6 新目标

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Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to.

What do you think of these songs?

gentle and quiet popular I can dance to the has great lyrics I can sing along song. with the song


is loud ____ is a song that __________.

---Which song do you like better, Songbie or Rabbit Dance? ---I like …better. I love …better. I prefer …. to ….

---What kind of music do you like? ?---I like/ prefer / love music that I can sing along with. _________________.
I can dance to has great lyrics too loud quiet and gentle makes me happy …

√ √


group 流行音乐的乐团

Who is your favorite

? Why ?

? ---What kind of musicians do you like? ? ---I like / prefer / love musicians who write their own songs ________________. sing well sing the song clearly has nice voice sing different kinds of music sing quiet and gentle songs look nice …

who write their own songs that is really who play loud and energetic different kinds of music.


music / singers: 先行词
(定语从句修饰的单词) that / who :关系代词 (连接先行词和定语从句,同时 又作定语从句的一个成份)

Fill in the blanks. (that / Who)
who ? The girl _____ the piano well is her daughter. who ? He has some friends _____ can help him a lot. that ? The orange skirt ______ is hanging there is my favorite. that ? I prefer apples ________ are sweet.

1. Xu Fei prefers groups.

2. The groups play quiet and gentle songs.
Xu Fei prefers groups that play quiet and gentle songs. 1. The problem is very important. 2. The students have discussed it in the history class. The problem that the students have discussed in the history class is very important.

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