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2013版 八年级英语unit6 i'm going to study computer science B 1a-1e, ppt

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Unit 6

I’m going to study computer science

1a Match the pictures with the New Year’s resolutions. resolution
n. 决心


1. Learn to play an instrument(乐器) 2. make the soccer team



3. get good grades 4. eat healthier food 3


5. get lots of exercise

1b Pair work
A: What are you going to do next year? B: Well, I’m going to take guitar lessons. I really love music. A: Sounds interesting. I’m going to learn a foreign language. B : Are you? Great! But foreign languages are not for me.

foreign adj. 外国的 foreigner n.外国人

1c Listen and circle the resolutions you hear in 1a
1. learn to play an instrument 2. make the soccer team 3. get good grades

4. eat healthier food
5. get lots of exercise

1d Listen again and fill in the chart.


How are they going to do it?
I’m going to take piano lessons.

learn to play the piano

I’m going to study hard and do get good grades my homework every day.

I’m going to practice really hard. make the soccer (I’m going to go to a summer camp Mike team and play soccer every day there.)

Pair works: What other resolutions can you make?
A: I want to be a teacher. B: How are you going to do that? A: Well, I’m going to study hard and get good grades. B: Sounds like a good plan. I want to get a lot of exercise.

Ⅰ. 请根据汉语提示完成下列句子 每空词数不限
1. Alice and Ben made their New Year’s resolutions ______________________ (新年决心) yesterday. write down 2. Please__________ (写下)your name!

get good grades 5. Tony is going to _______________ (取得 好成绩) next year.

have to do with

Ⅱ. 句型转换
1.They have a basketball match every Sunday. (用next Sunday替换every Sunday) They ____ _____ ___ _____ a basketball are going to have match next Sunday. 2. We are going to have a school trip next week. (就划线部分提问) _____ are What ____ you ___ ___ _____ next week? to do going 4. I’m, going to, walk, school, not, to, (连词成句) I’m not going to walk to school. __________________________________

3. I’m going to see my teacher on

Teachers’ Day. (改为一般疑问句,
并做肯定回答) Are you your --____ ____ going to see _____ teacher on Teachers’ Day? --Yes, I am. 5. Friday, what, is, do, going, to, next,

he (连词成句) What is he going to do next Friday ________________________________?

Write a passage about how you
are going to make your city cleaner.

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