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2013新版 八年级英语 新目标 unit6 sectionA 1a-2d 免费课件

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Unit 6

I’m going to study computer science

? Let’s talk about jobs

? what’s you dream job

? Why

My dream jobs

What is his \ her job? What are you going to be?

an astronaut

a computer programmer

a professional basketball player

a doctor

a pianist

a teacher

a policewoman

a writer

an engineer

a singer

an actor\actress

a soldier



bus driver


Pair work:
长大 What are you going to be when you grow up?

I am going to be 、、、

be going to 的用法

? be going to + 动词原形——表示将来的打算、计 划或安排。常与表示将来的tomorrow, next year 等时间状语或when 引导的时间状语从句连用。 各种句式变换都借助be 动词完成,be随主语有 am, is, are 的变换,going to 后接动词原形。

? 肯定句: 主语 + be going to + 动词原形 + 其他 。 eg: He is going to take the bus there. 否定句: 主语 + be not going to + 动词原形 + 其他 eg:I’m not going to see my friends this weekend.

be going to 的用法
? 一般疑问句: Be + 主语 + going to + 动 词原形 + 其他 肯定回答: Yes, 主语 + be. 否定回答: No, 主语 + be not. eg: Are you going to see your friends this weekend? Yes ,I am. / No, I’m not. 特殊疑问句: 疑问词 + be + 主语 + going to + 动词原形 + 其他? eg: What is he going to do this weekend? When are you going to see your friends?

be going to 的用法
? 2) 如果表示计划去某地,可直接用 be going to + 地点 We are going to Beijing for a holiday.

? 3) 表示位置移动的动词,如go , come, leave 等常用进行时表示将来。 The bus is coming. My aunt is leaving for Beijing next week.

be going to 与 will 的区 别:
? ① 对未来事情的预测用“ will + 动词原形”表 达,will 没有人称和数的变化,变否定句要在 will 后面加not, 也可用will 后面加 not,或者缩 略式won’t, 变一般疑问句将will 提至 句首。 Will planes be large in the future? Yes, they will. / No, they won’t.

? ②will 常表示说话人相信或希望要发生的事情 ,而be going to 指某事肯定发生,常表示事 情很快就要发生。 I believe Lucy will be a great doctor.

be going to 与 will 的区别
? ③ 陈述将来的某个事实用will. I will ten years old next year. ? ④表示现在巨大将来要做的事情用 will. I’m tired I will go to bed. ? ⑤ 表示意愿用will. I’ll tell you the truth. ? ⑥ 表示计划、打算要做的事情用 be going to, 而不用 will.

Review the words.
athlete gymnast pilot astronaut computer programmer actor actress waiter waitress dentist nurse cook engineer carpenter servant farmer postman mailman diver soldier police officer dancer artist violinist musician

1a Do you think these jobs are interesting? Rank them [1-12].
___computer programmer ___ cook ___ doctor ___ engineer ___ teacher ___ violinist ___ bus driver ___ pi

lot ___ pianist ___ basketball player ___ scientist ___ actor

1b Listen and fill in the blanks. Then match the items.
acting 1.computer programmer a. take _______ lessons 2.basketball player b. study_________ science computer 3.engineer c. practicebasketball ______ every day


math d. study ______ really hard

1c Pair work

A: What are you going to be when you grow up B: I’m going to be a basketball player. A: How are going to do that? B: I’m going to practice basketball every day.

engineer study math hard

--What are you going to be when you grow up? --I’m going to be an engineer. -- How are you going to do that? -- I’m going to study math hard.

actor take acting lessons

--What are you going to be when you grow up? --I’m going to be an actor. --How are you going to do that? --I’m going to take acting lessons.

Pair work:
A: What are you going to be when you grow up? B: I’m going to be a/an… A:How are you going to do that? B:I’m going to.. A:Where are you going to work?

B:I’m going to work in…

My plan for life I’m going to be…

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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