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1、单元短语总结: so far 到目前为止,迄今为止 no problem 没什么,别客气 have….in common 有相同特征(想法、兴趣等方面)相同 be up to 是….的职责 all kinds of ….. 各种各样的…… play a role 发挥作用,有影响 make up 编造(故事、谎言等) for example 例如 take …..seriously 认真对待 not everybody 并不是每个人 close to 离….近 more and more 越来越…… 2、重点语法句子回顾:P27

Who’s got the talent in your class? Let some Ss give their report. 1. Li Fei is the best chess player. 2. Xu Li is the most talented dancer. 3. Wu Fan is the most interesting writer. 4. Sun Nan is the faster runner. 5. … is the best basketball player. 6. … is the best English speaker. 7. … is the funniest actor.

Let’s review the phrases. And make a sentence with it. 1. 有相同特征 _________________ have … in common 2. 各种各样的 3. 由……决定 _________________ all kinds of _________________ be up to

4. 发挥作用 5. 编造 6. 例如
7. 认真对待

_________________ play a role make up __________________ for example __________________

take … seriously __________________ 8. 给某人某物 give sb. sth./ give sth. to sb. __________________

What’s your favorite place to go on weekends? Why is it? The Children’s Center is the best place to go on weekends. Because I can play tennis and play ping-pong. I can speak English with friends.

The best place to go is Center Park. Because I can swim and climb the hill. I can fly kites and take a walk in the woods.

Read the article about Greenwood Park. Fill in the blanks with the correct superlative forms of the adjectives and adverbs in the box.

首先,阅读短文,整体把握短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,看空格 处应是 形容词还是副词,根据句意确定单词。 最后,将单词正确的最高级形式填到空格上。 副词前可以不加 the。

crowded creative good fast quietly crowded creative good fast quietly Greenwood Park is the best place to go to on 格林伍德公园 fastest weekends. I always finish my breakfast _______on Saturday because I want to get to Greenwood Park before 10:00a.m. to meet my friends, The park is the most crowded ______________place on weekends because almost everyone goes there to see the street performers. Some people think they are boring, but I think they the most creative are _______________ people. However, the place the most quietly where you can enjoy your time _____________is at one of the small coffee shops near the park. You can read or relax there. There is something for everyone at Greenwood Park.

crowded adj. 人多的;拥挤的;挤满的 最高级形式在前面加most。 e.g. The supermarket is the most crowded place on weekends. 周末超市是最拥挤的地方。


Think about some of the best places/things Why?

in your town. Why are they the best?
Best pl

aces / things in my town No. 1 Middle Because it is the most best middle school beautiful school in my town School New Century the best quality best supermarket Supermarket the best service most delicious food best restaurant Rui Jia the cleanest Restaurant best clothes store Fashion best quality clothes Kids HanHai 3D biggest screen best theater most comfortable seats Theater


Write about your town and the best places/things there.
I live in a beautiful town near the Yellow River. ________________________________________ 写作指导: ?

e most popular 2. Spring Park is _______________place in the city on 春 weekends. Many families go there with their young 天 公 children. Lots of old people like to take walks there ,too. 园 3. You can rest ________________ at Flower Hotel. Their the most comfortably rooms are clean and big. 花园宾馆 4.109.9F.M. plays _________music. The songs are always the worst 调幅109.9(广播) boring and too loud. the best 5. PEP High School is _______school in this town. They have big classrooms, fantastic teachers and an excellent sports center. PEP 高中

2. Read the information. Then correct the mistakes in the sentences below.
A movie ticket at Town Cinema is $12.00. it is $ 10.50 at Screen City, and $10.00 at Movie World. Screen City is always very crowded. Many people go to Movie World, too. But you can always get a ticket at Town Cinema. The seats at Movie World are very comfortable. The seats at Screen City are a little hard. The Town Cinema seats are very uncomfortable.

1. Movie World is the most expensive. 2. Screen City has the cheapest tickets.
Movie World has the cheapest tickets

Movie World is the cheapest. Town Cinema is the most expensive


3. Town Cinema is more popular than Screen City. 4. Movie World is the most popular.
Screen City is the most popular. Screen City is more popular than Town Cinema. Town Cinema is less popular than Screen City.

5. Town Cinema has the most comfortable seats.
Movie World has the most comfortable seats. Or:Town Cinema has the most uncomfortable seats.


adj. 不舒服的

“前缀un + 形容词” 常构成此形容词 的反义词。 happy 愉快的;高兴的 unhappy 不高兴的 common adj. 普通的;寻常的 uncommon adj. 不寻常的;非凡的

Imagine you went to a talent show of famous people. Write an article about the talent show.

Thanks for listening!

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