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Unit3 Language in use

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Unit 3 Language in use

Part I


DO exercise :8 and 9 page 114

做个采访 写点音乐评论 怕高 等候电梯 拥有极好的风景 在将来 大量的人 吸引越来越多的人 一个世界奇迹 ..的描述 自然奇观 现代奇迹 古代奇迹

do an interview write music reviews be afraid of height wait for the lift have a fantastic view of in the future a large number of people attract more and more people a wonder of the world descreption of natural wonder modern wonder

ancient wonder

Part II Language practice
1 Is the Grand Canyon the greatest wonder anywhere in the natural world? 2 She sings with the band Crazy Feet. 3 We’re having a meeting. 4 She went to our school. 5 It was raining. 6 I’ve written down some ideas. 7 I’ll do an inerview with Becky Wang!

Explain the difference in meaning between sentences a)and b).

1 a) I often play basketball. b) I’m playing basketball now.

2 a) She’ gone to the Great Wall. b) She’s been to the Great Wall twice. 3 a) They had an English class yesterday. b) They were having an English class at nine o’clock yesterday morning.

4 a) He’s doing an interview. b) He’s done an interview.

5 a) We’re making a poster about the Great Wall now. b) We’ll make a poster about the pyramid.

2.Match the three parts of the sentences.
? They all ? Many people ? They

? The Great wall
? Daming ? The sun ? Tony

is visit are talking watched was rising has started will write

? when he saw the Grand Canyon. ? this ancient wonder every year. ? about the school magazine a the moment . ? about 6,700 kilometres long ? some music reviews. ? his homework ? television yesterday evening

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words

The sun__________(go) down when we (1)______________(arrive) was going arrived at the bottom of the building. I (2)______(be) afraid of heights so I was (3)________(be) a little nervous as we (4)__________(wait) for the was waited climbed lift to top. The lift (5)________ (climb) faster and faster until we (6) reached _______(reach) floor No 88. The Jin Mao Building in Shanghai (7) _________(be) 420.5metres high. The tallest building in China and the was fourth tallest building in the world ( in 2005). It was built in 1998 and it (8)_______(get) dark and we decided to go back down again. It(10) got stood ________(be) high up there, but I wasn’t afraid when I (11)________ was hope (stand) at the top. I (12)___________(hope) to go to Shanghai again next year, and I’m sure I (13)__________(want) to go up the building want again.

Part III: Work in pairs
1.you/see/the pyramids? 2.where/the pyramids? 3.when/the Egyptians/build them? 4.what/ a wonder of the world in 100 years from now? Student A 1.you/see/the Jin Mao Building? 2.how high/the Jin Mao Building? 3.when/it open? 4.what/a wonder of the world in 100 years from now? Student B

Part IV : A test (Activity 5 on page 7)

write the sentences individua

lly. Let us test who can finish it as soon as possible.

Part V : Grammar
时 态

例 句


She doesn’t sing with the band Crazy Feet.

She sings with the Does she sing with band Crazy Feet. the band Crazy Feet?


一般将来时 现在完成时

Part II Wonders of the world
Work in pairs

Mt. Qomolangma Empire State Building The Great Pyramid at Giza

Mt. Qomolangma Empire State Building

The Great Pyramid at Giza




a d h k


g l

f i


Interesting fact

Part III : Module Task ? read the notes to prepare the poster about a wonder of the world.

Part VII: Homework Do exercise : 1page 114
Make a conclusion of the grammar of this unit.

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