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八年级(上)Unit6 短语和句子

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Unit6 短语和句子


1. grow up 长大 2.practice basketball 练习篮球 practice doing sth. 练习做某事

3.keepon doing sth.坚持做--- 4.be sure about sth. 对---有把握

5.make sure (to do sth.)确信/确保(做---) 6.move to +地点 搬到某处

7.take acting/piano lessons 上表演/钢琴课

8.study education/how to teach children 学习教育/学习如何教孩子

9.go to a cooking school 上厨艺/烹饪学校 10.study medicine at a university 在大学学医

11.write articles写文章 12.send articles to magazines and newspapers 向杂志社和报社投稿

12.learn to play the piano 学弹钢琴 learn to do sth 学做---

13.make the soccer team 组建足球队 14.get good grades 取得好成绩

15.get lots of exercise 获得许多锻炼 16.eat healthier food 吃更健康的食物

17.learn another foreign language 学另一种外语

18.discuss sth. with sb.与某人讨论某事 19.at the beginning of ---- 在---开始时

20.improve our lives 改善我们的生活 21.write down(write it/them down)把它/它们)记下

22.different kinds of--- 不同种类的--- 23.eat less fast food/junk food 少吃熟食/垃圾食物

24.have to do with--- 与---有关 25.take up sth. 学着做/开始做---;拿起---

26.have one thing in common 有一个共同点 27.make a promise (to sb)对(---)许诺

28.keep one’s promise 守诺 29.for this reason 由于这个原因

30.my own personal improvment 我自己的个人发展 self-improvement 自我发展,自我完善


1.When you/I grow up.当你/我长大时。 When he/she grows up.当他/她长大时。

2.What do you want to be when you grow up ?你长大后想当什么/干什么?

I want to be a/an ---. 我想当---- 。

3.What does he/she want to be when he/she grows up ?他/她长大后相当什么?

He/she wants to be a/an --- .他/她相当--- 。

4.What are you going to be when you grow up ? 你长大后将当什么/干什么?

I’m going to be a cook/an actor (actress) ---.我将当厨师/演员。

5.How are you going to do that ?/How are myou going to make it work ?你将怎么做/实现它?

6.I am going to a cooking school/take acting lessons.我打算上厨艺学校/上表演课。

7.I’m going to keep on writing articles and send them to magazines and newspapers.我打算坚持写文章并向杂志社和报社投稿。

8.My parents want me to be a doctor. 我父母想要我当医生。

9.Not everyone knows what they want to be. 不是每个人都知道他们相当什么。

10.Just make sure you try your best.只要确信你尽全力。

11.Then you can be anything you want !那么你就能做你想做的任何事情!

12.My cousin wants to be a race car driver. 我堂哥想当一名赛车手。

He is going to buy a fast car. 他将买一辆跑车。

13.I’m going to move to London.我打算搬到伦敦。

I’m going to study in London. 我打算在伦敦学习。

14.I’m going to study hard and get good grades. 我打算努力学习并取得好成绩。

15.Most of the time, we make promises to other people. 大多数时候,我们向他人许诺。

16.There are different kinds of resolutions. 有不同种类的决心。

17.Although there are differences,most resolutions have one thing in common. 虽然有不同点,但


18.People hardly ever keep them. 任梦几乎不称坚持他们(决心)。

19.Sometimes the resolutions may be too difficult to keep.有时候那些决心也许太难而不能坚持。

20.For this reason,some people say the best resolution is to have no resolutions !


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