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(精品)go for it 人教版 九年级英语 短语 Unit 6

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(精品)go for it 人教版九年级英语短语知识点unit6 1

(精品)Unit 6九年级英语短语


1.prefer v.更喜爱,更喜欢,相当于like??better,其过去式、过去分词为preferred,常用于以下结构:

I preferred music.

Which do you prefer?


She prefers to live among the working people. (3) prefer+v-ing I prefer living abroad. 动词不定式复合结构:


preferAto B ??喜欢A而不喜欢 B.(to为介词) She prefers apples to bananas.

②prefer doing A to doing B(to为介词) He prefers running to walking.

③prefer to do A rather than do B.宁愿做A而不愿做B . 2.gentle:


She reminded me of her sister.

The pictures remind me of my school days. 提醒某人做某事

提醒某人不要做某事 4.表示“也”的用法: 用在句中,

5. What do you think of ?? =How do you like?? 6.as 的用法:


Please do it again as I told you.

②连词,当??的时候,着重强调两个动词同时发生 She sang as she worked. ③表示原因,“因为,由于”比较口语化,语气也较弱,所表示的原因比较明显。

As I didn’t know the way, I asked the policeman.

④as+adj./ adv.(原级) + as? ---和??一样---, 7.over the years多年来,往往与现在完成时连用 8.though 做副词“可是,不过,然而”放在句尾

①be sure of sth “确信---,确定----,对----有把握”,主语是“人”,是对自己而言,是主语对自己的主观判断 e.g. He is sure of success.他自信会成功的(he对他自己是否成功的主观判断) ②be sure+宾语从句,表示主句主语对宾语从句中涉及的事物所作出的判断,意为“确信某事一定会??”。

例如: I'm not sure whether he has met Kate before.我不能确定他以前是否见到过凯特。(主句主


We are sure that he will make great progress this term.我们确信他这学期一定会取得巨大进步.


③be sure to do “务必??一定??”, 主语是“人、物”,是对他人而言,是说话人句子主语作出的判断

It is sure to rain.天一定会下雨。(说话人对句子主语“it”作出的判断) He is sure to have known about that.他准会知道那件事。(说话人对句子主语“he”作出的判断) He told me I was sure to get a warm welcome.他告诉我,说我准会受到热情接待的。(说话人“he”对句子主语“I”作出的判断)

④be sure to do “务必要??一定要??”, 用在祈使句中,不是表示“判断”,而是表示对“对方的要求”,意为“务必要”,“一定要”。

例如: Be sure not to forget it!千万别忘记呀!(表对祈使句“you”的要求) Be sure to send my regards to your mother.务必代我问候你母亲。 Be sure not to do that again.一定不要再干那种事了 ⑤make sure 确保,核实,查收,弄清楚 10.one of the+最高级+复数名词,“最??之一”


A. 位置 :一般来说

1.单个的过去分词作定语,通常前置,放在被修饰的名词之前.但若修饰不定代词(something, anything, nobody, everything)或指示代词 (those,these)时,要后置。 e.g. an honored guest 一位受尊敬的客人 barbecued meat烤肉



B.难点提示 ,及物动词和不及物动词的过去分词作定语 的区别: vt.及物动词的过去分词表示1.被动,2.完成

(精品)go for it 人教版九年级英语短语知识点unit6 1

vi.不及物动词的过去分词没有被动意义,只表示动 作的完成。

build与house之间被动关 系,build这一动作已经完成)

落叶(fall 下落的动作已经完成)

升起的太阳(rise这一动作已经完成) 12. on display=on show

13.interest:n.兴趣,趣味;show great interest in sth



He interested me in football.他使我对足球感兴趣。

I’ve got a lot of books that might interest you.我有许多可能使你感兴趣的书。 ③be /get/become interested in (doing) sth.意为“对(做)??感兴趣”,主语是人

14.class 等级,级别,阶级,班级 15. whatever=no matter what 16.suggest:,后跟宾语从句,用陈述语气,不用虚拟语气。

As the name suggests(暗示), the band has lots of energy.

Theexpressiononhisfacesuggested(表明)thathewasveryangry.他脸上的表情表明他很生气. ②“建议”,后跟宾语从句,用虚拟语气;

◇虚拟语气用在suggest(建议)、insist(坚持)、demand(要求)、order(命令)等动词后的宾语从句中。 在这种用法中,无论主句谓语动词为何种时态,从句的谓语动词都用:“should + 动 词原形”或只用“动词原形”。 如 He suggested He insisted

He demand ’s advice He ordered


energetic (adj.)有活力的,精力充沛的,

18.honest 该词是元音发音开头,前面的不定冠词用“an”. E.g. an honest boy 一诚实的孩子


20. along with 伴随…同…一道

I will go along with you. 我同你一道去。 I sing along with music. 我伴随着音乐唱歌。 21. dance to sth. 随着…跳舞

She likesdancing to the music. 她喜欢随着音乐而跳舞。

22. different kinds of 各种各样different kinds of clothes 各种各样的衣服


musician n. 音乐家

musical adj.音乐的,用于音乐的; 喜爱[精通]音乐的; 音调优美的; 悦耳的 24. take… to …带…去…. 如:

My father often takes me to the park. 我的爸爸经常带我去公园。 Please take this box to my office. 请拿这个盒子到我的办公室。 25. be important to sb. 对…重要

beimportant for sb. to dosth. 做某事对某人很重要 26. though == although作连词虽然,尽管

放在句子中间/句首,不能和but 连用

Though it was very late, he went on working. 虽然很晚了,但他还在工作 Mr. Smith , though he was young, did it very well. 史密斯先生虽然年轻,却做得很好。 28. most of ……的大多数

29. keep healthy 保持健康=stay healthy =keep in good health 30. get together聚在一起

31. be bad for sth. 对…有坏处的 be bad for doing sth. 做…有坏处

32. take care of === look after 照顾关心如: She often takes care of / looks after her son. 33 stay away from 远离…如:

Stay away from me ,I have a cold. 请远离我,我得了感冒 34. to be honest 老实说如:

To be honest,I really like flowers. 老实说,我真的很喜欢花。 35. dislike不喜欢, like 喜欢 36. fisherman渔夫复数形式 fishermen 摄影

photographn. 照片相片 photographer n. 摄影师

38. be in agreement 意见一致常与介词on /about连用如:

They are in agreement on that question. 他们对那个问题意见一致。 主要地首要地 主要的 二.短语

1.expect to do sth.期望干??

expect sb. to do sth期望某人干?? 2.catch up with追上,赶上

3.different kinds of music各种不同的音乐 4.quiet and gentle songs轻柔的歌曲 5. take?to?带??到??

6. remind?of?使某人想起或意识到?? remind sb to do sth提醒某人做某事 7.her own songs她自己的歌曲

(精品)go for it 人教版九年级英语短语知识点unit6 1

8.be important to对??重要 9.Yellow River黄河

10.Hong Tao’s latest movie洪涛最近的电影 11.over the years多年来

12.be sure to do sth.务必干??, 一定干?? be sure of sth “确信---,确定----,对----有把握” be sure of oneself 有自信心

13.one of the best known Chinese photographers世界上最有名的中国摄影家之一 14.on display展览,展出 15.come and go来来往往

16.can’t stand doing sth不能忍受做--- 17.look for寻找

18.feel sick感到恶心,不舒服

19.have a great time玩得高兴,过得愉快 20.to be honest说实话

21.be lucky to do幸运的是??

我23.most of my friends我的大部分朋友 24.go for去找某人,想法得到某事物

25.keep healthy 保持健康=stay healthy =keep in good health 26.French fries薯条

27.stay away from与??保持距离

28.be in agreement意见一致(后跟短语、句子) be in agreement on/ about sth对----意见一致 29.barbecued meat烤肉

30.a tag question反意疑问句 31.be bad for对??有害 32,wear a suit 穿西装

suit (指款式,风格,颜色,要求)适合某人

(指尺寸,大小)适合某人 34,meat that is well cooked

Well-cooked meat 35,foodthattasts good

tasty food 味道好的食物 36, n.

food n. 37,increase the risk of cancer 增加癌症的风险 cause cancer 致癌

38,meat thatis burnt 烧焦的肉 burnt meat

39,eat a balanced diet

Have a good balance

40,some types of oil are really bad for us 一些种类的油的确对我们有害(are与types保持一致) 三.句子

1.I love singers who write their own music.我喜欢自己创作曲子的歌手。 2.We prefer music that has great lyrics.我们更喜欢歌词很棒的曲子。 3.What do you dislike about this CD.你不喜欢这张CD的什么? 4.What does it remind you of?它使你想起了什么?

5.The music reminds me of Brazilian dance music.这首曲子使我想起了巴西舞曲。 6.It does have a few good features, though. 然而,它的确也有一些特色。

7.She really has something for everyone.

每个人的确都能从她的作品中领悟到一些东西。 8.Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition. 无论怎样,你都不能错过这次展出。

9.As the name suggests, the band has a lot of energy. 正如乐队名字所暗示的那样,这支乐队很有活力。

10. Some people say they are boring, but others say they are great.有人说他们无聊,其他人说他们不错。11.If I were you, I’d eat nuts instead.如果我是你,我会改吃坚果。 12,I prefer not to eat too much food thatis fried我宁愿不吃油炸的食物 13, it’s not at all good for our health. 对我们的身体没一点好处

14,people who eat a balanced diet should be healthier than those who only eat biscuits

andhamburgers,shouldn’t they?吃均衡饮食的人应该比那些只吃饼干和汉堡的人更健康,对吗?

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