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新外研版八年级英语上册Module3Unit1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis.课件

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1. boring adj. 无聊的;烦人的 2. relaxing adj. 令人愉悦的;使人放松的 3. enjoyable adj. 令人愉快的,有乐趣的 4. score v. 得(分) n分数 5. miss v. 未击中;未达到 ; 错过 n.思念 6. mind v. 介意;讨厌;反对 n 7. hurt v.(使)疼痛 (使)受伤 8. already adv. 已经;早已 9. matter n. 问题;麻烦 What’s the matter? 怎么了 10. plenty pron. 大量;众多 plenty of

Module 3
Unit 1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis

Do you know them ?


Listen with your ears.

Task Ⅰ. Listen to the tape and finish Activity 1. TaskⅡ. Listen to the tape again and fill in the blanks. 1.Football is more popular than baseball. 2.Baseball is boring . 3.Table tennis is a faster game than tennis. 4.Swimming is relaxing .
Tips: 1.听前,要浏览问题及选项,做到熟悉听力内容。 2.听中,要捕捉信息词并迅速记笔记。 3.听后,认真检查所填信息是否准确。


Listen with your ears.

Task Ⅲ. Listen and choose T or F. 1.This week’s match is more exciting than last week’s. T 2.Tony played table tennis yesterday. F 3.For Tony,playing tennis is more enjoyable than watching matches on TV. T 4.Watching theOlympics on TV was more expensive than buying tickets for the games. F 5.Going to the stadium was more difficult than staying at home. T

1. Follow the tape to correct your pronunciation and understand the dialogue better.
Imitate the pronunciation and intonation.

Read the dialogue 2~3 times by yourself loudly and crazily! Pay attention to the following points:
(1) score n / v (2) not…at all (3) what’s the matter with you? (4) 短语:never mind;plenty of (5) than+doing 的句子

1.观看电视上的足球比赛 1.watch the football match on TV
2.比分数多少? 3.一分钟之前 2.What’s the score? 3.a minute ago

5.看起来很疲倦 6.伤了我的膝盖

4.What’s the matter with you?
5.look tired 6.hurt my knee


7.That’s too bad!
8.I’m not sure about that.

9.喜欢在电视上观看奥林 9.enjoy watching the Olympics on TV 匹克运动会 10.that’s because+原因 10.那是因为 11.运气太差了 that’s why+表结果的句子 11.bad luck 12.Never mind. 13.plenty of time


Work in groups. Find out the important sentences and your difficulties in the dialogue.
1. Find out the sentences of comparative degree.(含有形容词比较级的句子) 2. Discuss your problems and difficulties in

understanding of the dialogue.
3. Present your question in class and solve them together.

1. So this week’s match is already more exciting. 2. It’s safer than playing tennis. 3. Watching is not dangerous and it’s more relaxing too! 4. Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis. 5. Yes,that’s because it was cheaper than buying tickets for all the games.

音节形容词怎样 变比较级?

Work in pairs
Work in pairs. Try your best to read and retell the dialouge.
1.Work in pairs and read the dialogue in roles. Tony 、Daming、Betty 2. After reading, try to retell your words without

your book.
3. We’ll ask 3-4 groups to retell the dialogue. 5’

Requirements: 1. Read the dialouge in roles. 2. Everyone in your group should take part in the dialogue. 3. Other students should listen carefully.

Free Talk
What’s your favourite sport? Talk it in groups and share the reasons why you like it, then compare their differences.
要求: 1. 展示内容丰富,形式不限。 2.尽可能的运用多音节形容词的比较级。 3.每个同学都大胆、大方的用英语表达自己的观 点。

一、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.We trained harder (hard)this year than last year. 2.The team played better (well)on Saturday than on Tuesday. 3.They practised more carefully (carefully)this week than last week. 4.Playing football is more exciting (exciting)than watching it. 5.Playing tennis is more expensive (expensive)than swimming.


1.They are working hard (hard)to learn English. 2.This bike was cheaper (cheap),so we decided to buy it. carefully 3.The teacher speaks slowly (slow)and (careful). 4.Mary is going to get up early (early)because she needs to catch the first bus. 5.Running is very easy (easy). You can do it anywhere. 6.I do not like to be late (late). 7.I am afraid our team is doing very badly (bad).

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