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M3U1 When will the match be held?

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The 12th National Games was just over. It was held in Liaoning.

? How many gold medals were won by Guangdong?

50.5 gold the 13th National Games be held? ? Where willmedals were won.

It will be held in Tianjin.

Sporting life

Module 3

Unit 1

When will the match be held?

? ? ? ?

学习目标: 1. 掌握U1 单词,词组 2. 完成听力任务 3. 可以描述一场体育比赛。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Task 1: read and learn new words sporting adj.有关体育运动的 allow v.允许 defeat v. 打败 season n. 赛季 stand for 代表,象征 against prep. 与..相对,相反,靠 point n. 得分 tough adj. 艰苦的,激烈的 reckon v. 认为 win v. 赢 (won won) hold v.举办(held held) competition n. 比赛 score n.分数 v.分数是

Say out the words loud sporting ? 有关体育运动的 allow ? 允许 ? 打败 defeat ? 赛季 season stand for ? 代表,象征 ? 与..相对,相反,靠 against point ? 得分 tough ? 艰苦的,激烈的 reckon ? 认为 win- won- won 赢 hold- held- held 举办 competition 比赛 score 分数, 分数是

2.Tony and his dad talked about who’s allowed to play in the School Basketball Competition.Listen and fill in the words you hear.

A .If a school scores over fifty points in a match, it will be allowed to play in the competition. B. The matches are held every Saturday during the basketball season.

C. What is the team called

? ---BIG.

D.No team has ever defeated BIG at all this season.

1.a tough match 一场艰苦的比赛 2.You’ve got no chance ! 你们没有获胜的机会! 3.What do you reckon ? =What do you think?你怎么认为? 4.Don’t let them get to you ! 不要让他们影响你! 5.Nice work ! 干得好!

Task 3: listening part 3 Listen and choose 1. Who will be BIG against next week? A. HAS B. CAD C. FIB 2. What was the score last time? A. 98 points to 15 points B. 92 points to 52 points C. 98 points to 52 points 3. What did they think of the game? ? A. boring B. tough C. interesting 4. Why did Betty go to the match? A. To have fun B. To see her favourite basketball player C. To write a report

? Task 4: read the dialogue ? L: Hi, Tony. You look tired.(看起来很累 ) ? T: Yes. I'm training with BIG, the Beijing International Globetrotters, for the School's Basketball Competition. It's the big match next week. ? B: Who's it against?( 对… ) ? D: HAS. ? L: What does HAS stand for?( 象征,代表 ) ? T: Haidian All Stars. ? B: Oh, yes. You were defeated(被打败 last time. ) ? L: What was the score?( 分数如何 ) ? B: All Stars 98 points to Globetrotters 52. So when will the match be held?(被举行 )

D: Next Saturday. Are you coming? 艰苦的比赛 B: Yes. It's going to be a tough match.( ) I'm going to write a report for New Standard. L: I agree. Are you in the team, Daming? D: No, I wasn't chosen( 被选上 ) this time. Why are you smiling, Betty? B: Well, I've seen HAS play

several times this season( 这个赛季), and they're brilliant! And if you want my opinion T: ...No, I don't. B: ...... you've got no chance!( 没机会 ) What do you reckon, Lingling?( 你觉得怎么样? ) L: I think you're right, Betty.

D: Well, you won't be allowed to( 被允许 ) watch with our fans if that's what you think!: B: It's true, Daming. T: Well, I don't agree. We're playing really well this season. I think we're so good that we'll be asked to(被叫去做.. play in the Olympic Games. ) D: Don't let them get to( 被影响) you, Tony! (They leave) L: Hee hee! Nice work, Betty! 对…生气 B: Of course. They're so mad with ( ) us that they'll try harder to win, just to show we're wrong!

Read the dialogue and complete the passage.
? Tony is training with BIG for the school’s Basketball Competition now. BIG stands for _____ the Beijing International Globetrotters. It’s was defeated against HAS. Last time BIG _____ _____by will be held HAS and the next match____ ____ _____next chosen Saturday. But Daming wasn’t ________this time .in order to win the match . Betty said some words to make Tony angry .They are so mad with Betty that they’ll try harder to win ,just to show Betty is wrong.

The formations of the passive voices of different tenses:


现 在

are was


过 去


将 来

will be + pp.

? 1.They will plant many trees. will be planted ? Many trees _____ ____ ______ by them. ? 2.He wrote this novel. was written ? This novel ______ ______ by him. ? 3.We won’t hold the sports meeting next week. ? The sports meeting ____ ____ _____ next won’t be held week. ? 4.Did the workers build the building? ? _____ the building _____ by the workers? Was built

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Exercise: 1. 这些花每天都被浇水。 These flowers are watered every day. __________ 2. 作业在今早就被做完了。 The homework was finished/done ________________ this morning. 3. 明年很多树会被砍。 Many trees will be cut downevery year. _______________ 4. 失踪的小孩没被找到。 The lost child _______________. wasn’t found

? ? ? ? ? ?

5. 明天一场比赛将不会被举行。 A match won’t be heldtomorrow. ____________ 6. 1年后这栋大楼将会被建成吗? ______the building ___________ in a year? Will be built 7. 这些书被数百万的人阅读吗? read ______these books ________ by millions of Are people. ? 8. 昨天你的书被带回家了吗? Was ? _______ your book taken home yesterday? _____

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