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A. good B. better C. the better D. the best

8. --- A new baby came to the earth ______ a sunny winter

一、单项选择(共15小题,计15分) morning. --- How nice.

1. The underlined part in the word “photos” is pronounced as A. on B. in C. of D. at ________ . 9. —Do you know ______the soldiers came to Yingshi Town? 九年级英语社团活动 (二)

A. /s/ B. /is/ C. /iz/ D. /z/ 2. ---Nancy, how long does it take to fly to Canada? ---Sorry, I don’t know. But I can telephone my father to ____it for you. A. do B. check C. catch D. find 3..---Your brother doesn’t get up early, does he? --- ____. But he gets up late on weekends. A. No, he didn’t B. Yes, he does C. Yes, he did D. No, he doesn’t 4. --- Your grandparents were very great. --- Yes. They supported my father’s schooling ____ they were very poor. A. as if B. even though C. so that D. what if 5. Don't worry. You ______ plenty of time to decide. A. will be given B. have given C. will give D. are giving 6. —My house is very near a busy street. —It __ be very quiet. A. can B. must C. mustn't D. can’t 7. ---Whom would you like to be your assistant, Jack or David? ---If I had to choose, David would be ____choice.

—The roads were badly broken. They had to walk there. A. why B. when C. how D. where

10. ---Who is the girl ______ is reading a book quietly in the classroom? --- Oh! It’s Maria, my new classmate. A. what B. who C.whose D. which 11. ---What a hot day! Have you had a drink? ---Yes. But I’d like to have _____ after work. A. it B. one C. other D. another 12. ---What should I do, doctor? ---_____healthy, you should take more exercise. A. Keep B. Keeping C. To keep D. Having kept 13. —When will Han Han’s new book ________? —Sorry, I d on't know. I’m looking forward to his new book,。A. come on B. come out C. come in D. come over 14. I saw Lisa in the street yesterday, but she didn't see me. She ______ the other way. A. was looking B. is looking C. looked D. has looked 15. ---We had a football match with No. 15 Middle School yesterday. ---______. I missed it. A. What a pity! B. I’m afraid.

C.I don’t think so. D. I’m sorry to hear that.


1—5 DBCBA 6----10 DCACB 11---15 BCBAA


Class________Name ________ No. ________Score________


从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 1. Everyone can have _______ ID card, even a newly-born baby. A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. There’s something wrong with my computer. May I use ______? A. your B. mine C. you D. yours 3. It’s so crowded here. Let’s make some ______ for the baby. A. house B. room C. seats D. chairs

4. _______ the kind people around, he was sent to hospital in time and saved by the doctors.

A. Thanks to B. Thanks for C. Because D. Because for 5. He _______ be in the restaurant. His car is just outside it!

A. can B. can’t C. must D. mustn’t 6. -When _______ the Art Club ______? -In 2003.

A. was; found B. was; founded C. has; founded D. did; found 7. The soft music makes Amy ______. She soon fell asleep.

A. excited B. relaxed C. interested D. surprised

8. - _______ is the weather in Australia now?

- Hmm, it’s summer there and a little windy.

A. How B. What C. What about D. How about

9. - How long have these Indian kids _______ this Chinese school?

- For about three years.

A. come to B. been to C. been in D. joined

10. - What language do they _______ in their country?

- English and French.

A. tell B. say C. speak D. talk

11. -What do you think of the new-comer?

- He is easy _______ .

A. to get along with B. to get along C. getting along D. getting along with

12. - Is your son already in London ?

- Not yet, I think. He’ll give me a call as soon as he ______.

A. will arrive B. will reach C. arrives D. reaches

13.- When shall we start?

- Let’s _____ it 7:30. Is that all right?

- That’s a good idea.

A. try B. meet C. take D. make

14. - Would you please tell me _______ next, Miss Yang?

- Sure. Let me see.

A. what should we do B. we should do what

C. what we should do D. should we do what

15. - You haven’t been to the West Lake in Hangzhou, have you?

-______. How I wish to go there!

A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven’t C. No, I have D. No, I haven’t

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