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英语八(上)unit 4 单词课

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Unit4 What is the best movie theater?
Words & expressions (单词课)

Do you like to watch movies? Let’s go to the movie theater!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

剧场;电影院; theater [‘θ??t?] 舒适的;充裕的 comfortable ['k?mft?bl] 座位 seat [si?t] 屏幕;银幕 screen [skri?n] 关;合拢; 停业 close [kl??s] 最坏的;最差的 worst [w??st] 廉价地;粗俗地 cheaply ['t?i?pli] 歌曲;歌唱 song [s??] 选择;决定 choose [t?u?z] 小心地,认真地 carefully [‘ke?f?li] reporter [r?'p??t?(r)] 记者

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

fresh [fre?] ? 新鲜的;清新的 comfortably[‘k?mft?bli] ? 舒服地;充裕地 worse [w??s] ? 更坏的;更差的 service ['s??v?s] ? 服务 pretty ['pr?ti] ? 相当地;漂亮的 menu ['menju?] ? 菜单 act [? kt] ? 行动;表演 meal [mi?l] ? 一餐;膳食 so far ? 到目前为止;

? creative [kri‘e?t?v] ? ? performer ? [p?’f??m?(r)] ? ? talent [‘t?l?nt] ? ? common ['k?m?n] ? ? magician [m?'d???n] ? ? beautifully ['bju?t?fli] ? ? role [r??l] ? ? winner ['w?n?(r)] ? ? prize [pra?z] ? ? everybody ['evrib?di] ?

创造的 表演者 天赋;才艺; 常见的,普通的 魔术师 美丽地 作用;角色 获胜者 奖品;奖金 每人;人人 例子;榜样

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? poor [p??(r)] seriously ['s??ri?sli] ? ? give [ɡ?v] crowded ['kra?d?d] ? have…in common ? ? all kinds of ? be up to ? play a role ? make up ? for example ? take…seriously

可怜的;贫穷的 严重地,严肃地 给;赠予;送 拥挤的 有相同特征 各种各样 是…….的职责 发挥作用;有影响 编造 例如 认真对待


Words and expressions

theater 戏院,剧院 a movie theater 电影院


performer sing a song



winner prize

As for the place, what is important to you?

It has

--- ---

comfortable seats big screens

/'skri:n/ friendly service

The weather is bad.

The weather is worse.

The weather is the worst.

Match the phrases with the Chinese
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? so far have …in common all kinds of be up to play a role make up for example take seriously 各种各样 的 发挥作用 是…的职责,由…来定 有相同特征 到目前为止 认真对待… 编造 例如

Remember the words like this

? eg: cheap便宜+ly= cheaply便宜地 ? 1. comfortable + ly= comfortablly 舒服地 __________ seriously ? serious+ ly= ________ 严重地 cheaply ? cheap + ly = ________ 便宜地 winner ? 2. win + (n)er = ________ 获胜者 performer ? perform + er = _______ 表演者

Read the story and try to translate it into Chinese
? Do you want to go to the movies? There is a movie theater near here. It’s close to home. It has the biggest screens and the mos

t comfortable seats. The service is pretty good. They sell the tickets cheaply. Sometimes the magicians and performers from all over the place come to act all kinds of talent shows. For example, China’s Got Talent(中国达人秀) The DJ chooses the latest songs to play. The winner will be given the prize. The reporter has reported it so far.

Mind map
comfortable seats good service cheap tickets

big screens

Try to retell the story.
? Do you want to go to the movies? There is a theater is close to movie _______near here. It_________ home. It screen has the biggest ______s and the most service pretty comfortable seats ______________. The ______is _____good. They sell the________________. Sometimes tickets cheaply magicians performers the ________and __________ come to act all kinds of talent For example _____________ shows. _____________, China’s Got Talent DJ _______________ (中国达人秀) The ___ songs chooses the latest ______to play. The winner prize reporter _______will be given the_____. The _______ so far has reported it _____.


一. 按要求做题。

beautifully 1. bad (比较级)______ 2. beautiful(副词)_____ worse cheap 3. best (原级) good/well expensive(反义词)__ _______ 4.

reporter 5. big (最高级)biggest 6. report (名词)_______ _______
winner careful 7. carefully(形容词)_______ 8. win(名数)__ poor theater 9. rich (反义词)_______ 10. cinema(同义词)___

heater ? 1.Town Cinema is the best movie t____ in my town. ? 2.I think Moon Theater has the most _________ comfortable seats.(舒适的) creens ? 3.Screen City has the biggest s_____ . ? 4.Movie World is the c______ to my home. losest (离...近) choose ? 5.The DJs ______(挑选) the songs carefully.

? You must do: ? Read the new words more, and circle them on the book ? ? If you can do: ? Try to make sentences with the new words.



We’ll try to do everything the best ,not the worst.(尽力把所有事


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