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2103外研版七年级上册Module 1 自测题

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Module 1 自测题



V. 单项选择(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)

( )21. Wang Li is my sister. She is ______ English teacher.

A. a B. an

C. the D. /

( )22. — Where are you ____?

— Beijing.

A. from B. with

C. under D. on

( )23. _________ school is big and nice. We all like it.

A. I B. My

C. We D. Our

( )24. — How many classes ____ there?

— Thirteen.

A. is B. are

C. am D. be

( )25. Wang Ling is my friend. She is a _______ in Beijing Wuxing School.

A. lesson B. name

C. student D. year

( )26. — ______ are you?

— I am 14.

A. How many B. How old

C. What D. How

( )27. — What’s your brother’s name?

— ____ name is Liu Ming.

A. My B. His

C. Your D. Her

( )28. Everyone in our class ______ English.

A. plays B. play

C. likes D. like

( )29. My name is Jack Smith. Jack is my _____ name.

A. first B. last

C. big D. small

( )30. — _____ Chinese?

— No, I am not.

A. Do you B. Are you

C. Is he D. Is she

( )31. Shanghai is a big _______ in China.

A. city B. school

C. class D. home

( )32. — _____ my bag?

— It’s on the desk.

A. How is B. How are

C. Where is D. Where are

( )33. — I like red. _______?

— I like white.

A. How are you

B. What’s your colour

C. What about you

D. Are you a new teacher

( )34. — Is your cat black?

— _____. It is yellow and white.

A. Yes, it is

B. No, it is

C. Yes, it isn’t

D. No, it isn’t

( )35. — My name is Lucy. What’s your name?

— My name is Tony. _______.

A. This is my dog

B. I am fine

C. Nice to meet you

D. I like reading

VI. 完形填空(共10小题,每小题2分,共20分)

This boy is Tony. Today (今天) is his first day in the school. Teacher: What’s your Tony.





day in the school. come (来) with me to Class One. you.

Teacher: You are welcome (不客气).

( )36. A. lesson B. year C. name D. colour

( )37. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )38. A. room B. city C. school D. class

( )39. A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

( )40. A. But B. And C. Or D. /

( )41. A. Yes B. Sorry C. Fine D. Good

( )42. A. student B. teacher C. boy D. girl

( )43. A. new B. nice C. first D. short

( )44. A. do B. can C. don’t D. can’t ( )45. A. Thank B. Tell C. Read D. Meet VII. 阅读理解(共10小题,每小题2分,共20分)

( )46. ______ is from Shenyang. A. Xiaoli B. Mark C. Lisa D. Chen Ming ( )47. How old is Mark? A. He is eleven. B. He is twelve. C. He is thirteen. D. He is ten.

( )48. Where is New York? A. It is in China. B. It is in America. C. It is in Guangzhou. D. It is in England.

( )49. Chen Ming and Xiaoli like _______. A. red B. green

C. swimming D. table tennis

( )50. __________ are thirteen years old. A. Mark and Xiaoli

B. Chen Ming and Xiaoli C. Lisa and Mark D. Lisa and Xiaoli


The girl is my friend Lily. She is thirteen years old. She is a student at No. 2 Middle School. She is an English girl. She can speak (说) Chinese but she can’t write it. She likes doing sports with her friends. Her favourite sport is table tennis. She plays table tennis after school.

The boy is my friend, too. His name is Li Ming. He is twelve years old. He is from Shanghai. He goes to No. 3 Middle School. His favourite sport is football. He likes English, too. His English name is Tom.

( )51. How old is Lily?

A. She is 11. B. She is 12.

C. She is 13. D. She is 14.

( )52. Where is Li Ming from?

A. America. B. England.

C. Beijing. D. Shanghai.

( )53. What’s Lily’s favourite sport?

A. Table tennis.

B. Basketball.

C. Swimming.

D. Football.

( )54. What can Lily NOT do?

A. Write Chinese.

B. Speak English.

C. Play table tennis.

D. Speak Chinese.

( )55. Which of the following is true according to the passage (根据短文哪一个是正确的)?

A. Li Ming likes playing basketball.

B. Lily is a Chinese girl.

C. Lily and Li Ming are friends.

D. Lily and Li Ming are students.

VIII. 词汇(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

A) 根据首字母和汉语完成单词。

56. This book is a_______ (关于) birds.

57. My dog is very s_______ (小的).

58. Beijing is the c_______ (首都) of China.

59. His Chinese is v_______ (非常) good.

60. My f______ (第一) book is a Chinese book.

B) 从方框中选出合适的单词完成句子。

61. Is your friend an _______?

62. My room is very ______.

63. — Where are you ________?

— Guangzhou.

64. Beijing is a big ________ in China.

65. Mr Smith’s family are in ________. They are English.

IX. 根据括号中所给提示翻译句子(共5小题,每小题2分,共10分)

66. 你姓什么? (last name)


67. 你的学生来自哪里?(from)


68. 他不是我的朋友。(not)


69. 你来自英格兰吗?(England)


70. 那里有十三座城市。(city)


X. 根据所给汉语正确拼写单词,完成短文(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

Mr and Mrs Brown are 71._________(从……来) America. They are in Shanghai. They like big 72. _________ (城市). They are 73.__________(老师) in a school. Sam and Mike are Mr Brown’s sons (儿子). They are 74.__________(学生) in Shanghai Xinfu School. Sam and Mike are in 75. __________ (班级) Two. They like Chinese. They 76._________(能) speak Chinese but they can’t 77._______(写) Chinese. Sam and Mike like playing 78.________(篮球). Mr and Mrs Brown like sports, 79. _________ (也). They like swimming in 80. _______(夏天).

◆XI. 书面表达(共15分)







21-25 BADBC 26-30 BBCAB

31-35 ACCDC

VI. 36-40 CBDAA 41-45 BACBA

VII. 46-50 DABCD 51-55 CDAAD


A) 56. meet 57. open 58. lessons 59. fourteen 60. first

B) 61. too 62. practice 63. from 64. city 65. England


66. My mother is fifty years old.

67. Can you close the door?

68. The first lesson is English.

69. Is she a new student?

70. There are thirteen cities.

X. 71. from 72. teachers

73. daughter 74. students

75. can 76. write

77. food 78. fish

79. summer 80. basketball

XI. One possible version:

My name is Wang Li. I am 12 years old. I am from Shandong. My favourite activity is watching TV. I like sports, too. My favourite sport is swimming. I can play the piano and ride a bike. My bike is yellow. Yellow is my favourite colour.

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