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1. He often

2. Daniel and Tommy

3. She and I take)a walk together every evening.

4. There (be) some water in the bottle.

5. We

6. Nick (not do) his homework on Sundays.

7. they (like) the World Cup?

they usually

9. your parents

10. The girl


1. Daniel watches TV every evening.(改为否定句)


2. I do my homework every day .(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

—— you homework every day?

——No,I .

3. She likes milk.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

—— she milk?

—— Yes.,she .

4. Simon is from Beijing.(同义句改写)


5. Millie is clever at Maths.(同义句改写)

Millie Maths .




_ badminton after school?

No.She hard.She always books after school.


He in No .3 Middle School. He to school at 7a.m.every day .


My father me to school in the morning.

4. 我女儿喜欢看电视和听音乐..

TV and to music.

5. 西蒙朋友的姐姐长大后想当一位歌手.

Simon’s friend’s sister to a singer when she up.


1. 按要求改写下列句子.

1、Sandy has long hair in a ponytail. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答) long hair in a ponytail?

2、Simon and Daniel are good friends .(改为否定句)

Simon and Daniel ______ good friends.


3、We are in the school football team. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

4、Amy likes playing computer games. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

________ Amy ________ playing computer games? No, ________ ________.

5、We go to school every morning . (改为否定句)

We ________ ________ to school every morning.

6、She is always ready to help others. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

________ she always ready to help others? No, ________ ________.

7、 The earth goes around the sun. (改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答)

________ the earth ________ around the sun? Yes, ________ ________.

8、He speaks English very well. (改为否定句)

He ________ speak English well.


Where ________John ________ from?


What ________ you ________ ________ after supper?.


一 用所给动词正确形式填空

1. He loves ______________ (read )newspaper.

2. Nick goes ______________ (swim )every Saturday afternoon.

3. Simon enjoys______________ (play )football.

4. Mr Mu likes ______________( walk) after school.

5. Amy likes ______________ (talk) on the phone with her friends.

6. Simon usually goes ______________ (run) for half an hour.

7. Sandy enjoys ______________ (look )for things on the Internet.

8. I don’t like ______________ (dance).

9. Eric is a member of the ______________ (read) Club.

10. It’s a fine day. What about ______________( play) badminton in the park?

二 用适当的介词填空

1. I go to school _________ my friends.

2. Daniel is clever _________English.

3. Millie takes Eddie _________a walk every afternoon..

4. Kitty lives _________a flat _________Beijing.

5. Sandy sits _________Kitty and Amy.

6. Here is a picture _________my family. Do you want to look _________it?

7. Does Simon often eat _________a restaurant?

8. _________ the weekend, Wendy and Kitty play tennis _________an hour.

9. Sandy has black hair _________ a ponytail. Kitty has long black hair _________ bunches.

10. Mr Smith comes _________ New York. He is American.



1. wash_________ match _______guess______ study______ finish_________ go________ snow______ carry_________


2. stop______ see________ drive ________let_______ carry______ keep_____ join______ find_______ think________ teach______ catch______

3. stay_______ begin______ forget_______ forget______ lie________ die _______ run_______ prefer______ give________ ring_______ dance______ hope_______ II. 用所给动词的适当形式填空:

1.I ________(write) to you as soon as I _______(get) to London.

2. He doesn’t feel well and ____________(not eat) any food this morning.

3. He ______ not _______(see) me come in, for he ___________(read) something with great interest.

4. I _________(let) you have the book as soon as I _________(finish) it.

5. While we waiting (wait) for our teacher, a little boy ________(run) up to us.

6. Don’t make a noise. Grandpa __________(sleep).

7. Tom’s family__________(watch) TV.

8. It ________(take) me two hours to finish my homework last night.

9. What ______ your mother _______(do) every evening? She _______(wash) clothes.

10. _______ it ______ (rain)every day?

11. What _______(do) _______ on Sundays ? We ________ (play) football.

12. There ________ (be) a football match on TV every morning.

13. they often ________ (visit) the Great Wall.

14. Who _______ (dance) the best in your class?

15. he _____________ (not come).

16. The earth __________ (move) round the sun.

17.______ It ______(rain).every evening?

18 She ________ (buy) a sweater.

19. Mr. Wang often______( go) to Shanghai. I ______ (ask) him _______ (take) some books to my daughter, because she _______ (study) there.


2. There _____ an English film.

A. will have B. is going to have C. is going to be D. is

3. The picture _______ nice.

A. looks B. is looked C. look D. is looking

4. She ______ down and soon falls asleep.

A. live B. lain C. laid D. lies

5. They _____ the office in time very morning.

A. reach to B. arrived C. went D. get to

6. We shall go to Shanghai on business before you _____ back next week.

A. will come B. came C. would come D. come

7. The plane ______ off.

A. takes B. took C. was taken D. is take

8. I see her ____ the room this morning.

A. to enter B. entered C. enter D. enters

9. The teacher asks us ______ to school on time.

A. to come B. coming C. come D. comes

10. John is always ______ others.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help

11. He tells us ______ at eight.


A. working B. to work C. work D. worked

12. You’d better ______ at home and ______ your homework.

A. to stay, do B. stay, do C. to stay, to do D. stay, to do

13. He sits down ______ a rest.

A. having B. have C. to have D. had

14. Uncle Wang knows _______ a washing machine.

A. how to make B. to make C. how making D. what to make

15. Jim decides _______ Polly to Ling Feng when he is back to England.

A. to leave B. left C. leaving D. leave


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