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形容词是指那些用来描述或修饰名词(或代词)的一类词。 一般放在其所修饰的名词之前。 副词是用以修饰动词、形容词、句子以及其他副词的词。 在形式上,许多副词带有后缀ly。 1.形容词的用法和位置 1)形容词作表语,表明主语的性质和特征,放在连系动 词之后。如: Computers are very useful in our everyday life. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. 2)形容词作定语,修饰名词或不定代词,通常放在名词 之前,不定代词之后。如: This is an unhealthy diet. There is nothing important in today’s newspaper.

2.副词的用法和位置 1)副词修饰动词、形容词或其他副词,表示动作、状态 的特征或某种性质的程度。根据其用途与含义,副词可分 为下列六大类: (1)时间副词。常用的有:ago,before,now,then, soon,already,yet等。 (2)地点副词。常用的有:here,there,up,down, above,below,inside,outside等。 (3)疑问副词。常见的有:where,when,why,how 等。 (4)程度副词。常见的有:very,much,so,too, quite,enough等。 (5)方式副词。多由“形容词+ly”后缀构成。如: carefully,quickly,easily,quietly等。 (6)频度副词。常用的有:always,often,sometimes usually,hardly,never等。

It’s snowing heavily outside.(状语,修饰动词) He was too excited to say a word.(状语,修饰形容 词)

D _Do you think the fish tastes_______? _She cooked it______,I think. A good,good B well,good C well,well D good,well

1.I am ________ than her. taller

the tallest 2.I am ___________ in our class.

high _____ _____ late _______ ____ slow ______ ______ beautiful _____ _____ early _____ _____ big ______ ______

thin ______ ______
easy ______ ______

short _____ _____
healthy _____ _____

interesting ______ ______

friendly _____ _____

1.Bob is ___________ than Tom. B A tall B.taller C tallr D talles B 2.Which is ___________ a hen or a ducking? A heavy B heavier C heavyer D heavyies B 3.He is much ________ than Lily. A good B better C best D bettest B 4.Miss Chen is ________than Mr.Zhang. A popular B more popular C popularest D the more popular B 5.Question A is ________ than Question B. A easy B easier C easiest D easyer 6.The chair is _________ than the book. A A more expensive B expensiver C expensivest D the more expensive B 7.The basketball is ________ than the tennis. A big B bigger C the bigger D biggest

1. Tom is as ________ (fat) as Jim.

2. Jim runs _____(slow). But Ben runs _____(slow).
3.The child doesn’t ______( write) as ____(fast) as the students. 4. Mary’s hair is as __________(long) as Lucy’s. 5.Who gets up _________ (early) ,Tim or Tom?

6. she will be much ______ (happy) in her mew
7. Jack works hard. Mike works very harder than Jack. (改错)

1.English i

s as _____ as Chinese.You should learn it well. A. important B. more important C. the most important D. much more important 2.I bought _____ exercise-books with____money. A. a few,a few B. a few,a little C. a little,a few D. a little,a little 3.Do you have ____ to tell us? A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything

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