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I used to be afraid of the dark

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Unit 2
I used to be afraid of the dark

Coco Li used to have long hair, now she has short hair.

Describe ,yourself (appearance, personality, hobby)

I used to have long hair.
I used to be shy.

I used to like eating eggs.

2a. Listen and check the words you hear.
? ? ? ? ? ? ______shy ______friendly ? ? ______outgoing ______serious ______funny ? ______quiet

2b Listening and Speaking
Girl 1: Hey. Steve! Over here! Don’t you remember me? Boy 1: Oh, wow! You’re Paula, aren’t you? Girl 1: That’s right. Boy 1: But you used to be really quiet didn’t you? _____, outgoing Girl 1: Yeah. I wasn’t very_________. Boy 1: No, you weren’t. But you were friendly always________. Wait a minute! Did you use to play piano? Girl 1 : Yes, I did. But now I’m more sports interested in_______. I play soccer and I’m on the swim team. Boy 1 : Wow! People sure change.

appear- personality ance (性格) (外貌)


favorite favorite sport food like playing tennis … like running … like ice cream …

be short be quiet be a used and thin be friendly driver/ waiter to … … … be be a be tall outgoing famer and now … heavy… be shy …

like beef …

Ask and answer in pairs.

A: You are tall now. Did you use to be shy? B: Yes, I did. I used to be very quiet. Did you use to have long hair? A: No, I didn’t. But I used to have curly hair.

写出“used to”的肯定形式,疑问形式

和否定形式: used to 1.I____ _____ be afraid of the dark. 2.____you use to be afraid of the Did dark? be Yes, I used to —— afraid of the dark. No, he didn’t______ ___be afraid of ____ use to the dark. 或 Used 3.____ you to be afraid of the dark? Usedn’t Yes, I_____./ -- No, I ______. used

My harvest
be +n./ adj.
used to do 否定句: 主语 + didn’t + use to… . 一般疑问句: Did + 主语 + use to…? 肯定回答:Yes, 主语 + did. 否定回答:No, 主语 + didn’t. 过去常常…

Thank you for listening

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