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Module 2 My family
Unit 3 Language in use

Please add the words in the box to the family tree. sister son cousin grandfather mother aunt grandfather /grandmother (1) mother father /_____

aunt uncle/____ (3)

daughter (______) son (brother) daughter (______) sister ______ cousin (6) (4) (5)

Match the jobs with the work places.
1. factory worker hospital

2. manager
3. student 4. secretary(秘书) 5. teacher

factory school


6. doctor

Look at the pictures and talk about the families.

Lily’s family Father: farm Father: doctor worker Mother: nurse Grandfather: farm Mother: teacher worker Uncle: bus driver

Jack’s family

Li Ming’s family Father: actor Mother: manager Aunt: nurse

Write sentences about them.
This is Lily’s family. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse. Her grandfather is a farm worker.

英语中的名词所有格表示一种所属关系, ’s所有格多用于有生命的名词。

★ 构成:
① 在单数名词的末尾加’s构成名词的所有格, 表示 “……的”。 Tony’s mother 托尼的妈妈 Tom’s pen 汤姆的钢笔 ②在以-s 或-es结尾的复数名词后只需加’。 the girls’ bags 女孩们的书包

③在不以-s 或-es 结尾的复数名词后, 加’s构成所有格。 Women’s Day 妇女节 ④如表示无生命物体的所有关系, 一般用of。 the door of the classroom 教室的门

★ 注意:
如果并列名词各自所拥有某物,每个名词后都 加’s;若表示两人共同拥有的物品,在最后 一个名词后加’s。 Linda’s and Jim’s mothers琳达和吉姆的妈 妈Lucy and Lily’s room 露西和莉莉的房间

通常我们谈论离自己近的 人或物时 用this/these, 离自己远的人或物时用 that/those。如: I like these books, but I don’t like those books.

This girl is Mary.
That boy is in Class 5.

在英语中,this, these, that, those这四个 词称为“指示代词”,用来指示或标识人 或事物。其中,this 和 that 为单数指示代 词,these 和 those 为复数指示代词。
This is my mother.

That’s my dad. These are my parents. Those are Paul’s son and daughter. They are my brother and sister, too.

Look at the picture and complete the sentences with this, that, these or those.
These 1. _______ are my sons, Tom and Alex. This _______ is our dog. 2. _______ is my uncle. That He’s a bus driver. 3.--Is ____ man a doctor? that -- Yes, he is. those 4.-- Are _____girls students? -- Yes, they are.

Write sentences.
His father is a hotel manager. (Tony) Tony’s father is a hotel manager. Her parents are teachers. (Sarah) Sarah’s parents are teachers. His parents are shop workers. (Wang Hui)

Wang Hui’s parents are shop workers.

His mother is a nurse. (Daming) Daming’s mother is a nurse.

Her father is a bus driver. (Lingling)
Lingling’s father is a bus driver.

Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B.
A主格 he I it she they we

you B her his its my your their our

Look and learn.
I am a teacher. My students know me well. You are students. The teachers chat with you. She is a girl. All the students like her. He is a boy. A lot of boys play with him. They are lovely kids. We all like them. We are friends. Let us help each other. It is big and nice. We like it very much.

I you she he they we it

personal pronouns (人称代词) subject form(主格)

me you her him them us it

personal pronouns (人称代词) object form(宾格)

人称 主格 第一人 称 第二人 称 第三人 称 I you he

单数 宾格 主格

复数 宾格 us you them

you him her it

you they


I am a teacher. My me students like ____.

You are students. I you teach _____ English.

She is a girl. We call ____ Shirley. her

He is a boy. All the boys like him because ____ he is good at football.

They are partners. Our English teacher likes to ask _____ to read the them dialogues.

We are friends. Our classmates call us ____ sisters.

This is our classroom. It is big and nice. We like ___ very much. it

Complete the passage with the words from the box. he her his my we our she their

Hello! My name is Amy. These are _____ my Their friends. ______ names are Jack, Lily and Mike. His Jack is American. _______ father is a doctor. He our is ______ family doctor. Lily isn’t American. _______ family is Chinese. Mike isn’t Chinese. Her _______ is English. Mike’s mother is a teacher. He _______ is our English teacher. _______ are her She We students.

Translate the following phrases. 1. a photo of 2. on the left 3. on the right 4. next to 5. in front of 6. a big family

一张…… 的照片 在左边 在右边 在……的旁边 在……的前面 一个大家庭

7. 公共汽车站

bus station

8. 公安局
9. 公交车司机

police station
bus driver

10. 在学校
11. 例如 12. 家谱

at a school
for example

family tree

Complete the words.
1. This is a photo of Ann’s amily Look! f_____. This is h__ father. er arents 2. They are my p______, my father and my mother. 3. What is your father’s job? He is a hotel anager m______. e 4. This is my brother. H__ is a driver. eacher 5. Mr. Li works in a school. He is a t______.

Choose the best answer.
( A ) 1.-____your uncle? -He is a hotel manager. A. What’s B. Who’s C. Where is D. How is ( C ) 2.She is an English girl. ____name is Betty. A. His B. My C. Her D. Hers

( C ) 3. This is _____ bedroom. A. Wanglin’s and Wangping’s B. Wanglin’s and Wangping C. Wanglin and Wangping’s

Rewrite the following sentences.
1. This is my parent. (改为复数形式)
_____ _______. These are our parents

2. His mother is a teacher.(对画线部分
提问) What is his mother’s ____? job _____ 3. What is your father? (改为同义句)

What ____ your father ___? does do
4. My father works at a school.

______ _____? Where does your father work

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