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unit5 sectionB (2)

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Words & Expressions
chase sky creature catch unhappy extremely interview noise
追逐; 追赶 天; 天空 生物; 动物 捕获; 赶上(车船等) 不快乐的; 不愉快的 极其; 非常 访问; 会见; 接见 噪音; 喧闹声; 嘈杂声

Words & Expressions
wind neighbor footstep garbage mystery director monkey escape 风 邻居; 邻人 足迹; 脚步声 垃圾; 废料 神秘的事物 主管; 主任 猴子 逃跑; 逃走

please describe the following pictures using the information in 2a and 2b.




2C Pairwork
A: Why do you think the man is running ? B: It could be running for exercise. ? A: No, he's wearing a suit. He might run for exercise dance for pleasure / collect stamps for fun be running to catch a bus.
我帮助你不是为了钱,而是为了友谊。 I’m helping you not for money ____________ butfor friendship _____________

Sample dialogue 1: A: Why do you think the strange creature is running after the man? B: It could be playing with the man for fun. A: No, can’t you see it is very [f??s] fierce? adj. 凶猛的;猛烈的;暴躁的 It must be hungry.

3a Read the newspaper article and underline what people think could be causing the strange things that are happening in Bell Tower. Underlined things: an animal teenagers the wind a dog

1. What can you see in the picture? There is a woman looking out of the window. 2. What can we know about the woman? She is a little frightened and confused.

[k?n'fju?z] vt. 使混乱;使困惑

1. Zhou Gu heard strange noises outside his window every night. 2. His wife thinks that it could be an animal. His friends and he think it must be teenagers having fun. The police think it might be the wind.
His neighbor thinks it might be a dog.

3. Where is the article from?
It’s a newspaper article. 4. What is the passage about? The passage is about strange events in Bell Tower neighborhood. 5. What is the strange thing? What

do the people think of it?

used to Our neighborhood _______be quiet very_____. However, these days , _______things are happening in strange neighborhood our _____________and everyone unhappy is_________. Zhou Gu, thelocal _____ ______ teacher extremely school ______is worried.
be anxious for

When he was ___________by interviewed the local newspaper, he said, “Every night we hear strange noisesoutside ______our window. My wife thinks that it could be animal an_______, but my friends and I think it must be teenagers______ _____. having fun

My parents called the______, police but they can’t find________ anything strange ________. They think it might be the______. I don’t think wind so!” Zhou’s next door __________neighbor Qi Hui is unhappy ________too. “At might first, I thought it _______be a dog, but I can’t see a dog and I still ____the noises outside.” hear

Everyone in our neighborhood is _____worried, and everyone has ____his or her own ideas. There must be something visiting _______the homes in our neighborhood

, but what is it?

1. However, these days, strange things are happening in our neighborhood and everyone is unhappy. (1) however 是转折连词, 与but意义 相同,但however是较正式的说法。 (2) these days意思是: 最近,近几天

(3) unhappy是happy的反义词。unhappy

是一个合成词,由un+ happy组合而成。 前缀 例词 派生词
unhappy like grateful friendly lucky unhappy unlike ungrateful unfriendly unlucky

2.My parents called the police, but they can’t find anything strange. 我的父母亲报了警,但他们也没能 发现奇怪的东西。 (1) the police可以看作为复数名词, 意思是“警察、警方”。 但如果指一个警员,就要用a policeman或a policewoman。 (2) can’t在本句中,不表示“推断”, 而表示“能力”。

?…strange things are happening... 这个故事发生在好多年以前。 This story _______________ many years ago. happened ? Zhou Gu …is extremely worried. Parents are often worried about their children’s success in school. Last night, he was worrying about his test.


Write another paragraph about Bell Tower using these notes. Chu family – late night footsteps in the hallway – might be the neighbors. Lao Zheng – someone trying to get in the window – might be the wind Xiao Ning – find garbage in front of her house – might be cats.

One sample version: Late that night, the Chu family found some strange footsteps in the n. 足迹;脚步声 hallway, they thought they might their neighbor’s. Lao Zheng, one of the Chus’ friends thought it might be someone trying to get in the window.

Then one morning, Xiao Ning, a student who lives next door, found some garbage in front of her house, n. 垃圾;废料 she thought it must be of some wild dogs. But the old hunter thought it could be garbage of cats. There must be some animals visiting the hallway. But what could it be?



Think of a dream you had recently and tell your classmates about it. You classmates guess what the dream might mean.

Speaking (4: P38)
A: Last night I had a dream. In my dream, I was chased by a group of people. I was very frightened. B: Maybe it means you feel nervous under the pressure of study, you are afraid of falling behind others.

A: In my dream, I was running down the street. B: Maybe it means you’re afraid of something strange.

A: In my dream, I was running for exercise. B: Maybe it means you’re afraid of being ill.

A: The night before last I had a dream. In my dream, I saw my

grandma. In fact, she has been
dead for 3 years. B: Maybe it means you’re

forward to seeing her; you must miss her very much.

A: In my dream, I was looking kind of scared. B: Maybe it means you saw something strange in the sky yesterday morning. A: In my dream, I saw a UFO was landing. B: Maybe it means you wanted to go to the sky.

A: In my dream, I found an alien chasing me! B: Maybe it means you are fond of making

a movie!

A: In my dream, I was wearing a suit in the daytime. B: Maybe it means you’re afraid of being late for work.

Explanation ? In my dream, I was swimming in an ocean of paper. (in)an ocean of, 或(in)oceans of 是介词短语, 口语中常用,意为“极多 我们这里需要大量的食物。 的,用不尽的”。在of后接不可数名 We need oceans of food here.

词或可数名词复数形式均可。 很多人正等着见你。

Oceans thinks are waiting to see of e.g. Heof people he has oceansyou. time.


B 1. If anything _______ the machine, please let us know. A. happens on B. happens to C. happened on D. will happen to

C 2. That accident _______last year. A. happen B. happens C. happened D. happened to
A 3. I ______ meet a friend of mine in the street yesterday. A. happened to B. happen to C. happened D. happen on

B 4. —What _____ last night? —A car hit against a tree. A. was happened B. happened C. was taken place D. took place
5. Jack’s teacher wasA _____ because he was late again this time. A. unhappy B. pleasant C. angry D. Afraid C 6. —Look, it _____ be Mr. Zhang. —No, it _____ be Mr. Zhang. He has gone to Paris. A. may; mustn’t B. must; may C. must; can’t D. can; may not

II. 用sound, noise或voice填空。
1. Let’s go outside. There is too much noise _______ here. 2. Did you hear the ________of music? sound 3. I heard the ______ of running water. sound voice 4. I didn’t recognize John’s ______ on the telephone. 5. —How well she sings! voice —Yes, she has a very sweet _____.

I. 从方框中选出适当的单词并用其适当形 式填空。 catch, happy, play, interview, noise 1. It’s toonoisy , and I can’t hear you _____ clearly. playing 2. I saw them _______ basketball at this time yesterday. 3. You will ____________ by the reporter be interviewed from the local newspaper.

4. She_______ a very bad cold, so she caught didn’t go to school yesterday. 5. He is rich now, but he had a very unhappy _________ childhood. Ⅱ. 根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子, 每 空一词。 1. 我们在花的海洋中拍照。 We had our pictures taken in an ocean of ___________ flowers.

2. 那狗一见他就追赶他。 The dog will chase after him as soon as it __________ sees him. 3. 他说有只老虎从动物园里逃出来了。 escaped from He said that a tiger had ____________ the zoo. 4. 我过去常常起得很晚。 I _______ get up very late. used to 5. 飞机将在五分钟以后着陆。 land in The plane will _______ five minutes.

2. Proverbs (short old saying)
1. One finger cannot lift a small stone. 众人拾柴火焰高 2. When an ant says “ocean”, he’s talking about a small pool. 井底之蛙

3. It is less of a problem to be poor than to be dishonest. 人穷志不短 4. Be careful of the person who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark. 明枪易躲,暗箭难防

5. You can’t wa

ke a person who is

pretending to be asleep.

6. Tell me and I’ll forget. Show
me and I may not remember.

Let me try, and I’ll understand.

7. Don’t let yesterday use up too
much of today.

8. He who would do great things

should not attempt them all alone.

1.Words : 2.Sentence:

unhappy chase sky helicopter creature interview
noise wind neighbor monkey escape catch

The alien must / could/ might/can’t be chasing the man. The man must/could/might/can’t be running.

3. How can you be a detective ?

n. 侦探 adj. 侦探的 [d?'tekt?v] You must listen carefully , watch carefully and think hard.

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