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1. like.... best? 最喜欢…

2. the parents’ meeting 家长会

3.on the School Open Day 在学校开放日

4.watch two of our lessons观看我们的两节课

5.at the school gate在学校门口

6.all my friends我的所有朋友

1.play with them和他们一起玩

2. show sb. around 带某人参观

3. in front of the classroom building 在教学楼前面

4. on the ground floor 在底层

5. look+adj. look modern/beautiful/young 看起来…

6. look at 看着 look for寻找look after照顾

7. clean and bright 整洁又明亮

8. have an art room 有一间艺术室

9. have meetings 开会

10. go to the school hall 去学校大厅

11. that man in a white shirt 那个穿白衬衫的男人

12. after class/school 放学后

13. on the wall/in the wall

14. let me see 让我想想\看看

15. on the phone 在通话

16. hear someone well 很清楚听到某人

17. say hello to sb 向某人问好 say goodbye to sb向某人说再见

18. get to school/go to school 到达学校\去学校 get home到家

19. go to school on foot=walk to school

20. go to school by bike=ride a bike to school

21. go to school by bus=take a bus to school

22. from my home to the school 从家到学校

23. all kinds of 各种各样的 different kinds of 不同种类的

24. It takes sb some time to do sth 花费某人多长时间做某事

25. borrow ... from ... 向…借

26. a few+可数名词复数

27. live far away from…住的离…远

28. how long 多长时间(对一段时间提问)

29. have to do sth不得不做某事

30. Thanks for your letter. 感谢你的信

31. on sb’s way back 在某人回来的路上on the way to school在去学校的路上

32. all the best 万事如意


1. Which of the subjects do you like best? = Which subject is your favourite?

2. What’s the date today? (提问日期)

What day is it today? (提问星期几)

What time is it? (提问时间)

3. I can’t hear you well on the phone.

4. How do you /does he get to school... 是怎样到达学校的?

How long does … take? 做.... 需要多长时间?

5. It’s open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..

6. Bring me a birthday cake on you way back.

7. It is a long way from my home to the school.

1. Wake up! wake sb up\wake up sb\wake him up把某人叫醒

2. it is time for sth\to do sth是该做某事的时候了

3. go walking\shopping\swimming\running\roller skating

4. after breakfast 早饭后

5. at breakfast 早饭时 at lunchtime午饭时 at supper晚饭时

6. need a good rest需要好好休息

7. Some dogs just don’t一些狗就是不知道如何玩乐

8. 如何照看你的电子狗

9. have a good time=have fun=enjoy oneself玩的开心

10. get up起床

11. have breakfast\lunch\supper\dinner吃早饭\午饭\晚饭\晚饭

12. do morning exercises\do eye exercises\do English exercises做早操\做眼保健操\做英语练习

13. do exercise做锻炼

14. do after-school activities进行课外活动

15. do homework做家庭作业

16. be late for school上学迟到

17. at a quarter past eight 在8:15

18. start at eight in the morning早上八点开始

19. from Monday to Friday从周一至周五

20. be good at=do well in擅长

21. a lot of \lots of\many friends很多朋友

22. be nice\good\kind to sb对某人好

23. chat with each other互相聊天

24. play in the playground在操场上玩

25. a Reading Club\a Dancing Club一个阅读俱乐部

26. on Tuesday and Thursday在周二或周四

27. be in the school volleyball team=be a member of the school volleyball team在学校排球俱乐部

28. practice doing sth练习做某事

29. on Wednesday afternoon 在周三下午

30. best wishes最好的祝愿

31. in the morning\afternoon\evening (at night)

32. inJanuray\February\March\April\May\June\July\August\September\October\November\December(月份)

33. in spring\summer\autumn\winter(季节)

34. in 2013(年份)

35. on Monday\on 1 July\on Children’s Day(具体某一天用on)

36. on Sunday morning\on the morning of 1July\on a winter afternoon(具体某一天早中晚用on)

37. at 8:00(具体时刻用at)

38. at 6 years old=at 6=at the age of 6 (年龄用at)

39. tell you about my life here告诉你关于我在这里的生活

40. thank sb for sth\doing sth因为某事感谢某人

41. have much time to play tennis有很多时间打网球

42. have dancing lessons上舞蹈课

43. dance for half an hour 跳舞半小时(for+一段时间)

44. between…and…在…与…之间

45. go to sp by bus=take a bus to sp乘车去某地

46. wish our team good luck

47. 对频率提问用how often

48. once a month\twice a year\three times a week\every day\seldom\often\never频率

49. go on a picnic去野餐

50. be good for对…有好处

51. learn a lot about sth关于某事学到很多

52. learn…from sb向某人学习

53. too much homework太多家庭作业

54. too many books太多书

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