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第一卷 选择题(55分) 请将第一卷答案填在答题卡上

听力部分 (15分)





6. What does the girl think is the best way to get the English news?

A. Listening to the radio.

B. Reading the English newspaper..

C. Visiting the English websites.

7. Why did Liu Gang drop out of school?

A. Because he was badly ill.

B. Because he had to lok after his sick mother.

C. Because he had to work on the farm.

8. When is the concert?

A. It’s 7:45. B. It’s 7:15. C. It’s 8:15.

9. What was Alice doing when the boy saw her?

A. She was planting trees.

B. She was reading a book under the tree.

C. She was playing with her cat.

10. Which musician does the girl like?

A. Liu Huan. B. Langlang. C. Jay Chou.


11.What are the two speakers?

A. They are students.

B. They are teachers.

C. They are doctors.

12. What don’t they do in the club?

A. Watching Englsih movies.

B. Going to the Englsih corner.

C. Holding English parties. 13. How long does the club open every Wednesday?

A. For one hour.

B. For one hour and a half.

C. For two hours.

14. What kind of activity will they have next month?

A. An English party.

B. An English Speech Competition.

C. A School Photo Competition.

15. It may be _________ when the conversation takes place.

A. Tuesday. B.Monday. C.Thurday.




( )16. ---What _____your mum______last night?

---She was doing some housework.

A.did;do B.does;do C.was;doing D.were;doing

( )17. The children were_____ and____in the garden yesterday afternoon.


C.singing;dancing B.sang;danced D.sing;dancing

( )18. That white rabbit was_______ in a tree and it was _______.

A. sitting; smiling

C. siting; smiling B. sat; smiled D. sit; smile

( )19. He likes to play _______the guitar ______the piano.

A.not; or B.not only; but also C.both; or D.either; and ( )20. Mr Green has never been to Japan, _______?

A. hasn’ t he B. doesn’t he C. have they D. has he

( )21. This piece of music is _______popular than that old one.

A. much more B. much C. a little D. many more

( )22. Xian Xinghai is_______ the song The Yellow River.

A.proud for B. famous of C. famous for D. famous at ( )23. --How long have you _______the dictionary?

--For two years.

A. buy B .bought C. had D. keep

( )24 .--_______may I keep this book?

--For two weeks.

A. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How far ( )25. --Have you reached the moon__________?

A. yet B. also C. already D. too

( )26. ---How many times _____you ______to Xi’an this year? ---Three times.

A. have; been B. had; been C. have; gone D. had; gone ( )27. She______ the story-book several times.

A. has read B. read C. reads D. readed ( )28. The film is very ______and I was _____in it.

A. interesting; interesting

C. interesting; interested B. interested; interested D. interested; interesting ( )29. I_____the book again and again. It’s wonderful.

A. look B. have looked C. read D. have read ( )30. I can play _____ piano, but I can’t ______ dumplings.

A. a; make B. the; make C. the; do D./;make


Music and Behavior

at any of those places? Today most stores and hear music in an office or on a farm.

Scientists believe that music changes the behave (举止).According to some scientists, the sound of western classical music makes people feel richer. When a restaurant plays classical music, people spend money on food and drinks. When the restaurant plays This gets people to eat faster and leave quickly. Restaurants can make more money this way. And listening to music can help you relax.

( ) 31. A. music B. stories C. songs D. sound

( ) 32.A. already B. even C. hardly D. never

( ) 33.A. way B. time C. idea D. place

( ) 34.A. much B. more C. little D. less

( ) 35.A. no B. much C. any D. some

( ) 36. A.cook B. order C. eat D. make

( ) 37.A. free B. busy C. happy D. sad

( ) 38.A. how B. why C. what D. that

( ) 39.A. excited B. interested C. confident D. relaxed

( ) 40.A. quiet B. quick C. happy D. careful

七.阅读理解: (每小题1分,共15分)


( )41. The train from Beijing to Shenyang leaves at _______. A. 5:05 B. 6:35 C. 8:35 D. 17:50

( )42. We have to spend __________ if we go to shengyang from Beijing by train.

A. 17 hours and 50 minutes B. 24 hours and 25 minutes C. 6 hours and 35 minutes D. 11 hours and 15 minutes

( )43. If you want to go to Chengdu from Taiyuan, you can take the No. _________ train. A. T11 B. T185 C. T186 D. T271 ( )44.The No. T186 train arrives in Taiyuan at ______. A. 10:51 a. m. B. 10:50 p.m.

C. 5:05 a.m. D. 5:05 p.m.

( )45. It takes _________ from Tianjin to Beijing by train. A. about two hours B. half an hour

C. about one hour D. over three hours


In 1834, the clock tower in London was burned down. People planned to build a new clock which would be the biggest and the best in the world. So the clock had to be big andSeveral years later the tower was finished. The people put the big clock in the tower,

and made it ring out for the first time on July 11, 1859.

In order to give the big clock a good name, people held a meeting . Someone wanted to call it the Queen of Bells , and someone thought Victoria was good . At last, a man named Benjamin Hall stood up. He was a big man. Before he started to speak, someone shouted , “Why not call it Big Ben?” Everybody laughed and agreed with him.

From then on, Big Ben became its name. And it also became a famous building of London. People all over the world write to Big Ben. They even send bottles of oil to help keep Big Ben running. Big Ben is not only a clock but also a dear friend of people.

( )46. Big Ben’s birthday is __________.

A. July 11, 1854 B. July 11, 1834

C. July 11 1859 D. July 11, 1852

( )47. How did Big Ben get its name?

A. Benjamin Hall gave it the name.

B. Big Ben got its name because of a joke.

C. Big Ben got its name from the Queen of the UK

D. Victoria gave it the name.

( )48. “Keep very good time” means ___________

A. have a good time

B. show people the correct time.

C. keep running

D. be made in time

( ) 49. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. People all over the world look upon Big Ben as their friends.

B. People all over the world even send oil to Big Ben.

C. People think Big Ben will reply their letters.

D. People think Big Ben is the biggest and the best clock in the world.

( ) 50. Benjamin Hall is ___________.

A. a man who built Big Ben

B. a man who was always very funny

C. the man who burnt down the old clock

D. a man who attended the meeting which was held to make a name for the big clock C

I was walking down the street the other day when I suddenly saw a small wallet lying on the ground. I picked it up and opened to see if I could find the owner's name. There was nothing inside it except some money and an old photo of a woman and a young girl about twelve years old. The girl looked like the woman's daughter. I put the photo back and took the wallet to the police station. There I gave it to a policeman. Before I left, the policeman took down my name and address so that the owner could write and thank me if they found it.

That evening I went for dinner with my aunt and uncle. They also asked a young woman, so there were four people at table. Her face seemed familiar(熟悉). I was quite sure that we had met before, but I could not remember where I had seen her. During the talking, the young woman said that she had lost her wallet that afternoon. At once I knew where I had seen her. She was just the young girl in the photo though she was now much older. She was very surprised, of course, when I was able to tell her what her wallet was like.

My uncle said that we should go to the police station at once to get the wallet. As that policeman handed it over, he said it was an interesting coincidence(巧合) ----I not only found the wallet, but also made friends with the person who had lost it.

( )51. The word "wallet" in the story means ______ in Chinese.

A. 手袋 B. 护照 C. 书包 D. 钱包

( )52.The policeman wrote down my name and address because _________.

A. he wanted to write a report to the newspaper.

B. he would let the owner of the wallet know who helped him.

C. he wanted the owner to give me some money for thanks.

D. he did so just that was his job.

( )53. The writer was quite sure that he had seen the woman before _______

A. in the photo. B. at his uncle's home

C. at the police station D. in the street

( )54. _______ gave the wallet to the young woman at last.

A. The writer B. The policeman C. His uncle D. Nobody

( )55.Which following is NOT true?

A. The policeman took down the writer's name and address.

B. Four people were at table that evening.

C. The writer found the name of the girl on the back of the old photo.

D. The writer found the wallet and its owner on the same day.

第二卷 非选择题(45分)

一 、请听短文,补全所缺信息。(5分)

Dear Susan,

Thank you for your last letter.

Now, let me tell you something 1._______________ about Tokyo. I enjoy visiting all 2. __________ of great interest here very much. But it is difficult for me to find my way around the city. In Tokyo, only the important streets have names. If you want to visit Tokyo, the important thing you must bring is a map.

Most of the people here are 3.__________ to help others. A man even

4.__________ a map for me when I asked him how I 5. ________ get to the railway station. How kind he is!

Please write to me soon.



二、根据中文意思,完成下列句子。 (共10分)








W: Hi, Jack. Have you ever read the story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

M: Yes. ____1____ I have read it several times. What about you? Do you like it, Jenny? W: No, I don’t like it. I like the book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

M: ____2_____

W: Yes, it is.

M: ___3______

W: My mother likes Jane Eyre. And my father likes Romeo and Juliet.

M: ___4_____

W: Yeah. As for my brother, he likes Treasure Island.

M: Sorry. _____5_____

1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _______

4. _________ 5. ________

四、阅读回答问题(每题2分,共10 分)

1. Was Charlie’s father very rich?

____________________________________ .

2. Was he an actor or a film director in 1910?

_____________________________________ .

3. When did he go to America?

______________________________________ .

4. Which kind of film did he make?

_______________________________________ .

5. How old was he when he died?

________________________________________ .

五、书面表达 (共10 分)



1. read English newspapers

2. talk with friends in Englsih

3. see English films

4. listen to real English songs

5. keep a diary in English

Dear Wang Yan,




Liu Dong



听力 1-5 BBACC 6-10 CBBCA 11-15 ACBBA 单选16-20 CCABD 21-25 ACCCA 26-30 AACDB 完型填空:31-35 ABABA 36-40 CBDDD

阅读理解:A: 41-45 BDBCA

B: 46-50 CBBCD

C: 51-55 DBABC



1.interesting 2.places 3.happy 4.drew 5.could


1.What about listenting to the radio in English?

2.Have you ever entered a competition before?

3.Since 1989 Project Hope has built schools all over China.

4.She doesn’t like Pop music, does she?

5.One day he was sirring by the river with a book.

三.对话: 1-5 BDECA


1. No,he wasn`t. 2. An actor. 3. In 1904.

4. He made many funny films. 5. He was 88.


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