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Unit 1

There will be sth. In sw. be free

study at home on computer live to be ...years old in + 一段时间 less/more pollution fewer/more people/trees be crowded I agree with sb. be in high school be in college

What do you think Sally Will be in five years? tall buildings live in sw.

take the train to school= go to school by train an astronaut

fly rockets to the moon live on a space station live in an apartment be a /an... go to sw.

fall in in love with sth. as a reporter

meet lots of interesting people like living alone keep a pet go doing sth. look smart wear a suit

will/won’t be able to do sth. dress sb. one day some day be alone do sth. alone feel lonely be famous for

ono of +最高级+复名 no one

see sb. do sth./doing sth like humans

the same things as this kind of robot help sb. todo/do sth. help sb. with sth. unit 2

should (not ) do sth.

=be (not)supposed to do sth. want to do sth.= would like to do sth. feel like doing sth. stay at home argue with sb. be in style be out of style

what is happening to s.? write sb a letter write to sb

call sb up=ring sb up

give sb a call=give sb a ring =phone sb

=make a telephone call to sb


a ticket to sth surprise sb. in surprise

be surprised at sth. to one’ s surprise need to do sth.

don’t need to do sth. =needn’t do sth.

= don’thave to do sth. mustn’t do sth. pay for sth.

sb .pay some money for sth get a part- time job borrow sth.from sb./sw. lend sb. to do ask sb. for sth.

give sb. some advice a piece of advice buy sth. for sb. join a club get a tutor

be in expensive find out

everyone else be upset

good luck to sb. sports clothes have a PE class

be more friendly to sb. try to be funny

get on / alone well with sb. have a fight with sb. busy enough

have a quick supper

It’s time for sb.for sth./to do sth. the Taylors

be under too much presure complain about doing nothing new compair...with/to

sb. find it +adj. +to do sth. organized activities by oneself= alone as...as sb. can/could= as...as possible on the one hand on the othe hand unit 3

arrive at/in sw.=get to sw.=reach sw.

In the front of In front of In the chair sleep late get out of cut hair A UFO an alien

walk down the street call the police take off get out

at nine o’clock last Sunday morning jump down

in a tree on a tree


take a photo

be scared=be afraid walk to school= go to school on foot a newspaper

think about doing sth. say to sb.

get up=get out of bed at the doctor’s be ill in hospital work in the hospital may not mustn’t

hear about/of hear from sb.

in silence take place be destroyed

has meaning to sth. more recent history a national helo all over the world unit 4

a soap opea

watch soap opeas on Friday night be mad at at sb.=

be annoyed with sb.=be angry with sb.

not...any more=no more speak a language

first of all the bus stop be good at doing be well =be all right be in good health ennd-of –year exams send one’s love a report card

another disappointing resuit a piece of news start a bad habbit get over it

a one-year –program open up one’seyes a good start

work as a math teacher sick people= in danger care for run away=

be supposed to do sth. unit 5

go to the party

have a great/good time =have fun /enjoy oneself let sb.in

study for the/a test watch a video at the party wear jeans take it away

ask/told sb.(not) to do sth. old people’s home


go to college be in colllege get an education

travela around the world a professional athelete make a living doing sth. all the time=always bet injured

have a difficuit time doing sth. be a lawyer half the class unit1_5

going doing

make friends with sb. have vacation what’s the problem? what else? a sports team bet fat lose weight

make predictions past evens

tell (sb.) a story

in order to imporveEnglish unit 6

collect shells last night

have /has been doing sth. for/ since... talk to /with sb. raise money for ...

one/ three and a half years= oneyear/three years and a half

the whole five hours

Thank you for sth./doing sth. in fast

run out of =use up a collectors’ club tell sb. about sth. fly a kite

the most common watch movies watch sports

in English/Chinese be interested in sth.= take an interest in sth. be /come from the capital of...

some European influence be welcomed by sb.

live( quite )far/near from sw. The more I learn about Chinese the more I enjoy living in Chinese a lalent show make a list far away

have problems with doing sth. win the first prize unit 7

mind (not) doingsth. mind one’s doing sth.

right away=at once=in a minute do/wash the dishes put on put up

put off put out


at a meeting go to a movie have/has to do sth

don’t/doesn’t have to do sth make dinner

(That’s) no problem. Here you are. wait in line have a long

telephone conversation follow sb. around

go back to sw.=return to sw. bet annoyed with sb.= be angry with sb.= be mad at sb. want to be polite try not to be poliite cut in line annoy sb.

give back=return the way to sw. half an hour order food welcome to sw.

an English-speaking country social behavior

stand very close to sb. Asian conutries talk louldly read aloud a movie theater be impolite

even if=even though

in publice

take care not to do sth. break the rules some suggests the most polite ways to

don’t like to be criticized be careful=look out= take care in the world put it up keep...down unit 8

buy/get sb.sth. buy sth for sb. Whatdo you think of/about sth.?=

How do you like sth.?= How do you feel about sth.? not special enough not creative enough give it to him/her/you

take(good) care of= look after(well)

an 8/11/18/80-year-old boy/person a one -year-old child

too+adj./adv. for sb.+to do sth.= so...that ...cann’t...=

be not +adj.+enough to do sth. so...that ...can...=

be +adj.+enough to do sth.


such+ a/an+adj.+n.+that从句= so+adj.+a/an+n.+that从句

such+不可数名词/复名+that从句 so+many/few/much/little+tha从句 sing clearly

sing as well as sb. all age groups

the winner of the men’s/ What about/How about sth./doing sth.?

a sb./sth. named/called... watch TV be perfect eat a lot 多吃 enough time at night at noon

sleep all day little kids

too many+复名

too much+不可数名词 much too 太

difficult kinds of... all kinds of... a kind of... give away someone else

give money to chrity rather than dosth.= instead of doing sth. don’t need to do sth.= needn’t do sth.= don’t have to do sth. make a meal in different way

enter a contest by doing on stage=on scene

women’s competition this kind of contest speak English

make great progress have fun with sth,= have fun doing sth. read a book/read books fall asleep be asleep

the Olympics= the Olympic games make posters

all over/around China hear of sth. hear from sb. unit 9

an amusement park

Have you ever been to sw.?last year Me too. Me neither. an aquarium

has never been to sw. take the subway next week all the time

several=a few =some travel to sw. argue with sb.


an English-speaking country last/family name first/given name such as

for example

think over

think of/up

think about

a tour guide

three quarters

practice doing

outside of China国外 have a problem doing sth. an excellent place

whether... or...无论...还是 a more natural environment 更自然的坏境


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