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Unit 4
What’s the best movie theater?

Section A Period 1

Good , better , best, Never let it rest , Till good is better , And better is best . Bad , worse ,worst , Never fight against , Get better and better, And you’ll be the best.


We’ll try to do everything
the best ,not the worst.(尽 力把所有事情 做到最好.)


This computer is cheap.


This computer is cheaper than that one.

This one is the cheapest of all.

The weather is bad.

The weather is worse. The weather is the worst.

good better This car is the best of the three.

big bigger
This apple is the biggest of all.

10 yuan

more expensive
20 yuan

This pen is the most expensive of the three. 50 yuan

Do you like to go to the movies? Who is your favorite movie star? Why do you like him / her?

Where do you want to go ?Why?


radio station


Movie theater = cinema

comfortable seats

big screen

friendly service

in a fun part of town

big screen

good quality

comfortable seats


friendly service.

Super Red Star
400m 500m

Blue Moon
300 m

My house

Super Cinema
is close to my home.

Red Star Cinema
is closer to my home.

Blue Moon Cinema
is the closest to my home.

Blue Moon Cinema

is cheap.

Super Cinema is cheaper.

Red star Cinema
is the cheapest.

Red star Cinema is popular. Blue Moon Cinema is more popular.

Super Cinema

is the most popular.

Red star Cinema
has a big screen. Super Cinema

has a bigger screen.
Blue Moon Cinema has the biggest screen.

Red star Cinema has friendly service. Super Cinema has friendlier service.

Blue Moon Cinema has the friendliest service.

Red Star Cinema has comfortable seats. Super Cinema has more comfortable seats.

Blue Moon Cinema has the most comfortable seats.

How do you choose a cinema to go to?
Which is important?Which is not important?

comfortable seats

big screen

friendly service

distance from home

in a fun part of town

new movies


cheap tickets

What is the most important for you in a movie theater?
A: I think comfortable seats are the most important for me . B: For me, … and … are the most important in a movie theater. C: But I think …is the most important. D: In my opinion, I think … is the most important

1b Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters. Write down the names.
It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular.

Town Cinema Screen City Movie Palace

Movie Theater
Screen City Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema Town Cinema Movie Palace

It’s the closest to home.
It’s the cheapest.

It has the friendliest service.
It has the most comfortable seats.

But I think Gold Theater has the most comfortable seats.

What’s the best movie theater?

Showtime Cinema. It’s the cheapest.

A: What’s the best movie theater? B: Showtime Cinema. It’s the cheapest. C: But I think Gold Theater has the most comf

ortable seats. D: For me, …… F: In my opinion, ……


It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular. It’s the closest to home. It’s the cheapest. It has the friendliest service. It has the most comfortable seats.

the closest to Zhoushan Theater is ________ (离…最近) a fun part of People’s Square. It is in_______________ the biggest (繁华的地段)the city. It’s also_________ (最大的)cinema in the city. It has the the most comfortable biggest screen and__________________ (最舒适的)seats. The service there is the friendliest ______________(最友好). It usually has new movies __________(新影片).Although it is a expensive little_________(贵)and sometimes a little crowded. I like to go there to see movies.

Green City Survey
1. Which is the best clothes a. Miller’s b.Blue Moon a. 970 AM b.97.9 FM store?

c.Dream Clothes c. 107.9 FM

2. Which is the best radio station?

Pairwork 2c: Role play
? A: Hello! I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions? ? B: Sure. ? A: What’s the best / the worst clothing store in town? ? B: I think Jason’s is the best… / ...is the worst. ? A: Why do you think so? ? B: Jason’s has …… .

Grammar Focus


Town Cinema is the cheapest. –est –iest It has the friendliest service. Movie Palace has the most comfortable seats.

Jason’s and Trendy Teens are good stores. Trendy Teens has better service. Jason’s has the best quality clothing.
Oldies 102.1FM is pretty bad. It’s worse than All Talk 970AM. It has the worst music.

good better best

bad worse worst

1.Tom is the tallest in our class. This apple is the biggest of all. 1)形容词最高级:

用于三者或三者以上的人或 事物相比较。

3) 形容词最高级前须加the.

2.Which do you like best? Chinese, English or math? Tom is one of the tallest boys in his class. The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.

常用句式: 1) Who/ Which…+ 最高级…, A, B or C ?
2) one of +the +形容词最高级 +名词复数形式,


Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Shanghai is bigger than the other cities in China. Shanghai is bigger than any other city in China. 小结:形容词比较级可用来表达最高级的意思。 比较级+than any other+单数名词 比较级+than the other+复数名词 可与最高级转化。

Grammar 语法 形容词最高级的变化:

规则的: 直接加est cheap—cheapest 双写再加est big--biggest 改y为i再加est friendly—friendliest 直接加st nice— nicest comfortable—most comfortable 不规则的: 多音节词在前面加most good--------better--------best bad----------worse--------worst

最高级,很容易,一般词尾加est。 (cheap-the cheapest) 词尾若有哑音e, 直接就

加st。 (close-the closest)

重读闭音节, 单辅音字母要双写。
(big-the biggest) 辅音字母加y, 记得把y变为i。 (friendly-the friendliest) 多音节,考考你,the most到底加哪里?

(popular-the most popular)

cheap--- cheaper --- cheapest

fine --- finer--- finest
fat--- fatter--- fattest heavy --- heavier ---heaviest

thin--- thinner --- thinnest
new--- newer--- newest

close--- closer --- closest
easy--- easier --- easiest

good well

better worse more farther

best worst most farthest

特 殊 情 况

bad ill many much far




Choose the best answer.

1. It has the ________ clothing store in town. A. goodest B. gooddest C. best D. better 2. This clothing store is ____ than that one. A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. worst 3. This book is ____ of all. A. cheapest B. cheap C. cheaper D. the cheapest 4. This is one of ____ films of this year. A. more exciting B. exciting C. the most exciting D. most exciting. 5. This watch is ____ than that one. A. much expensive B. expensiver C. more expensiver D. much more expensive

1.We are going to the Green Restaurant for lunch. (就划线部分提 问) Where are ________________ you going for lunch? 2. Sam is the shortest in his class. (改为同义句) shorter any _______ Sam is _________ than _______ other student in his class. the other Sam is shorter than ______ __________ students in his class. _________ Sam is shorter than_________ ________ in his class. _________ anyone else 3. How do you like Screen City? (改为同义句) _______ What do you _____________ Screen City? think of

Section B Period 1

funniest ,Most creative, quietest, best

Positive words Most creative
quietest best funniest

Negative words dullest

worst most serious


Write these names under the performers: Names Eliza Vera

Vera 1.________


Steve The math teachers 5.________

Dennis 3.________ The math teachers 2.________

Eliza 4.________


Listen again. Fill the chart.

Name Eliza Steve Vera Dennis

What people say

best, excellent, great
funniest most creative worst loudest

The math teacher

Eliza was the best performer.

Who was the best performer?

Read the article about the school talent show. Fill in each blank with one of the words in the box. best was quietest sang funniest were Last week’s talent show was a great success. There were fifteen acts. Eliza Clark won the

prize for the

performer. She played a

beautiful piano piece. Hu Yue was the
quietest performer. He danced without music.

The prize for the funniest act went to Steve Tian

and his dog, Fido. They

sang a cute song


Group work
Interview 3 students,write down their answers:

What/Who do you think is _____ the… funniest actor? most creative music radio
loudest music group

_____ _____

most boring TV show?
worst movie? best book?

1. Last week’s talent show was a great success. 上周的天才表演真是

非常成功。 success 是名词,它的形容词是successful “成功的” 2. He danced without music . 他无音乐伴奏跳舞。

He left without saying goodbye to us.
without 介词,后跟名词或动名词。

1.the best movie theater 最好的电影院 2.the biggest screens 最大的荧屏 3.the most popular 最受欢迎的 4.the closest to home 离家最近 5.the shortest waiting time 最短的等待时 6.the best sound 最好的音响 7.the most comfortable seats 最舒服的座位 8.the best clothes store 最好的服装店

9.the best radio station 最好的电台 10.the worst clothes 最差的衣服 11.buy clothes the most cheaply买衣服最便宜 12.buy tickets quickly 买票最快捷 13.have the worst music 有最差的音乐 14.play the most boring songs播放最无聊的歌曲 15.choose songs the most carefully 选择歌曲最仔细 16.Welcome to the neighborhood! 欢迎成为邻居

17.How do you like it so far? 到目前为止你对它印象如何? 18.I still don’t really know my way around. 我还是真的不知道周围的路。 19.The best supermarket is on Center Street. 最好的超市在中心大街上。 20.You can buy the freshest food there. 在那儿你能买到最新鲜的食物。 21. I love watching movies. 我喜欢看电影。

22.You can sit the most comfortably because they have the biggest seats. 你可以坐得最舒 服因为他们有最大的座位。 23.Thanks for telling me. 谢谢你告诉我。 24.No problem. 没问题。 25.It has the worst service. 它有最差的服务。 26.What do you think of 970 AM?=How do you like 970 AM? 你认为970 AM怎么样? 27.We went to the worst restaurant in town last night.昨晚我们去了镇上最差的饭馆。

dance learn do a survey of go think about
1. What did you learn in school today? 2. We did a survey of what movies students like watching. 3. It was interesting to hear what the class thought about action movies. 4. Boys love action movies but girls don’t often go

to see them.

5. Can you dance ? We need some more actors for the talent show.

Read the information and discuss:
Which is the best city to visit for winter ? Why?




Sanya is in Hainan Province in southern China. It’s still (仍然) warm in winter. It’s about 15°c in the afternoon. Sanya has lovely beaches. The price (价格)of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night.
Province: 省 southern: 南方的
15°c =fifteen degrees Celsius


三亚在中国南部的海南省.冬天仍很 暖和.下午约15度.三亚有美丽的沙滩,

1. Sanya is in Hainan Province. 三亚在海南省。
海南省要大写, 介词用in而且不加the。

如: 河北省 in He Bei Province.

2. The price of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night. 旅馆一个房间一晚上的价格大约在320元左右。

-10°c= minus ten degrees
Celsius Snow:下雪

enough: 足够的

Beijing is not very cold i

n winter. It’s about -10°c. It doesn’t often rain or snow. Hotels usually cut their prices(减价) in winter. About 200 yuan a night is enough.

4. About 200 yuan a night is enough.

enough 可以修饰名词也可以修饰形容词。当它修饰名词时可放

在名词的前边,也可放在后边。如:足够的水,enough water;
当它修饰形容词或副词时,则放在它的后边。 如: 足够大big enough .

不能说成enough big . ×
There is enough water (名) here. 这里有足够的水。 Your classroom is big (形) enough. 你的教室足够大。

Five dollars is enough. Ten kilometers is not far.

Twenty days has passed since Bill went to Paris.
小结: 时间,距离,价格作主语要视为单三。

5. Harbin is in the north of China . 哈尔滨在中国的北部。 north 在北方 south 为南方, east为东方,west 为西方。 表示方位的有三个介词:in,on, to。 Japan is to the east of China. Qingdao is in the east of Shandong. Hebei is on the north of Shandong. 小结:范围之内要用in, 范围之外,接壤要用on, 范围之外,不接壤要用to.

6. Tourists need to wear warm clothes .

7. There is an Ice and Snow Festival in


Ⅲ. 请从括号中选出适当的词语完成下列句 子。 1. Mr Green often wears (puts on / wears) a white shirt _______
in summer. 2. I think Vera is the best ______________ (perform / performer performer). 3. Who do you think is the funniest _____ (actor / act) actor or 4. Which do you like best, chocolate, apples ___ (and / or) hamburgers? 5. They need some _______ (another / more) singers for more the talent show.

Good –bye

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