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仁爱九年级英语unit2 topic1

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九年英语Unit 2 Topic 1

1. 蜜蜂 2. 废弃的 3. 小溪 4. 呼吸 5. 弱的, 差的 6. 影响 7. 生产, 制造 8. 胸部, 箱子 9. 不管怎样 10.煤

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. bee 2. waste 3. stream 4. breathe 5. weak 6. influence 7. produce 8. chest 9. anyway 10. coal

11. 聋的 12. 印刷 13. 垃圾 14. 打扰, 扰乱 15. 创造 16. 血 17. 产业

11. deaf 12. print 13.rubbish 14. disturb 15. create 16. blood 17. industry

? ? ? ? ? ? ? harm(形容词) breathe (名词) create (形容词) human(复数) pollution (动词) noise (形容词) (副词) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? harmful breath creative humans pollute noisy noisily

1. 把......倒入 2. 对......造成巨大伤害 3. 制造噪音 4. 心情糟糕 5. 空气污染 6. 对......有害 7. 变耳聋 8. 解决各种环境问题 9. 据报道 10.听力散失
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. pour ...into 2. do great harm to 3. make noise 4. in a bad mood 5. air pollution 6. be harmful to 7. go deaf 8. solve all sorts of
environment problems

? 9.It’s reported that ? 10. hearing loss

11. 和......(几乎)一样坏 12. 也 13. 忍受不了做某事 14. 污水 15.不是所有的 16. 许多 17. 靠近
? 11. no better than ? 12. as well ? 13. can’t stand doing sth. ? 14. waste water ? 15. no all ? 16. quite a few/ little ? 17. close to

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 什么使得他的胸口痛? makes hurt What ________his chest___________? 2. 那时个有花有草的美丽的地方. It’s a beautiful place with flowers ________________________and grass. 3. 花草都不见了 gone The flowers and grass have __________. 4.一些化工厂把废水倒入溪流里. There are _____________several chemical factories pouring waste water into ______________________the stream.

? 1.go ? go除了有 “去”的意思外, 还可理解为 “不复存在, 不见了, 丢失,失窃”. e.g. The pen has gone . ? go还有 “起作用或处于某种状态”的意思. ? e.g. Everything goes well . ? I’ll take some pills and see how it goes.

? 2.There be sth. / sb. doing sth. “有某人/ 某 物正在做......” ? e.g.There is a dog running after the car. B ? There are some boys _____ basketball on the playground now. ? A. play B. playing C. to play

? 3.change ? (1) 改变, 作动词.e.g. Everything has changed. ? (2) 变化, 做名词.e.g. Great changes have taken place. ? (3)找回的零钱, 作名词. e.g.Here is your change.

? 4.noise 作 “响声, 喧闹声, 嘈杂声”解时, 是不可 数名词, 若指某一种噪声时则可数. ? voice “嗓音, 声音”, 指人说话的声音或比较悦耳 的歌声. ? sound “声音, 声响”, 是声音的统称或指自然界的 声响. ? accent “口音”, 指人说话的口音, 腔调. D ? The music made me think of the ______of running stream. ? A. accent

B. noise C. voice D. sound

? 5.effect 名词, 意思是 “影响” ? have an (no) effect on sth. 对某事(没有) 影响 ? affect 动词 ,意思是“影响”, 相当于have an effect on sth. / have an influence on sth. ? e.g. Smoking much have an effect on your health. =Smoking much affect your health.

? 6.if 和whether 的区别 ? 一般情况下可以互换, 但下列情况只能用whether 不能用if ? (1) 当句中有or not时. e.g. I wonder whether she is right or not . ? (2) 作介词宾语时.e.g. Let’s talk about whether we will go abroad by ship. ? (3)接不定式时. e.g. He has decided whether to go or not. ? (4) 作discuss等动词的宾语时.e.g. We discuss whether we should close the window.

? ( A )1.—How long _____ you _____ here? ? —For about two years so far. ? A.have; studied B.did; live C.do; stay D.were; swimming ? ( D )2.We have known each other _____ ten years ago. ? A.for B.ever C.about D.since ? ( B )3.There is _____ pollution in the world. We must stop it. ? A.much too B.too much C.many too D.too many ? ( D )4.—Is the flower beautiful? ? —Yes, at _____ it’s _____ the one you bought for me. ? A.last; as bad as B.least; no better than ? C.last; not better D.least; no worse than ? ( B )5.I can’t stand _____ for you so long. ? A.to wait B.waiting C.waits D.waited

? ( C )6.The boss made child laborers _____ 12 hours every day. ? A.working B.works C.work D.to work ? ( B )7._____ the environment is important for human beings. ? A.Take care of B.Taking care of ? C.Took care of D.Take the care of ? ( B )8.—Have you finished your homework? ? —Not _____. There are still some exercises to be done. ? A.already B.yet C.just D.ever ? ( B )9.—It smells terrible. What has happened here? ? —Look, there is much waste gas _____ from the chemical factory. ? A.pour B.pouring C.poured D.pours ? ( A )10.When I was walking in the street yesterday, I saw a UFO _____ over my head. ? A.flying B.flies C.flew D.to fly

补全对话 1
? ? ? ? ? ? A: Good morning, Granny. What’s wrong with you ? B: Oh, boy. It’s difficult for me to breathe. A: How long have you been like this? B: I have been like this since last week. A: Have you seen a doctor? B: No , I haven’t. The chemical factory produces terrible gas. The bad air makes my chest hurt. What’s more , the factory makes too much noise and I can’t sleep well at night. ? A: That’s too bad. ? B: I’m always in a bad mood because I can’t stand the environment here. Have you noticed the dead fish in the river? Any way, I hope the government will solve this problem soon. ? A: Oh, yes. Pollution causes too many problems. I think I should write to the newspaper about these problems. But now you’d better go to see a doctor.

? A: Hello, May! ? B: Hi, Peter! I haven’t seen you for weeks. Where have you been? 1.________________________ ? A: I have be

en to Hawaii (夏威夷). ? B: How was your journey? ? A: Great! Hawaii is a beautiful place. How did you go there? ? B: 2. ________________________ ? A: I went there by air. ? B: 3. Have you ever been there before? ________________________ ? A: Yes, I had lived there for 4 years before I came here. Whom did you travel with? ? B: 4. ________________________ ? A: I traveled with my friends. How long have you been away? ? B: 5. ________________________ ? A: I have been away for about eleven days. ? B: What a wonderful journey! ? A: Yes, it was!

补全对话 2

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. noisy, sleep, at night It’s too noisy for me to sleep at night. 2. read, harmful , eyes Reading in the sun is harmful to eyes. 3. had better, umbrella You’d better take an umbrella. 4.see , dance, pass, classroom I saw her dancing when I passed her classroom. ? 5.turn off, tap, leave ? Remember to turn the tap off when you leave.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6. write , no better than , Jim He writes no better than Jim. 7. there, girl , cry , street There is a girl crying on the street. 8. stand , throw ...around I can’t stand people throwing litter around. 9.teacher, light, faster, sound My teacher said that light travels faster than sound. ? 10.said, flowers and grass , go ? He said that the flowers and grass had gone.

little , healthy, create, breathe, hear, develop, illness, change, chemical, good ? There are many kinds of pollution around us , such as air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and light pollution. They are bad for our health in many ways. creates ? Burning gas, oil and coal __________air pollution. It can cause sore eyes and ____________ problems. breathing ? With the increase in population and the _____________of industry, litter is development everywhere. It makes our environment dirty. People put lots of litter into the land. In the fields, farmers use too many __________which destroy the soil. chemicals Soil pollution causes ____________food. unhealthy ? Noise pollution can make people deaf. For example, people may lose their _________ if they work in a noisy place for a long time. Too much noise can hearing cause high blood pressure as __________. well changealbe ? Working in strong, ____________ light for a long time may cause some kinds of __________. It makes people feel terrible and is especially bad for illnesses the eyes. less ? With ____________ pollution, our planet will become greener and our health will be better. Let’s be greener people.

? 人类只有一个地球。根据提示,以 “Saving the Earth”为题,写一篇80词左右 的短文。 ? 提示: 1.如何保护环境已成为世界最大难题 之一; ? 2.各种污染破坏环境,损害健康; ? 3.不要乱倒垃圾,乱排废水; ? 4.我们应该保护环境,使我们的家园更 加美丽。

? Saving the Earth ? How to protect the environment ha

s become one of the biggest problems in the world. There are many kinds of pollutions around us, such as air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and light pollution. We can find that rubbish not only pollutes our environment but also harms people’s health. So we should not throw rubbish everywhere. Some factories pour waste water into the rivers and the lakes. The behavior of these factories will pollute the water, and sometimes it can kill the fish living in them. ? We have only one earth. We must keep our environment clean and tidy. We must try our best to protect her, and make our home more beautiful.

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