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九年级英语上第三单元课时练习5(Unit 3 Teenage Problems)

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Unit 3 Teenage Problems

Period 5 Grammar (I)


()1 It is very nice ______ you ______ offer me so many suggestions.

A for; to B of; to C to; to D for; for

()2. – What does your teacher say?

- He tells us __________ our late ______________ basketball.

A. not to stay; to play B. to not stay; to play

C don't to stay; to play D to stay; to play

()3. I like cartoons because they always make me ______ .

A laughs B laughed C laughing D laugh

()4. The boy promises___computer games any more, so his parents allow him ______TV for half an hour

every day.

A not to play; to watch B not play; to watch

C don't to play; to watch D don't play; watch

()5. Today Shirley got up early the first bus.

A to catch B catches C catching D catch


1. To watch the film Gone with the Wind in the cinema is interesting. to watch the film Gone with the Wind.

2. To learn English well is important for us. for us to learn English well.

3. Someone saw him this afternoon. He was walking into the building at that moment. Someone him into the building this afternoon.

4. They do not seem to notice that I have tried my best. they do not notice that I have tried my best.

5. The little baby has grown up. She is a beautiful girl now. The little baby has grown up a beautiful girl.


1.当你学习的时候,请你的家人把电视机声音调小或关掉电视机。 Ask your family or turn off the TV while you are


2.仔细安排你的时间,确保你有时间认真完成自己的作业。 Plan your time carefully and you have time your homework


3.最好的办法是上课时认真听老师讲课。 The best way is your teacher carefully in class.

4.基蒂喜欢跳舞。要学好跳舞,我认为她需要更多的练习。 Kitty likes dancing. well, I think she needs much

more practice.

5.实话跟你说,因为妹妹经常打扰我,我经常和她吵架。 ,I often quarrel with my sister because

she often disturbs me.

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