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初中英语导学案7B Unit4(2)

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初中英语导学案编号7B Unit4

课题:Reading 1





一、阅读课文,理解意思,写出下列动词的过去式. go chat love sit turn are run happen say tell stand listen come find make put show have search


1.像往常一样 2 坐在大树下聊天

3. 听到从灌木丛中传来一阵低语声

4. 转过身 5. 任何不寻常的东西

6. 在他们回家的路上

7.仔细搜查 8. 自言自语

9. 发出像....的声音

10. 照顾好你自己

11.那天稍晚的时候 12. 不再

13. 玩的开心

14. 第二天


Activity 1:

Do you like stories? Which kind of story do you like best? love story, funny story, exciting story, ghost story? (talk about ghost story) 1

It is 11p.m. You are walking in the street. Suddenly, you find there isn’t anybody else around you. Just at this time, you hear a whisper(soft noise) , what will you do?

Millie and Amy also heard some strange noise one day, let’s see what happened.

Listen to the tape and answer questions:

When did it happen?

Where did it happen?

What happened?

Activity 2:

Ask the students to read the text and answer the following questions.

1. Why did they run away?

2. Did they hear the strange noise again?

3. Who did they meet on their way?

4. What did Andy do after he knew everything?

5. How many times did he hear the whisper?

6. Do you think the sound came from the bushes? What is it?

7. What did Andy find in the bushes?

8. How did it make a sound?

9. What will you do if you find a weak cat?

10. Why did they take the cat to the animal centre?


Millie is telling her friend about what happened in the park. However, she is so excited that she cannot remember everything correctly. Do the true or false questions on Page 64


Read the passage again and try to tell the sequence (顺序)of the story.


1.Millie and Amy talked …

2. Suddenly,…

3. They left…

4. Millie told Andy…

5. Andy went to…

6. Andy found…

7. Later that day…


If you were Millie or Amy, now you are calling your friend to tell her/him what happened to you this morning. What will you say?

(give them a model)

You can begin like this:

Millie: What an exciting day !

Friend: What happened?

Millie: This morning…

Friend: Really? Were you frightened?

Millie: …

Friend: Tell me more…



(go) to the park.

2. He (sit) on his seat when he came into the classroom.

3. Suddenly, they 4. The (follow)Sunday means the next Sunday.

5. She (put) the little dog on the ground.

6. My mother is an (usually) woman.

(careful) in class.


9. There are some 10. ‘Be quick’, I said to (my).

11. I found nothing in my school bag. I knew there was something 12. When it moved, it (make) a sound like a car.


( )1. follow A. next

( ) 2. search B. unusual

( ) 3. frightened C. unpleasant sound

( ) 4. strange D. look for

( ) 5. noise E. not strong

( ) 6. weak F. very afraid



Fish sleep _________________________________.

2. Kitty喜欢用脚趾尖跳舞。

Kitty likes dancing _____________________________.


There is no life ________________________________.


I _____________________ yesterday in the park.



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