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unit 1 Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation第四课时

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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?
Section B 2b-2d

马来西亚,东南亚的国家之一,首都为吉 隆坡,政治中心位于布城。 马来西亚共分为两大部分,之间有南中国 海相隔着:一个是位于马来半岛的西马来 西亚,北接泰国,南部隔着柔佛海峡;另 一个是东马来西亚,位于婆罗洲岛上的北 部。马来西亚是东南亚国家联盟的创始国 之一。

I went to Malaysia on vacation.


I arrived in Penang in Malaysia on Monday, July 15th.


I tried/went paragliding on the beach.

I feel like I was a bird.

Malaysian yellow noodles

For lunch , I had something very special---Malaysian yellow noodles.


In the afternoon, I rode a bicycle to Georgetown.

Weld Quay

I saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago in Weld Quay, a really old place in Georgetown.

Penang Hill

My father and I went to Penang Hill. When we got to the top,we couldn't see anything below because of the bad weather.

Language Points
到达某地 决定做某事 去海滩 在我们旅馆附近 尝试滑翔伞 感觉像只鸟 骑自行车 享受做某事
arrive in/at decide to do sth. go to the beach near our hotel try paragliding feel like a bird ride a bicycle enjoy doing sth.

walk up to the top 步行上山顶 start raining 开始下雨 等待火车超过一小时 wait over an hour for the train get to the top 到达山顶 because of the bad weather 因为糟糕的天气 a/one bowl of rice 一碗米饭

2c Read Jane's diary entries again.Fill in the chart.
Things Jane did or saw Did she like it?(Yes/No)
tried paragliding had Malaysian yellow noodles Yes,she did. Yes,she did.

Why or why not?
It was so exciting.She felt like she was a bird. They were delicious.

walked around Georgetown went to Penang Hill

Yes,she did.

She really enjoyed walking around Geogetown.

No,she didn't. Because of the bad weather,they couldn't see anything below.
Yes,she did. It tasted great because she was hungry.

had one bowl of rice and some fish

2d.Complete the conversation about Jane’s trip to Penang using the information in the diary entries.
Anna: Hi,Jane. Where did you go on vacation last week? went Jane: I ____ to Penang in______. Malaysia did Anna: Who ____you go with? Jane: I went with my ____. family Anna: What did you do? sunny Jane: The weather was hot and _____ on Monday, so we went paragliding ______on rode the beach. Then in the afternoon, we _____ bicycles to Georgetown. Anna: Sounds great! Jane: Well, but the next day was not as good. My ______and I went to father waited was Penang Hill, but the weather ______ really bad and rainy. We _____a wet long time for the train and we were _____and cold because we forgot to bring an _______. umbrella Anna: Oh, no! enough Jane: And that’s not all! We also didn’t bring _______money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish.

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