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Unit 3 Topic 1 I used to enjoy listening to rock music.

Section A


1、Use be interested in, love, enjoy, prefer, be fond of, like to express likes and dislikes

2、Talk about hobbies:

—What’s your hobby?

—I’m a movie fan. I go to the movie theatre a lot.




1.spare ____________( ) 3.comic__________( ) 2. hobby ___________( ) 4. DVD ___________( ) 6.喜爱的 ____________( ) 5. 感兴趣的___________( ) 7. 表演____________( ) 8.收集 _____________( )

1.在某人空闲的时间里__________ 2. 需要改变 _____________

3.对??感兴趣______________ 4. 喜欢________________

5. 背诗_________________ 6. 遛狗_____________________

10. 看小说________________ 7. 集邮 ________________ 8. 种花____________________ 9. 徒步旅行________________ Ⅱ. 在课本中找出下列短语划在书上并翻译

Unit 3 Topic 1 I used to enjoy listening to rock music.

Section B


Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标

1. Learn some new words and a phrase:

2. Learn the pattern of used to do sth.

(1) I used to enjoy listening to rock music.

(2) I didn’t use to play soccer, but now I like it.

3. Go on talking about interests and hobbies and learning how to express likes and dislikes:


(1)Pleased to see you!

(2)Collecting stamps must be great fun!

(3)Some of them are of great value.

(4)Do you share my interests?



1.pleased ____________( ) 3.rock __________( ) 5. 石头___________( ) 2. value ___________( ) 4. painting ___________( ) 6.布娃娃 ____________( ) 7. 硬币____________( ) 8.分享 _____________( )

1.很值钱的__________ 2. 过去常常 _____________

3.很有趣______________ 4. 明星照片________________

5. 总是在变_________________

6. 对……不感兴趣_____________________

2.】 Ⅱ. 在课本中找出下列短语划在书上并翻译


Used to do sth.

used to do sth. 意为“以前常做某事,过去常做某事”。


e.g. I used to go fishing on Sundays.______________________

e.g. He didn’t use to drink. =He used not to drink. 他以前不常喝酒。

3.疑问句常用Did?use to ?? 也可用Used ? To ?

e.g. Did you use to be a teacher?=Used you to be a teacher? 你以前是老师么?


E.g. He is used to getting us early. ______________________ 2.否定用 didn’t use to , 也可用 used not /usedn’t to ,但常用第一个。



1.What things do you love _____(do) every day?

2.What are your _____(hobby)?

3.Wen Wei _____(watch) the soccer game on TV yesterday?

4.Steve used _____ _____(be) a singer.

5.I used not to play football. I _____(prefer) playing basketball.

6.One of them prefers colorful _____(paint).

kites. 7.I fond of _____ (act), but Tom prefers singing and loves collecting all kinds of

Unit 3 Topic 1 I used to enjoy listening to rock music.

Section C


1. Learn about the special question forms of “used to”.学习used to 结构的特殊疑问句形式。

2. Talk about the benefit that good interests and hobbies bring to us.谈论兴趣爱好给人们带来的好处。


1.(1)—Where did you use to swim?

—I used to swim in the pond in front of my house.

(2)—Did you use to go swimming during the summer vacation?

—No, I didn’t.

(3)—What hobbies did you use to have?

—Aha, it’s a secret.

2. (1) Hobbies can bring people happiness, friendship and knowledge.

(2) They help people relax after their daily work.

(3) When people are getting old, hobbies can keep them healthy.

(4) When people are sick, hobbies can help them get well soon.



1.vacation ____________( ) 2. pond ___________( ) 3.nobody __________( ) __________( )

5. 令人放松的_______( ) 4. daily ___________( ) __________( ) __________( ) 6.友谊,友情 _______( )

7. 知识____________( ) 8.秘密 _____________( ) Ⅱ. 在课本中找出下列短语划在书上并翻译

1.在??前面__________ 2. 教某人做某事_____________

3.自学______________ 4. 你太聪明了_______________

5. 养宠物_________________ 6. 例如_____________________ 质疑探究


感叹句可分为以how, what 引导的两种句型。 1. how +形容词/副词+主语+谓语动词+其他! e.g. (1) How clever you are ! 你太聪明了!

(1) How important happiness is!__________________________

(2) How tall the building looks! __________________________

2.what+(a/an)+形容词+名词+主语+谓语动词+其他 e.g. (1) What beautiful stamps! __________________________

(2) What a tall tree!________________________________


1.My mother used to be good at cooking.(改为否定句)

My mother _____ ____ ____ be good at cooking.

2.Who was their swimming teacher?(改为同义句)

Who _____ them _____ _____.

3.He used to be an English teacher.(改为一般疑问句)

_____ he _____to be an English teacher.


_____ _____did they _____ _____ have?

Unit 3 Topic 1 I used to enjoy listening to rock music.

Section D


1.Review the pattern of used to do sth.





1.bath ____________( ) 2. whether ___________( ) 3.unfriendly__________( ) 4. lazy___________( )

5. 丑陋的______( ) 6.愚蠢的 _______( ) 评测反馈


( )1.He enjoyed _____ sports news on the Internet.

A. to read B. reading C. to look at D. looking at

( )2.Some telephone cards are of great _____.

A. value B. valued C. to value D. valuable

( )3.He is _____ in the interesting story book.

A. interesting B. interested C. interests D. interest

( )4.He likes eating vegetables, _____ tomatoes, potatoes and cabbages.

A. such as B. such C. as D. for

( )5.It’s hot today. I want to _____ .

A. take a bath B. take bath C. take on bath D. have bath

( )6.My teacher _____ say, “work hard to be a good student.”

A. was used B. was used to C. used to D. used

( )7.Haed-working can bring _____ .

A. our happiness B. us happy C. us happiness D. our happy

( )8.I used to go swimming in the pond _____ my house.

A. in front of B. in the front of C. at front of D. at the front of

( )9.When people are sick, hobbies can help them _____ soon.

A. get good B. get well C. getting better D. to get nice

( )10.They often keep pets, play sports, dance _____ music.

A. with B. to C. at D. on


Everyone needs friends. A good friend should be _____ . For example, _____ you have a bad day, a good friend will listen to you and do his or her _____ to help. To mark friends, you must be helpful and try to bring them _____ . When they have _____, you should have a talk with them. Remember that _____ is one of the most important things in your life.

1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______ 6._______

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