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unit2 topic3

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九年英语Unit 2 Topic 3
1. 塑料的 2. 猜想, 假定 3. 点头 4. 同意, 协议 5. 动摇, 震动 6. 行动, 动作 7. 技术 8. 电动的, 用电的 9. 轮子 10.钢铁 11.毛巾 12.提供
重点单词 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. plastic 2. suppose 3. nod 4. agreement 5. shake 6. action 7.technology 8.electric 9.wheel 10.steel 11. towel 12.offer

? ? ? ? electricity(形容词) shake(过去分词) act(名词) agree(名词) ? ? ? ? electric shaken action agreement

1.为......工作 2. 保护环境

4.代替某物 5.塑料袋 6.准时 7.确保 8.既不......也不

? 1.work for ? 2. protect the environment ? 3.be supposed to do sth. / ought to do sth. ? instead of ? plastic bag ? on time ? make sure ? neither ...nor

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 请注意一下. have your attention May I ____________________, please! 2. ----说比做容易.---那么, 就让行动证明. done Easier said --________than _________. --Well, actions speak louder than ______________words. 3. 列车的车速会达到最高431千米每小时. reach a top speed The train can ____________________of 431 km per hour.

? 1. both sides of sth. =each side of sth. =either side of sth. 某物的两面 ? e.g. We planted many trees on each side of the road. ? =We planted many trees on either side of the road. ? =We planted many trees on both sides of the road.

? 2. It’ s +adj. +(for sb.) +to do sth. ? 做某事对某人来说怎么样, 说明的是后面不定式 的特征. ? e.g. Its’ necessary for us to learn English well. ? It’s +adj. +of sb. +to do sth. 某人做了某事怎么样, 说明的是sb.的行为品质, 表示人的属性. ? e.g. It’s very kind of you to help me .

? 3.be supposed to do sth. =should do sth. ? (按照规定, 习惯等) 应做某事, 必须做某事. ? e.g. I thought you were supposed to get here five minutes ago. = I thought you should get here five minutes ago. 我想你5分钟之前就应该到这儿. ? 否定形式: be not supposed to do sth. ? e.g. You are not supposed to throw about the rubbish. ? 4. ought to do sth. 表示责任,义务货道义上该做某事 (无人 称和数的变化) 与be supposed to do sth. =should do sth. 意思相近. ? e.g. We ought to be polite to the old. =We are supposed to be polite to the old. =We should be polite to the old. ? 否定形式: ought not to ? e.g. We ought not to tell her the bad news. ? 疑问形式及回答: e.g. Ought we to go there? ? --Yes, you ought. / No, you ought not. ? 反意疑问句: e.g. We ought to go out now, oughtn’t we? / shouldn’t we?

? 5. the rest 其余的某物, 用于指代之前提到 的某物 ? (1) 当指代的是可数名词时, 谓语动词用复 数形式. e.g. These apples are mine. The rest are yours. ? (2)当指代的是不可数名词时, 谓语动词用单 数形式. e.g. I

have done half of the work, the rest is left to you.

? A: Hi, Michael . Would you like to be a greener person? Of course. I’d love to . ? B: ______________________But what should I do? ? A: First, you ought to turn off the lights when you leave a room. What’s next? ? B: Oh, that’s easy. ___________________ ? A: Second, you’d better walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or a taxi if you travel a short distance. That’s right. ? B: _______________It will save energy and reduce air pollution. ? A: Third, take a cloth bag when you go shopping. Don’t use plastic bags. ? B: It’s so easy to be a greener person. Easier said than done. ? A: ________________________ ? B: Well , actions speak louder than words.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A: Have you seen Jim these days? B: No, he’s gone to Japan to see his grandfather. Has he ever been there before? A: 1. ____________________________ B: Yes, he lived there before he came here. How long will he be there? A: 2. ____________________________ B: About one month. Have you heard from him? A: 3. ____________________________ B: Yes, I’ve just received a letter from him. What did he say? A: 4. ____________________________ B: He said he had a very good time there and he also wanted me to give his best wishes to you. It is very nice of him. ? A: 5. ____________________________

? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

(B )1.—When _____ he leave for the city? —He _____ next week. 一般现在时, 表将来表 示按日程表将要发生 的动作或事件。 A.does; will leave B.does; leaves C.has; has left D.will; leaves ( D )2.—It’s a long story, but you can hardly find new words in it. —Good! _____ it will be too hard for children. A.So B.And C.But D.Or ( A )3.Students ought _____ the truth. A.to tell B.tell C.telling D.told ( C )4.He is tall, _____ his son is short. A.when B.or C.while D.and ( A )5.If we travel a short distance, we should walk _____ taking a bus. Then we’ll be greener people. A.instead of B.rather C.while D.but

? ( A )6.She bought a skate board online _____ she saved a lot of time. ? A.so that B.as soon as ? C.such that D.no matter ? ( B )7.Every student is _____ to obey the school rules. ? A.suppose B.supposed C.should D.ought ? ( C )8.A farmer in England used animal waste to _____ his machine. ? A.manage B.use C.run D.start ? ( C )9.You ought to return the book to the school library _____. Other students will borrow it. ? A.at times B.in time C.on time D.at the same time ? ( A )10.He is rich, _____ he is happy, too. ? A.and B.so C.or D.but

? 1. a cloth bag, when ? We’d better take a cloth bag when going shopping. ? 2. should ,recycle, plastic bottles ? We should recycle plastic bottles. ? 3. electricity , in the school ? We should save electricity in the school. ? 4. , grow , fruit and vegetables, now ? The farmers

are growing fruit and vegetables now. ? 5. ought to, water ? We ought to save water.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6.quiet , in the library We should be quiet in the library. 7. should , trees, keep , air ,clean We should plant more trees to keep air clean. 8. noise , harmful Noise is harmful to our health. 9.walk, instead of , take We should walk instead of taking a bus. 10. ought to , turn off , when You ought to turn off the light when you leave.

look, need ,take, cause, produce, run , danger, one, use

, reach

? In many countries , people produce power from coal, but it is very dirty and causes to produce __________ acid rain. Some countries use nuclear energy ____________ power . However, nuclear power can be very __________. To solve the dangerous are looking energy problem, people all over the world____________ for new ways to produce power. the first ? China is one of ___________countries in the world to use biogas technology. Farmers recycles straw, grass and animal waste to make is used biogas. This renewable energy _____________in people’s everyday life. ? Electric vehicles were developed in the 1990s. Now there are electric vehicles in many countries. They are very efficient and cost very little ________. Although electric vehicles produce no pollution, there will be an to run needs increase in electricity _________ if they are widely used. ? In China , the best-known maglev train is the German-built one in Shanghai. It ______people just 7 minutes to go to the airport 30km away. takes The train can __________ a top speed of 431km per hour. It is quiet and reach quick. There is no wheel noise, because there are no wheels. Maglev trains are very energy-efficient and do not pollute the air. However, maglev guide paths are much more expensive than traditional steel railways.

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