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温馨提示: 九年级英语周周清Unit 4 制卷人:张洁琼 2013.10


卷Ⅰ 选择题 满分50

一、单项选择 (30×1)

( )1. He is not when he drives. It’s dangerous.

A. serious enough B. carefully enough

C. enough serious D. enough careful

( )2. It gives advice _____ what to do ____ lots of different situations.

A. on, in B. in , to C. on, at D. at , on

( )3.—Who taught French? – Nobody. She learned all by A. herself, her B. she, herself C. her, herself D. her, she

( )4. Study hard, you are sure to have a good result in the exam .

A. or B. and C. for D. but

( I lose the way? I’m new here.

A. What if B. As if C. How if D. When if

( )6. –What about playing football this afternoon?

-- I would rather ____ at home than _____ football . It’s too hot outside.

A. stay, playing B. stay, play C. to stay, to play D. to stay, playing

( )7. He was too hungry, so he ate in the evening.

A. plenty of B. a lot of C. man D. a lot

( )8.He walked fast for us catch up with.

A. so that B. such, that C. enough, to D. too, to

( )9. My friend Jim is very easy .

A. to get along B. getting along

C. to get along with D. for getting along to

( )10.He went to school with ________ breakfast.

A. have B. has C. having D. to have

( )11. –I feel really ___ before the interview.

--Take it easy. Sure you are the best.

A. quiet B. confident C. nervous D. boring

( )12. Everyone needs to have eight hours’ sleep a night.

A. at last B. at least C. more D. in the end

( )13. Who can find the answer________ the question for me?

A. to B. on C. for D. at

( )14. If a friend said something bad ____you , what would you do?

A. about B. on C. for D. to

( )15. He went to school without ____breakfast.

A. have B. had C. to have D. having

( )16. Gina is going to take pat in a party. She doesn’t know .

A. what will wear B. to wear what

C. what to wear D. how will wear

( )17.-What is he like ?


A. He likes basketball. B. He is very shy.

C. He is a boy. D. He comes from Shenyang,

( )18. He is afraid to speak in ____ public.

A. the B. a C. an D. /

( )19.-The kid seems to be a little strange.

- He would ________ call his parents _________ go home.

A. like; better B. like ; than

C. rather ; to D. rather ; than

( )20. Lucy is shy, so she is to speak in public.

A. worry B. happy C. confident D. afraid

( )21. If he_____ here , that would be very good.

A. is B. was C. were D. has been

( ) 22.-What should I do ? I can’t sleep the night before I take a big test.

- If I were you, I would ______ before _______.

A. listen to music ; go to bed B. listening to music; go to bed

C. taking a long walk; go to bed D. take a walk; going to bed.

( )23. --If I were you ,I’d take a long walk before _____ to bed.

--That would help you ______.

A. going, relaxed B. go, relax C. going, relax D. to go, relaxed

( )24. When did MoYan’s new book _____.

A. take out B. come out C. put out D. go out

( )25. I’m very happy that I will have _____ time to watch TV during the vacation.

A. little B. a few C. many D. plenty of

( )26. Thanks for your encouragement. I’m more _____ about my future.

A. happy B. crazy C. nervous D. confident

( )27. If you answered C _______ most questions , you are outgoing and pretty confident.

A. for B. to C. as D. at

( )28. What would you do if someone ____ you to be in a movie?

A. asks B. asked C. asking D. ask

( )29. My teacher will become angry if I _____ late for class.

A. be B. will be C. am D. were

( )30. The kind man gave ________ yuan to charity.

A. two millions B. millions of C. two millions of D. million of

二、完形填空 (10×1)

Dear Li Lei,

My best friend, Mei, has a problem. Next month there a really important English speech contest for our whole city next month. Our classmates want her to the class in the school contest. Everyone is sure she will win. It’s probably true. Mei is very clever English. In fact , she always comes top in the school exams. But she is very shy. She’d rather others than speak in front of people. She’s terrified speeches. She said she didn’t want to let her friends is my best friend , so she can tell me that she’s shy. But she can’t tell everyone that. I don’t think they __37___ her. I can’t __38__ any good ___39___to give her. But you always ___40___ good solutions to people’s problems.

( )31. A. have B. will have C. will be D. is going to

( )32. A. instead B. take the place of C. instead of D. represent

( )33. A. with B. at C. on D. to

( )34. A. talk to B. listen C. hearing D. listen to

( )35. A. make B. to make C. of making D. about making

( )36. A. down B. up C. out D. like

( )37. A. believe B. would believe C. believed D. to believe

( )38. A. look for B. think of C. think about D. think

( )39. A. advice B. advices C. some advices D. an advice

( )40. A. come up with B. catch up with C. go on with D. have a word with

三、阅读理解 (5×2)

Being safe in your everyday life needs knowledge(知识). If you remember the following information, your life will be much safer.

Always notice the environment around you. You shouldn’t walk alone outside. Make sure where the public phones are. If anything dangerous happens, you can find them easily.

Your bag should be carried towards the front of your body instead of putting it on your back.

When a bus is full of people, it is easy enough for a thief to take away the things in the bag on your back.

If you are followed by someone you don’t know, cross the street and go to the other way , let the person understand that you know he or she is after you. Next, don’t go home at once. You are safer in the street than you are alone in your home or in a lift(电梯).

If you have to take a bus to a place far away, try to get to the stop a few minutes earlier before the bus leaves. This stops other people from studying you. On the bus, don’t sit alone. Sit behind the driver or with other people. Don’t sleep.

( )41. Which of the following is NOT safe when you are out?

A. Go home alone late at night.

B. Make sure where the public phones are.

C. Don’t get to the bus stop too early.

D. Always notice the environment around you.

( )42. You’d better put your bag when there are too many people on a


A. on your back

B. beside you

C. in front of you

D. behind the driver

( ) 43. When you are followed by someone on your way home, you should

_________to make yourself safe.

A. run home

B. find a lift and go in

C. turn back and walk towards him or her at once

D. cross the street and go to the other way

( )44. When you take a bus alone, it’s safe for you .

A. to sit behind the driver or with other people, but not to sleep

B. to talk with the driver

C. to call your friends

D. to get off the bus at once

( )45. What can you learn from the text?

A. How to notice the environment around you.

B. How to be safe in everyday life.

C. How to cross the street.

D. How to use the public phones.

卷Ⅱ 满分50

一、根据首字母和汉语意思填空 (10×2)

46. If I had a million dollars , I’d give it to 医学的) research . (允许), don’t touch anything here. 48. I am very busy. Don’t __________ (打扰) me, OK?

49.Our classmates want her to (代表) the class in the school contest . 50. My father is an _____________(有活力的) man ,he stays up late but gets up early.


_____ of friends, they often have a party. 54. . 二根据汉语意思填入适当的句子 (5×2) 56.如果其他人带了礼物怎么办?(what if)

__________________________________________________________________ 57.我宁愿去上海也不去海南。(would …rather than)

__________________________________________________________________ 58. 她不想让她的朋友们失望。(let...down)

__________________________________________________________________ 59. 他是一个容易相处的人。(get along with)

__________________________________________________________________ 60. 如果我是你,我会告诉你的朋友吸烟的害处。(danger)

__________________________________________________________________ 三.短文填空 (10×1)

If you answered A for most questions, you are outgoing and ___61____(fair) __62___(confidence). You have plenty of ___63___ (friend), and you enjoy the company of other people. People come to you when they want __64__ (advice). Your friends would probably say you are easy __65__ (get) along with.

If most of your answers were B, you are probably a shy person. You like ____66___(talk) to one or two people rather than to a group. You would also rather __67__(stay )at home and____68___ (read) a good book than ___69____(go ) to a party. You have a small circle of very good friends. Your friends would probably say you are a good __70__(listen).



四. 阅读表达 (5×2)

The best woman in the world is my mother, the sweetest sound in the world is mum’s voice. Each day when I get back from school, I see my mother cooking in the kitchen, tired but happy. I really want to give her an embrace(拥抱). Mother often says, “Parents don’t want return from their kids. The only thing they hope for is that their kids have a happy life.”

My mother is different from my classmates’mothers. When she gave birth to me, she was nearly 42 years old. When I become a university student, my mother will be 60 years old. My mother has been in poor health for a long time. Maybe she will never full recover(痊愈). But she still works hard for me .I want to help her, but don’t know what I can do or where I can start. Each time my mother can’t get up from her sickbed, I feel afraid and don’t want to go to school. But my mother always says to me “You must go to school. I can look after myself.” Hearing this , I wonder whether I am a good son. The only thing I can do is to give her a warm embrace after school.

Let’s give more love and care to our mothers and let them know their kids really love them

71. The writer thinks the sweetest sound is _____________________________.

72. The only thing parents hope for is ________________________________.

73. How old will the writer’s mother be when he goes to college(大学).


74. What’s wrong with the writer’s mother?


75. Is the writer a good son?


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