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新版7A U6&U2复习

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7AUnit 6 Food and lifestyle


1 He likes _____________( 汉堡) very much.

2 ___________(保持) healthy is important for us.

3 Would you like some __________(柠檬) ?Yes, please.

4 He often eats ___________(巧克力) and ___________(糖果)。

5 Do you like ___________(胡萝卜)? Yes , I do.

6 I can see lots of ___________(肉) on the plate.

7 You should wash your hands before ____________( 餐)

8 Sweet snacks usually have too much ___________( 糖) .

9 He brushes his ___________(牙齿) twice a day.

10 Daniel wants to ___________(改变) his lifestyle.

11 Sandy ____________(计划) to go swimming every week.

12 There are some fish in the __________(水池) near my home.

13 How many __________(瓶子) of water can you see in the picture?

14 Don’t put much __________(盐) in the food.

15 Sandy gets 95 __________(分数)in this English test.

16 My father often _________(点菜) fish and vegetables when we have dinner in the restaurant

17 The food _________(有。。。味道) very nice. I like it very much.

18 I want to buy two __________( 公斤) of fruit.

19 Eating more vegetables is good for our ___________(健康)

20 How many _________( 块) of bread do you want?


1. Do you know that an apple a day (keep)the doctor away?

2. Apples and bananas are both my favourite 3. I want to buy some (meat), two kilos of pork and a kilo of beef.

4. We should study well and keep _________(health).

5.I have three

6. ________(eat)too many sweets ________(be)bad for our teeth.

7. You should do more _________(exercise) to keep (health).

(plan) to go there on foot now. What about you?

9. I’d like to read some (story).

10.How many (woman) teachers are there in your school?

11.There are five (people) in my family.

12.There are 20 (knife) in those (box).

13.I brush my (tooth) and wash my (foot) every day.

14.She buys some (radio) in the supermarket.

15. One of the (watch) on the table is mine.


1.汉堡包对我们没好处。Hamburgers __________________________ us.

2.胡萝卜对我们的健康有好处。Carrots ________________________ our health.

3.她每天跳舞一小时。She _________________________ every day.

4.我早餐总是吃牛奶和面包。I always _______ milk and bread _________________.

5.他们有太多的糖,对我牙齿也不好。They have __________________ and _______________ my teeth.

6.他计划每天去跑步。He________________ go running every day.

7.让我看看菜单。Let me ________________________ the menu.

8.橙汁尝起来味道不错。Orange juice________________________.

9.午餐给我一下午的能量。Lunch gives__________________________________.

10.我需要吃水果保持健康。I need to eat fruits ________________.



get up, begins, are wearing, well, enjoy ourselves

It’s Children’s Day today. I _______very early. I go to school at about six. Our school is very clean and tidy. The weather is fine. Birds are singing happily in the trees. We are all wearing our beautiful clothes, especially(尤其) the girls. Look! They _________colourful skirts. How lovely they are!

Our celebration ______at eight. First, our principal(校长) gives us a talk, and then the programmes(节目) begin. Many people sing together on the stage(舞台). They sing and dance_______. All the students and teachers like watching the programmes. After the programmes, we play games in the classroom. We all ______________very much.


( )19. Each of us ______ listening to music.

A. are like B. is like C. like D. likes

( )20. ______ there a map and two posters on the wall?

A.Does B. Has C. Is D. Are

( )21. He usually ____little money for books every week. But clothes _____him more.

A. costs; spend B. spends; cost C. pays; cost D. pays; spends

( )22. There is ___________ “s” and __________ “u” in _______word “student”.

A. a, a, an B. an, an, the C. a, an, a D. an, a, the

( A. us; she B. us; her C. we; she D. we; her;

( )24. The cake _______good. I'd like some more.

A. turn B. sounds C. feels D. tastes

( )25. I don’t like this T-shirt. Please show me ________ one.

A. other B. others C. the other D. another

( )26. The news is really _______ and everyone is_______ in it.

A interesting; interesting B. interesting; interested

C. interested; interesting D. interested; interested

( )27. - _______do you _______sports every day? - Less than one hour.

A. How long; do B. How many; play

C. How much; do D. How many times; do

( )28. It's important _______us students _______carefully(认真) in class.

A. for; listening B. of; listen C. for; to listen D. of; to listen

( )29. —_______oranges do you want?

—Two kilos.

A. How many B. How much C. How soon D. How often

( )30. --- __________your sister have a computer?

--- Sorry. I don't think she has __________.

A. Do; it B. Does; one C. Do; one D. Does; it

( )31. Morning exercises are good______us and I am very good ____ doing them.

A. for: at B. at; for C. to; for D. for; to

( )32. -_______ the door please. - Please come in. The door_______.

A. Be open; opens B. Be open; is opening

C. Open; opens D. Open; is open

( )33.- Happy Halloween, Kitty!


A. Yes, I'm very happy B. Thanks. The same to you

C. OK, you're right D. Not at all

( ) 34.He seldom __________ , because he has a lot of Maths ________ to do.

A. exercise, exercises B. exercise, exercise

C. exercises, exercise D. exercises, exercises

( )35. Can you help me, sir? I can’t find my son. .

 — Well. Tell my how old he is and what he is ________ today.

A. putting on B. wearing C. dressing D. put on

( )36. Miss Gu is _____ teacher. She teaches ____ Chinese.

A. them; them B. their; their C. them; their D. their; them



People all over the world drink tea. But tea doesn't m__1__ the same thing to everyone. In different countries, people have d__2___ ways to drink tea. In C__3__, people usually have tea with their friends. They only put tea leaves(叶) in their c__4___ or in teapots. Theydrink the tea w__5___ anything in it. Tea is a__6___ popular in Japan. Mary people like it there. They drink tea e__7___ day. In the USA, people drink tea at breakfast or after m_8_.They usually use tea bags to make their tea. M__9___ tea with tea bags is faster a____10___easier than making it with tea leaves in teapots.



Winter Sale!

Winter is coming. So we are having a big and end-of-autumn sale. Look at the prices!

A blouse: $ 5 A coat: $ 20 A silk(丝绸) skirt: $28

A pair of trainers: $30 A pair of jeans: $ 30

Will you come to Reborn Fashion Shop on the 2nd floor of New Century Shopping Mall between Friday and Sunday? Spend twenty dollars in our shop, and we will give you five dollars back. Spend 40 dollars, and you will get 10 dollars back.

Remember, only at weekends.

You are welcome to Happy Times Doll Shop on the first floor of New Century Shopping Mall.

Closing Down Sale!

Come to our shop next Monday. There is a discount on every kind of chocolate. And we will give you a big box of sweets for free if you spend more than 20 dollars in our shop. So come to Sweetheart Chocolate Shop on the first floor of New Century Shopping Mall.

1. Where is Happy Times Doll Shop?

2. What can you get if you spend more than 20 dollars in Sweetheart Chocolate shop next Monday?

3. If you spend 40 dollars in Happy Times Doll Shop, how much money will you get back?

4. When should you go to the shopping mall if you want to buy clothes at a lower price?

5. What does the underlined word “Cash” mean in Chinese?


Food and lifestyle

Para 1: name, exercise and food

Para 2: breakfast, lunch, dinner and the reason why to eat them

Para 3: I have a healthy lifestyle.


Para 1: name, age, school?

Para 2: food and lifestyle now

Para 3: food and lifestyle that I want to change

Useful expressions:

I have a healthy/unhealthy lifestyle.

I dance/swim?every day.

I often …to keep fit.

I have…for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

…is/are good for us.

I plan to eat/drink…

书面表达:假如你是来自三中初三(3)班的李雷,因为感到自己的生活方式不太健康,于是参加校“Get Fit Club”俱乐部,你们俱乐部将举办“My healthy diet”的英语作文竞赛,你也想参加这次比赛,请写一篇80字左右的短文。

My Healthy Diet

My name is Li Lei. I am 15 years old. I am a student from Class 3, No. 3 Middle School. I’m a member of “Get Fit Club” because I want to be healthier.

I love eating sweet snacks between meals. I love hamburgers and cake. I often drink Coke. I seldom eat vegetables and fruit. I like watching football matches, but I seldom play football.

I know sweet snacks are not good for me and they are not healthy, and I should exercise more. I need to change my lifestyle. Now, I plan to eat more fruit and vegetables every day and eat less sweet snacks. I also plan to play football twice a week.

I hope to be healthier in the future.

7AUnit 2 Let’s play sports!

一、 句型和知识点

1.time (1.)时间,不可数名词 have ___________ time _________ play basketball(有许多时间打篮球)

(2)次数,可数名词 _________a month (许多次) ____________(一周两次)how often提问

2.玩得开心enjoy oneself = have a good time

3.你最喜欢的运动是什么?Which sport _____ you _________ ________?=What’s your _____ sport?

4.make(1)制作 make a paper plane

(2)使得,使役动词make sb happy/sad/tired make sb do sth



5.want=would like想要 want/would like sth want/would like to do sth


6.hope (1) hope to do sth I hope __________ (go) to Beijing.

(2)hope +that…. I hope that my dream _________(come) true.

注意:没有hope sb to do sth的结构

7.else另外,其他adv. What else/who else/something else


This book is very _____________. She is ____________ in this book.

9.fun (1)名词 have(lots of /much /great) fun 玩得开心 My father plays cards for _______.(消遣)

(2)形容词=interesting 读书很有趣。_______________________

10.许多many/much/lots of/a lot of

I have _____________________(许多家庭作业要做).So I don't have ____________(许多时间做)


1. 注意动词的第三人称单数形式

Have _______ do ___________ fly ________ study_______ enjoy_________watch________ Play________ go_________dress________be__________need________ say_________


(1)She is at school. 一般疑问句________________



(2)She does her homework at school. 一般疑问句________________




(1)Jim and his parents __________(go) to the park at the weekends.

(2)Jim , with his parents __________(go) to the park at the weekends.

(3)________ your mother _________(work) in the hospital?

(4)One of the ____________(play)________(come) from the USA.

(5)Walking ___________(make) me happy.

(6)Everyone in our class _________(enjoy) listening to music.


(1)Jim likes playing tennis best.(同义句)________________________

(2)Sandy is good at dancing.(同义句)________________________

(3)Simon goes swimming many times a week.(提问)_____________________________

(4)Millie wants to go skating this afternoon. (提问)_____________________________

(5)Li Hua is in the Reading Club. (同义句)________________________

(6)He looks strong. (提问)1_____________________________


(7)He studies English in his free time. (提问)_____________________________


Simon在收到笔友Andy的来信后,了解到Andy有一位很不错的语文老师。Simon也想向Andy介绍自己最喜欢的一位老师。假如你是Simon, 请你写一封80字左右的回信给Andy,向他介绍你最喜欢的一位老师。信的开头和结尾已给出。

提纲: 第一段(Introduction): 老师的姓名(My favourite teacher is?); 年龄(He/She is?years old.); 所教科目(He/She teaches us?或He/She is a/an?teacher.)

第二段(Main body): 外貌(He/She is?或He/She has?); 个性品质(He/She is?); 能力及特长(He/She can? He/She is good at); 爱好(He/She likes?He/She is interested in?); 习惯(He/She usually?); 对我(们)的关心教育(He/She always asks me?)

第三段(Conclusion): 我(们)喜欢他/她(We all like him/her.)


Dear Andy,

I’m glad to know that you have such a nice Chinese teacher. I will tell you something about my favourite teacher.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Wu. He is 28 years old. He is a math teacher.

He is a handsome young man. He is tall and strong. He likes swimming and playing basketball. He is so patient that he can spend 2 hours explaining things to us without getting angry. He is strict with us, too. He asks us to listen to him carefully in his class. He can always make his students laugh in his class.

He is helpful and he always helps us when we have problems. We all like him.

Do you think Mr. Wu is a great teacher? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



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