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Fill in the blanks

nervous shy tired terrible friendly
1.I’m really ________. I’ve been studying all day. tired nervous 2.I don’t like making speeches. I feel ______ talking in front of many people.

friendly 3.If you were more _______ to people, you would
have more friends. terrible 4.My stomach feels _______. I think I ate something bad at lunch time. shy 5.Paul is a bit ______ at first, but when he knows you, he talks a lot.

Talk about teenagers’ worries and give them some advice.

Period 3

A: What if I don’t know anyone at a party?
B: If you don’t know anyone, you can talk to Tom. (If I were you, I would talk to Tom.) 1. What if I am not allowed to make my own decisions? 2. What if I can’t get along with others? 3. What if I’m fairly shy?


2 Read the email from Fran and write a reply
Dear Knowledgeable: My best friend, Mei, has a problem. There is a really important English speech contest for our whole city next month. Our classmates want her to represent the class in the school contest. Everyone is sure she will win. It’s probably true. Mei is very clever, and can speak English really well. In fact, she always comes top in the school exams. The problem is that she’s very shy. She doesn’t want to let friends down, but she’s terrified of speaking in front of other people. She’s my friend, so she can tell me that she’s shy. but she can’t tell everyone that. I don’t think they would believe her. I can’t think of any good advice to give her, but you always come up with good solutions to people’s problems. What do you think I should tell Mei? What do you think

I should tell the rest of the students?

Dear Fran, I’m very glad hear that Mei is so good at English. In my opinion, she should take part in the contest. It is a chance to show herself and learn from others, She is very clever. There is no need for her to be shy. Tell her that the teacher and the whole class will help her prepare for the contest and encourage her to practice in various ways. With the help of the teacher and the classmates, she will succeed. Do remember: try, then you’ll make it.


What problems do you have at home? At school? Make a list. Then ask your classmates for advice.

At home
can’t have a dog

get a small pet like a goldfish

At school


A: I really want a dog, but my parents don’t let me have one. B: Well, dogs can be a lot of trouble. Maybe you get a small pet, like a gold fish. A: That’s a good idea.

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