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U4 Integrated skills

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Integrated skills

Do you know how to make a fruit salad?

A1.Amy and Suzy are making a fruit salad. Listen to their conversation and tick the things they need.

√ √ √

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A2.Read Amy’s notes of how to make a fruit salad. Put her notes in the correct order. Write the numbers 1-4 in the boxes. 2 4 Wash the fruit. Mix them together. Add some salad cream if you like. Cut some of the larger fruit into small pieces. Choose your favourite fruit.

3 1

A3.Listen to Suzy giving Amy some tips for making a fruit salad. Help Amy complete her notes with the correct words. Tips for making a fruit salad Choose your favourite fruit. Use fruit in season Make sure it is _______. fresh _________. different Use fruit of ________ colours and try to as good as make your fruit salad look _________ it tastes. For example, mixing red apples,

pears green _______, purple grapes and oranges together will make the salad _______ look very colourful.

just before Prepare the fruit salad __________ you are going to eat it. Some of the turn brown fruit will quickly ___________ when you leave it _________ for some time. in the air

B Speak up: Let’s make some sandwiches
Ask and answer in pairs

1. Do you like cooking? 2. Do you know how to cook? 3. Have you ever cooked by yourself?

Let’s make some sandwiches. Please listen to Sandy and her mum’s conversation. Let’s see how to make some sandwiches. Then fill in

the blanks.

Let’s make some sandwiches. 1. ____ a piece of bread. Pick 2. ____ some _______ sauce on it. Put tomato 3. Put some ____ and _________ on it. ham vegetables piece 4. Put another _____ of bread on the top ____ of it.

You’re going to have a picnic with your best friends. You decide to make something for eat but you don’t know how to make it. You and your mother are talking about what to make for the picnic. Use Sandy and her mum’s conversation as a model.

Useful expressions
First, … Second, … A few minutes later, … Next, … Later on, … Then, … After that, … Finally, …

How do you make a banana milk shake? First, peel the bananas.

And cut up the bananas. Next, put the bananas and ice cream into the blender (搅拌机).

Next, pour the milk into the blender.
Then, turn on the blender, a few minutes later, turn off the blender.

After that, pour the milk shake into a glass. Finally, drink the milk shake.

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Make something for your parents and
then write the process down.

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