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Unit 3 Welcome to our school

Ask and answer
A: What’s the date today? B: It’s … A: Which of the subjects do you like best? B: I like … best. A: Do you have … in your school? B: Yes, we have a big…. A: what do you often do there B:…

Today is Millie’s School Open Day!

Meet at the school gate

Millie is ready to show her mother around.

look beautiful

a classroom building

On the first floor/on the ground floor On the second floor

A tall building
the sixth
6 a library

the fifth
the fourth floor the third floor the second floor the ground floor the first floor

5 an art room 4 a computer room a music room classrooms the school hall

six floors

2 1

a playground

so big

a classroom


clean and bright

a computer room

There is a computer in front of every student.

a library


It looks new and modern.

a school hall

We have meetings there.

New words and phrases
front building ground

bright modern

so big/clean/happy … in front of a classroom building on the ground floor = on the first floor
clean and bright in the school hall show ... around This way,please.

Read and answer the following questions :

1.How does Millie’s school look? It looks beautiful 2.Where is Millie’s classroom? It’s on the ground floor 3.How are the classrooms in Millie’s school? They are clean and bright. 4. How does the library look? It looks modern. 5. What can we do in the school hall? We can have meetings there. 6. Who is the man in the white shirt? He is Millie’s English teacher.

Tick (√) the correct answers:
Sunshine Middle School
Playground: Classroom building: Classrooms:
Art room(s): Music room(s): Computer room(s) Library: School hall:

√ big □ small □ √ 18 classrooms □ □ 80 classrooms √ clean and bright □ □ big and modern √ one □ □ two √ one □ □ two √ two □ one □ √ new □ □ old √ for meetings □ □ for classes

Write a T or an F:
1. Sunshine Middle School looks beautiful. _____ T 2. Millie and her mum are infrontof the classroom behind building. ___ F 3. Millie’s classroom is on the ground floor. _____ T

4. There is a new library at the school.
5. The students have meetings in the library . hall

_____ T
_____ F

6. There is not a school hall at the school. 8. Mr. Wu is Millie’s English teacher. Chinese

_____ F _____ F

7. Mr. Wu is in a white shirt on the Open Day. _____ T

Let’s read!

Complete Millie’s diary: 10 October Dear Diary, Today is our Open Day. Our parents come and visit our school on this day. beautiful playground Our school looks _________. The ___________ is very bright big, and our classrooms are clean and ________. There are 18 classrooms in the classroom _______, and building ground my classroom is on the _______ floor. We also have an art ____ room, a music room and two _________rooms. computer modern Our library is new and _______. There are lots of books. We often go there in t

he afternoon. hall We also have a school_______. We have meetings there. Our school is really nice. We all love it.

Useful expressions
our Open Day new and modern

come and visit our school lot of books
on this day go there have meetings there really nice We all love it.

look beautiful
clean and bright in the classroom building on the ground floor

Check out
我们的开放日 来参观我们的学校 如此大的 带你四处看看




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