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unit5 do you want to watch a game show Section A 2d

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Free talk: What do you think of…? Why?

talk show

soap opera

game show

sports show


talent show


1. What can you see in the picture? I can see two girl students. 2. What are their names? Their names are Grace and Sarah. 3. What are they doing now?

They are talking about something. They are having a discussion about something.

Listen and write down what TV shows are mentioned in the conversation.

1._________ game shows soap operas 3._________ 5._________ talk shows

2._________ sports shows 4._________ news

Grace Sarah

Read the conversation and match the persons with their favourite shows. game shows and sports shows soap operas news and talk shows

Sarah’s classmates

Work in groups.
Ask the students to make their own conversations. Try to use the following sentences and the phrases: 1. What do you think of game shows? I love…. I like…. I don’t mind… I don’t like… I can’t stand... 2. plan to …. expect to …. want to … like doing… like to… learn…from…

1. discussion n. 讨论; 商量 动词 discuss (讨论) + ion→ discussion e.g. Let’s discuss who is the best performer. 让我们讨论一下谁是最好的表演者。 Did you have a discussion about the food and drinks? 他们讨论过食物和饮料的事了吗?

2. stand v. 忍受; 站立 e.g. Li Fei can stand on his head. 李飞会倒立。 My aunt can’t stand soap operas. 我姑姑不能忍受肥皂剧。 3. happen v. 发生; 出现 不及物动词,后面不能跟宾语,常用 “ 事情/事物 + happen +(状语)”句式。 e.g. The story happened in 1997. 故事发生在1997年。

4. may model v. 也许; 可以; 可能 “may + 动词原形”一起构成句子的谓语。 e.g. You may go by bike or take the subway. 你们可以骑自行车去或乘地铁去。 5. expect v. 预料; 期待 expect to do sth. 期盼做某事 e.g. Jack expects to visit his grandparents this weekend. 杰克期望周末去看望他的祖父母。


1. plan to …
3. find out … 5. sth. happen

2. hope to …
4. can’t stand … 6. expect to …

2. 背诵2d.

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