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新目标九年级英语Unit2 Section A 1a-2c 课件

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Unit 2
I used to be afraid of the dark.

Section A 1a-2c 河北省临西县第一中学


Appearance: tall, short, fat, thin, young, old, straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair, a medium body Personality: outgoing, serious, funny, smart, friendly, shy, unfriendly

Learning aims:
1.Words: shy ,serious, outgoing 2.Phrases: used to wait a minute play the piano be interested in on the swim team 3. 用句型used to谈论过去曾经做过 或喜欢的事。

Learn by yourselves

used to 过去经常; 以前常常 (后接不定式,表示过 去的习惯)

in the past
Kate used to be short.


Kate is tall now. But she was very short in the past.


Sep 13, 2011

Sep 8, 1999

Ye Feng
Ms. Lee Mr. Liu

long hair serious

short hair funny

你能猜出他/她是哪位明星小时候 的照片吗?

Zhou Xun

Zhou Jielun

Yao Ming

Zhang Ziyi

Liu Xiang

What did she use to be like?

Listen. Bob is seeing some friends for the first time in four years. (1b) 1. Mario used to be _____. He used to wear short ______. glasses 2. Amy used to be ____. She used to have tall __________. short hair 3. Tina used to have ____ and ______ hair. red curly

Talk about the picture “Mario used to be short. Yes, he did. Now he’s tall ! …”

Look at the picture below. And fill in the blanks.

Look at Amy. She is tall.
But she used to ___ short be _____. She has short hair.

But she used to have _____ ____. ____ long hair
She likes playing sports. But she used to _____ the piano. play

Listen and check (√) the words you hear. (2a)
_____ shy _____ serious

_____ friendly
_____ outgoing

_____ funny
_____ quiet

Listen again. Fill in the blanks with the words you hear. (2b)
Girl: Hey, Steve! Over there! Don’t you remember me? Boy: Oh, wow! You’re Paula, aren’t you? Girl: That’s right. Boy: But you used to be really _______, quiet didn’t you?

Girl: Yeah. I wasn’t very ________. outgoing Boy: No, you weren’t. But you were always _________. Wait a minute! friendly Did you use to play the piano? Girl: Yes, I did. But now I’m more interested in _______. I play soccer sports and I’m on the swim team. Boy: Wow! People sure change.

Practice the conversation in 2b. Then make conversations about yourselves. A: I used to be really quiet. B: I know. Now you’re very outgoing.

When I was young shy short funny be interested in drawing like cartoons curly hair

now outgoing tall serious be interested in thinking like movies straight hair

· used to do sth. 1.
I used to be short. 2. interesting/interested She is interested in this interesting story. 3. I am on the swim team.

Time:10minutes Full mark:13

Ⅰ.从方框中选择适当的单词完成句子(5分) quiet, shy, funny, outgoing, friendly funny 1. My uncle is very _______. He often tells jokes. 2. His cousin is very _____. He is afraid to

shy speak in public. quiet 3. Please be _____ in the library. friendly 4. Mike’s mother is very ________ to us. We all get on well with her. 5. Bill’s sister is very outgoing She’s good ________. at singing and dancing.


1. I used to be shy and quiet. (改为一般疑问句) Did use ____ you _____ to be shy and quiet? 2. He used to wear old jeans. (改为否定句) He ______ ____ to wear old jeans. didn’t use 3. Lily used to be funny. (就画线部分提问) _____ did What ____ he ____ to be ____? use like

Homework :
用used to 写出你自己五年前与现在 的不同(5个方面)。

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