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Unit 2 Keeping Healthy Topic 3 Must we do exercise to prevent the flu? Section A

Must I do some cooking on weekends?
A.Yes, I must.B .No, I needn’t./ don’t have to . Must I do some washing on weekends? A.Yes, I must. B.No, I needn’t./ don’t have to . Must I tidy my room on weekends? A.Yes, I must. B.No, I needn’t./ don’t have to . Must I sweep the floor on weekends? A.Yes, I must. B.No, I needn’t./ don’t have to .

exercise often to build up our bodies.

change our clothes often.

go to crowded places.

keep the windows open.

change our exercise often to go to crowded build up our bodies. clothes often. places. Must we …? Yes ,we must.

No, we needn’t /don’t have to
keep the windows open.

What should we do to prevent the flu? Drink a lot of water.

Wash hands often.

Eat healthy food.

Don’t go to crowded places.

Do more exercise.

Open the windows.
see a doctor.

Pair work
Make similar conversations after the example. Example: A: Must we do exercise to prevent the flu? B: Yes, we must. / No, we don’t have to. / No, we needn’t.

do exercise

see a doctor.

change our clothes often.


Work alone(录音1)

A. Listen and circle the symptoms of the flu that you hear. fever headache toothache

sore throat

cough backache

stomachache sore eyes

B. Listen again. Check (√) the advice you hear(录音1).

Should √ drink lots of boiled water take some cold pills √ lie down and take a good rest brush your teeth twice a day Shouldn’t work on the Internet too long √ go to crowded places play sports too much √ eat hot food

Answer the questions:
1. What’s Kangkang’s father?

He is a doctor.
2. What do you know about the flu according to the tape?

The flu is spreading quickly among people.
3. Must we go to see a doctor at once when we have the flu?

Yes, we must.

spread; V. 蔓延,传播 eg. The fire spread from the factory nearby 火从附近的工厂蔓延出来。 The disease spreads all over the world. 那种病在全国蔓延开来。 Prevent V. 防止,预防 eg. We should wash hands before meals to prevent germs. prevent sb./sth. (from) doing sth. = stop sb./sth. (from) doing sth. = keep sb./sth. from doing sth. eg. Tom’s mother tried to prevent him from playing ________(play) computer games.


Work alone

Check (√) Dr. Li’s advice according to 1a. □ √ 1. do exercise often □ √ 2. keep the air fresh □ 3. go to bed early □ 4. wash hands and change clothes often √ □ √ 5. keep our rooms clean □ 6. drink enough water □ 7. take some medicine □ 8. keep away from crowded places √

Can you retell?
K: Mom,…! Dad is…TV! M: Ok! … J: … ,Dr Li? Dr.: Sure, … J: The flu is …these days. So what should we do … it? Dr.: Well, first, We should…to build us up. Second, we should …and…all the time. Third, we should wash our hands and…often. Finally, we … go to …. J: Must we go to …at once when we…? Dr.: Yes, we m

ust. J: Thank you. We’ll ….

快点 开始做 和…谈话 一直 拥挤的地方 接纳某人的建议 远离… 最好不要做某事 立刻 在人们之间传播 使…身体强健 运动过量

hurry up go ahead talk with/to sb. all the time crowded places follow/take one’s advice keep away from had better not do sth at once spread among people build sb. up do sports too much

我们应该做什么来阻止它? What should we do to prevent it? 我们应该始终保持房间干净和空气清新。 We should keep our rooms clean and the air fresh all the time. 我们必须运动来预防流感吗?是的/不,不需要. ---Must we do exercise to prevent the flu? ---Yes, we must./No, we needn’t/don’t have to. 目前流感在人们之中迅速蔓延。 What should we do to prevent it?

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