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Unit 1 Playing Sports
Topic 3 The school sports meet is coming
Section B

The National Day is coming. I will visit somewhere interesting.

I will visit Songling Park.

Time: 8:00 on October 1st Place: at the gate of Songling park Things:food,drinks ,a camera

When shall we meet? Let's make it ... Where shall we meet? ... What shall we take? We'll take...


Shall I take my camera? When shall we meet? Shall 表示征询意见,用于第一人 Make it +时间 约定在几点钟

Time: 6:00 am Place: at the bus station Things:sports shoes, sports clothes

Time: 2:00pm Place: at my home Things:camera

When shall we meet? Let's make it ... Where shall we meet?... What shall we take? We'll take...

Task: Take a message.

1.When will the school hold the sports meet? The school will hold the sports meet tomorrow. 2.Who will go to school with Kangkang tomorrow? Michael will go to school with Kangkang tomorrow. 3.When and where will they meet? They will meet at half past six at Kangkang’s house. 4.What will they take? They will take their sports clothes,sports shoes and a camera.

K-Hello ,is that Michael? M-Speaking. is coming K-Michael, the school sports meet__________ tomorrow .Let’s go together. What shall we take? M-Yeah ,_____________________ K-We’ll take our sports clothes and sports shoes. Shall we M-__________take a camera? K-Good idea. M-When shall we meet? K-Let’smake it ___________6:30. Where shall we meet M-___________________? K-At my house M-OK. See you then. K-See you.

From: Tom To: Jane Message: Picking apples When: Tomorrow morning Place: On the farm Time: 10:00 Meeting Place: At the school gate

A: Hello,is that Jane? B: Speaking. A: Jane, we will pick apples tomorrow morning on the farm. Let’s go together. B: Yeah, when shall we meet? A: Let’s make it 10:00 B: Where shall we meet? A: At the school gate. B: Ok.See you then. A: See you.

From: Zhou Weilun To: Li Xiang Message: Going to the movies When: Sunday Place: Haidian Theater Time: 7:00 p.m. Meeting Place: At the theater From: Jiang Yan To: Xiao Zixin

Message: Climbing a mountain When: Next Sunday Place: Mount Tai Time: 6:00 a.m. Meeting Place: At the train station

Listen to the tape, answer the following questions:

(1)Who will take part in the relay race? Miss Wang and some other teachers. (2)What time will it begin? At half past three. (3)Where will they meet? On the playground. (4)What will Michael do? He will take some photos.

(录音2) Listen to the passage and mark True (T) or False (F).

( ( ( (

F) F) F) T)

1. There are eight classes in the relay race. 2. Kangkang passes the stick to Michael. 3. Michael hits a boy from Class 3. 4. Class 4 is first.

The new words:

yeah, shall, pick, theater, stick, hit, congratulation
The useful sentences: 1. There will be another exciting relay race this afternoon. 2. ---- What shall we take? ---- We’ll take our sports clothes and sports shoes. 3. ---- Shall I take my camera? ---

- Good idea. 4. ---- When shall we meet? ---- Let’s make it half past six. 5. ---- Where shall we meet? ---- At my house.

根据首字母补全单词 1.Where s_____ we meet? hall 2.They are going to see a film(电 影)at HaiDian T______. heater 3.The girls are p______ apples on icking the farm. 4.We pass the s_____ in the relay tick race.

表示提建议,征询意见的句型 Shall we/I+ 动词原形 What about + Ving Why not + 动词原形 Let’s +动词原形 Would you like to do…? Yes,I’d love/like to. 回答: That’s a good idea. That sounds good/great. Good idea.

Make it +时间 约定在几点钟 Pick apples 摘苹果 On the farm 在农场 At the school gate 在校门口 Go to the movies 去看电影 In the relay race 在接力赛中 Pass sth to sb=pass sb sb. Some other teachers 一些其他的老师 Class 4 is first. 四班是第一名。 His class won (the) first place. 他班获得第一。 Shall I take my camera? 我带我的相机好吗? When shall we meet?-Let’s make it 6:00 Where shall we meet?-At my house. Congratulations!-Thank you。

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