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unit 5 Section A 1a-1c

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New words
belong v. 属于 belong to 属于 author n. 作家;作者 picnic n. (自带食物的) 郊游野餐 Hemingway 海明威

Unit 5 Section A 1a-1c
1. belong to sb./ sth. 属于某人/某物;为…的 财产 eg. That book belongs to the library. Victory(胜利) belongs to the Chinese people. Who does this backpack belong to? 2. whose 谁的;用来对物的主人进行提问 eg. Whose computer is this? Whose is this computer? 3. must 的肯定式,表示很有把握的推测, “一定是”,当后接be 动词“肯定是(会) ”

如果表示否定的推测,要用can’t / couldn’t eg. She must be nearly 90 years old now. This bag must be Li Ping’s because there is his name on it. She must go to the park. She can’t be in the room. I saw her on the playground just now. 4. only adj. 唯一的,仅有的 前常使用定冠词the 表示特指。 eg. He is the only boy in his family. It must be the only modern house in the city. 拓:only adv. 只,仅,才 eg. Only in this way can you solve the problem.

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