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外研初三上册Module7 Australia-U1

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Module 7 Australia
Unit 1 I’m looking for the photos that you took in Australia.

Words and expressions
crocodile 鳄鱼

shark hand have a look at alongside detail

鲨鱼 协助;手 看......一眼 在...的旁边,沿着... 细节


Sydney Opera House

The Opera House in Sydney,with the famous Harbour Bridge,floodlit behind.

悉尼歌剧院是澳大利亚全国表演艺术中 心。又称海中歌剧院。它矗立在新南威 尔士州首府悉尼市贝尼朗岬角上,紧靠 着世界著名得海港大桥得一块小半岛上, 三面环海,南端与市内植物园和政府大 厦遥遥相望。建筑造型新颖奇特、雄伟 瑰丽,外形犹如一组扬帆出海得船队, 也像一枚枚屹立在海滩上得洁白大贝壳, 与周围海上得景色浑然一体。

1 Answer the questions. Use the words in the box and the photos to help you.




Kangaroo rock

shark southern

1 What's the largest English-speaking country in the southern part of the world? Australia. 2 What famous things can you see there? We can see the great Barrier Reef, the Opera House, and Uluru- a huge rock in the desert. 3. What animals can you see there? Kangaroos, camels, sharks, crocodiles, etc.

Complete the table. Use words and phrases from the conversation in Activity 3 and the box in Activity 1.


Sydney Opera House

The Great Barrier Reef



in the Sydney Australia centre of Australia special like a huge shark huge rock sailing boat

2. Listen and check your answers to Activity 1.

Part 3 Listen and read.

5.Answer the questions.
1 Why does Tony want his dad’s photos of Australia? Because he needs them to do his project on Australia. 2 Does he know where to find them? No, he doesn’t. 3 What does Tony think of the photos?

He thinks they’re great.

4 Why does Tony want to borrow the camera? Because he wants to take photographs for the school photo competition. 5 Is Tony’s dad surprised that Tony wants to win the photo competition? No, he isn’t. 6 Does Tony's dad lend him the camera at once? Not immediately – he says he can have it when he’s finished his project work.

6 Complete the sentences in your own words. 1 Tony is looking for the photos that his dad took in Australia because he wants to do his homework ___________________________. 2 Tony is going to write a letter to his mum and dad that describes what Australia is like __________________________. 3 He likes the photo that shows_________. the shark 4 The kangaroos that Tony’s dad saw jumping alongside the car were_________________________.


7.Say the sentences aloud. 1 Great! Thanks. 2 Hey! What's that? 3 It's fantastic! 4 Wow! It's amazing!

8.Think of somewhere you have visited and which you liked, make notes about the best things you saw there.

Now work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about the place you have chosen. Say what it's called.

Mount Tai
Say where it is. Shandong P

rovince Say what special details it has. one of the Five Mountains in China

Words and expressions

shark n. 1. 鲨鱼 They were killed by a shark. 他们被一条鲨鱼咬死。

hand 1. 手 She went to prepare him a meal with her own hands. 她去亲手为他做一顿饭。 2. (钟表等的)指针 A watch has three hands -- the second hand, minute hand and hour hand. 手表有三根指针--秒针、分针和时针。

alongside ad. 1. 在旁边;沿着;靠拢着;并排地 The police car pulled up alongside. 那辆警车在旁边停下。 prep. 1. 在...旁边;沿着...的边;与...并排靠拢着 The boat pulled up alongside the dock. 那条船在码头旁停靠。

detail n. 细节;详情;琐事;枝节[C] He can probably tell us all the details we want. 他也许能告诉我们所需的全部详情。

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