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外研版2013年七年级上册Module 9自测题 1

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Module 9 自测题

听力部分(20分 省略)

基础训练 (25分)

I. 词汇(每小题1分,共10分)

A) 根据句意及汉语意思拼写单词。

21. — Can you _________(驾驶)a car?

— No, I can’t.

22. — There is no meat in the fridge. Let’s go to _________(买)some. — OK.

23. I often send ___________(明信片)to my friends on New Year’s Day.

24. — Do you often drink ___________(咖啡)?

— Yes, I do.

25. He doesn’t have breakfast at home. He has it in a _____________(饭馆).

— I like it _________________.

27. — Where are the boys?

— They ____________________ the animals in the zoo.

28. Daming likes to watch TV with his parents ________.

29. Lingling is getting up and _______________.

30. Jane ___________________ me in front of the gym now.

II. 单项选择(每小题1分,共15分)

( )31. — Where are the students?

— They’re __________ a school trip.

A. of B. on

C. at D. from

( )32. — Can you __________ me your name?

— OK. I’m Lingling.

A. talk B. say

C. speak D. tell

( )33. In different ___________ of the city there are different ______________.

A. street; thing

B. streets; thing

C. streets; things

D. street; things

( )34. It’s cold today. You’d better ___________ some warm clothes.

A. put on B. put off

C. switch on D. switch off

( )35. — Mum wants to buy a computer for your birthday.

— _____________? That’s great.

A. Really B. Then

C. Anyway D. Never

( )36. — I am leaving for Beijing.

— ______________________.

A. I have no idea

B. That’s all right

C. Have a good trip

D. You are welcome

( )37. Wang Hui and Betty __________ for food at the shop at the moment.

A. shop

B. are shopping

C. shops

D. is shopping

( )38. — Let’s go to a pub and have a ________.

— Good idea.

A. swim B. walk

C. look D. drink

( )39. — ___________ Jane __________ behind the wall?

— Yes, she is.

A. Does; stand

B. Is; stand

C. Is; standing

D. Does; stands

( )40. My friend from the USA enjoys ________ China.

A. visiting B. to visit

C. visit D. visits

( )41. — _________________ is Daming doing in the classroom? — He is writing an email.

A. When B. What

C. Where D. How

( )42. — Do you often ____________ basketball games?

— Yes, I do.

A. look B. see

C. read D. watch

( )43. Mr. White is a teacher. His ____________ is to teach students English.

A. subject B. timetable

C. lesson D. work

( )44. Tom asks you to call _____________ this afternoon.

A. he B. his

C. him D. you

( )45. — ______________________?

— I’m listening to the music in the classroom.

A. Where are you

B. What do you like

C. Are you in the classroom

D. Who are you


III. 完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)

I’m walking with my parents in the park now. Look! There are several(几个) over there. Oh, I know (认识 schools. They are from No. 29 Middle School, but I study in No. 101 Middle School.

? Oh, Daming is listening to music under the all Look! A woman Who is she? Oh, she is their English teacher. She is taking some food to them.

( )46. A. singers B. students C. workers D. doctors

( )47. A. good B. big C. different D. great

( )48. A. them B. her C. him D. us

( )49. A. so B. but C. or D. and

( )50. A. theatre B. park C. gym D. classroom

( )51. A. in B. to C. under D. in front of

( )52. A. thinking B. doing C. playing D. writing

( )53. A. playing games B. having dinner C. taking photos D. buying presents

( )54. A. healthy B. happy C. right D. kind

( )55. A. coming B. traveling C. asking D. reading IV. 阅读理解(每小题2分,共20分)


Do you know what people are doing in different places at the same (同样的) time? Let’s have a look.

( )56. Where is Tim from?

A. China.

B. America.

C. England.

D. Australia.

( )57. Who is taking classes at school now?

A. Mary.

B. Tom.

C. Tim.

D. We don’t know.

( )58. If (如果) it is ten o’clock in the evening in Paris, what time is it in New York?

A. Two o’clock in the morning.

B. Three o’clock in the afternoon.

C. Five o’clock in the evening.

D. Ten o’clock in the evening

( )59. How old is Mary next year?

A. 12. B. 13.

C. 14. D. 15.

( )60. Which is Right?

A. Tim and Tom are sleeping now.

B. Tim is walking on the street.

C. Mary is having dinner at home.

D. It is in the afternoon in New York now.


Hello, my name is Wright. I come from London but I am in Beijing now.

I live with my parents, my little sister and my good friend Polly. What do we like to do in the evening? I often do my homework after I get home. My mother often prepares supper, and my father often tells stories to my little sister. What about my cat Polly? Oh, she likes eating fish in the park. We often have supper at seven o’clock.

Now it’s nine o’clock in the evening. What are my family doing? My father is watching TV in the living room. My mother is cleaning the house, and my sister is sleeping in her room. Do you know what I am doing now? I’m not sleeping. I’m going online to write an email to my pen friend Leo. He comes from Sydney. Where is Polly? Look! She is lying behind the door.

( )61. How many people are there in Wright’s family?

A. Two. B. Three.

C. Four. D. Five.

( )62. What does Wright often do in the evening?

A. Watch TV. B. Clean the house.

C. Read stories. D. Do his homework.

( )63. What does the word “prepare” mean in Chinese?

A. 决定 B. 准备

C. 张贴 D. 丢掉

( )64. What is Polly?

A. She is a cat.

B. She is a mouse.

C. She is Wright’s mother.

D. She is Wright’s sister.

( )65. Where is Wright’s sister at ten o’clock in the evening?

A. In the living room.

B. Behind the door.

C. On the bed.

D. In the park.


V. 情景交际(每小题1分,共5分)


A: Hi, Daming.

B: Hi, Tony. 66.___________

A: I’m having a break in the classroom. 67._____

B: Is your English teacher in the classroom?

A: Yes. 68.______________

B: What are John and Tom doing?

A: 69.____________

B: 70.____________

A: Yes, they are.

VI. 短文填空(每小题1分,共5分)


Now it’s half past seven in the morning. Daming and I are walking in the 71.__________. We are going to school. There are many people in the street. Some people are 72._________. Some people are having breakfast. Some people are buying 73.___________ in shops. Next to the bus stop, there are four people. They are foreigners (外国人). They are visiting our city. They are

74._______ the visit in China very much. I think 75._________ the people are having a good time today.

VII. 书面表达(15分)



1. Tian’anmen Square(天安门广场)

2. come from different cities

3. take photos




I. 21. drive 22. buy 23. postcards 24. coffee 25. restaurant

26. a lot 27. are looking at 28. at home 29. getting dressed 30. is waiting for II. 31-35 BDCAA 36-40 CBDCA 41-45 BDDCA

III. 46-50 BCADB 51-55 ADCBA

IV. 56-60 CBABD 61-65 CDBAC

V. 66-70 CAGED

VI. 71. street 72. calling 73. things 74. enjoying 75. all

VII. One possible version:


Dear Betty,

Greetings from Beijing.

I am in Beijing now. At the moment, I am standing on the Tian'anmen Square and writing a postcard to you. There are many people here. They are from different cities. Some are playing with their children, and some are talking with each other. Some are taking photos here. All of the people are having a good time.



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